Random Thoughts on ... Husbands and KDrama

Recently, my husband and I went to the cinema to watch Skyfall together. I enjoyed it a lot - because it is more like Batman than Bond, because Bond looks like a much cooler version of Vladimir Putin, and not least because there is a lot of cyber-terrorism, another grand passion of mine. Analytically speaking.
But that's not the issue: One of the previews before the main film was Twilight - Breaking Dawn, Part 2. Even in the cinema, my husband was, like "that looks cool" - "have you seen the twilight movies?" - "should we go watch it?" - ETC.

Would you believe it?! I can't seem to calm down about this. First, I'm the one into vamp stuff, not him (though I must admit he really liked Gary Oldman in Bram Stoker's Dracula and The Fearless Vampire Killers, probably before I even heard of vampires. Oh, and he gave many volumes of the insane but rather impressive Necroscope Saga by Brian Lumley to me, which I then, indeed, read). Second, and far more importantly, I'm seriously offended by his (currently still theoretical) interest in Twilight. You know why? Because my husband is decidedly not interested in anything KDrama related. Where's the connection, you ask? Well: How can he consider spending 10 or more hours of his life on some teenage sobstuff with sparkling vampires but not watch any KDrama with me!!!!

Have I not tried? Oh yes, I have.  
Arang and the Magistrate? He fell asleep. Before that, he asked several times whether Lee Jun-ki was a woman.  
Special Affairs Team Ten? He thought the main lead looked a bit like him but was too much of an a-hole.  
Tree With Deep Roots? "How long is it? WHAT? 24hrs? No, I will not watch this!" and "what strange hats are they wearing?"
Gaksital? "If I want to watch Japanese people, I'd rather watch a real Japanese movie" and "We really haven't watched any Naruto for ages, we should start again!"
Princess' Man? "You cannot be serious, right? Why would I want to watch something like this, this is for women!"
Jeonwoochi (preview) ... I will not even repeat what he said. It was too frustrating. 

Have I given up? No! Never! I will not give up! I'm now going into stealth mode. Here is my plan ... .... ...... [it's a secret plan because he is reading my blog]