11 Tell-Tale Signs You're a KDrama-addict

That's what a KDrama-addict's den looks like and how they behave:

Sign 1

You are often sleep deprived 
(*note: This sign alone is not a strong indicator for KDrama addiction. The rest that follow are. The more that apply to you, the deeper in you are. If you desire to become a KDrama addict - I tell you, there's merit in it - this can also be used as a step-by-step guide)

Sign 2

You spend an indecent amount of time on KDrama blogs like Dramabeans (I bow to you, greatest of them all) and/or on other specialized sites where you meet and exchange views with similarly afflicted people 
(*note: In case you are unsure how to go about getting your first fix, go on Dramabeans and read some recaps. I assure you, you will find several shows to your liking immediately. Where to watch them? Well, there's Dramacrazy for people outside of the US and Dramafever for people inside the US. And there's always the option to download and then get the subs from sites like this, but you didn't hear it from me and I don't support or encourage this kind of illegal behavior, just so we're clear!)

Sign 3

You start to get upset if the subs for your favorite show are not out after 24 hours and you think about complaining on the appropriate fan-sites (or actually do). If you are really deeply addicted, you will not even wait, but watch episodes raw
(*note: If you are not sure how deeply addicted you are, you probably shouldn't try to watch episodes raw. That's only for the advanced addicts. (Or for people that know Korean really well). It may actually be a good idea to start with a show that has finished airing and can be marathoned. Waiting for new episodes and subs is painful)

Sign 4

You often feel (a bit) bad about developing serious crushes on men about half your age, but you chose not to bother much about it because everybody else with KDrama-addiction does it too, seemingly guilt free, and anyways, they are all legal, ok?!
(*note: I recommend this as a good starting point into KDrama-addiction. There's several sites really suitable for fangirling and fanboying, like i.e. Soompi)

Sign 5

You hate the South Korean army for putting every Korean male through two whole years of mandatory military service before the age of 30 in which they cannot shoot any dramas 
(*note: That's only for seasoned addicts. You need to be absolutely crazy about an actor that suddenly disappears for two years to feel the full impact of this... atrocity)

Sign 6

You buy kimchi and Soju when you get the chance and might even own some Korean cook books. If you've seen Kimchi Family, you fantasize about eating this kind of food all day, but it's impossible to get it where you live (--> this only applies to people like me who live faaaar away from Korea in a country where there is hardly any Koreans and no decent Korean restaurants)  
(*note: Not the strongest of signs for KDrama-addiction, but a good entry point nonetheless. Watch Kimchi Family and go and eat Korean food)

Sign 7

You've started a Korean language course (most likely the awesomeness that is Talk To Me In Korean @http://www.talktomeinkorean.com/), but you are stuck somewhere on level 2 because all that Drama watching is interfering with your studies. 
(*note: A clear sign for addiction and a natural follow-on. So you do not need to bother learning the language before becoming an addict. The rest of the signs below are side-effects of the addiction and do not offer pathways for aspiring addicts)

Sign 8

You think Kai Bai Bo! when you see this:

Sign 9

You stalk random Koreans and feel very proud of yourself if you understand the odd word and/or hear whether they're speaking in banmal or jondaenmal

Sign 10

You've seen and appreciated Oppa Gangman Style weeks before everybody else discovered it and feel strangly proud when they play the song on the radio or if somebody listens to it on the bus on sound-leaking headphones 

Sign 11

You know at least 80% of the people in this CF by name (or - since some Korean names tend to be a bit difficult for us Westerners - have watched one or several Dramas or MVs involving them) 
(many thanks to Ivoire for exposing me to this piece of pretty madness! And now, sing along, everybody ... "Lotte duty pe-reeee" *as in the Korean pronunciation)