Random Thoughts on ... Kim Jong Il, Hunger, and the Illuminati

Soompi, the longest-running Kpop site in the world, has delivered some very relevant news in the last few days, which I feel compelled to share. 
No 1: Beloved Psy, the K'Pop'-miracle, has been accused of having joined forces (or being about to join forces? not quite sure...) with the masterminds / puppet masters behind everything that is good and bad and neutral in this world. Heck, in the universe. The ....*insert drum roll*.... Illuminati.  Here is the proof:
Hell yeah, I'm convinced! If Psy's 'Gagnam Style' - being the second most watched video on YouTube - is proof for this evil alliance, then clearly, Justin Bieber, whose video is the most watched (wtf is wrong with the world??) is in league with something so secret and evil that we cannot even imagine. And who is third? Jennifer Lopez! This is the proof that she is actually a MAN, because neither Illuminati nor the true Freemasons allow any women near them.

No 2: Swiss media. Tststs. See what you did? Poor Yesung, member of Super Junior, cutsie-pie and sweetheart par excellence, has had to explain on public television that he is in fact NOT the son of ex-North Korean leader Kim Jong-il. Yeah, why should he be, right?!

Well. His real name is Kim Jong-un. That alone makes him very suspicious, of course. And then, in 2009, Swiss and German media, hunting for pictures of the designated new Leader, and using the name of Kim Jong-un to do the search, found (and used) ... a picture of the other Kim Jung-un.
So, are the two people below in fact one and the same?? This sounds like another devilish Illuminati plan to me!

No 3: Changmin, idol-member of the KPop band DBSK (and terrible actor, if I may add), wrote a memo the other day. This memo was made public. It is entitled: "Troubles of a Popular Idol". When I read that, I expected ... well, something groundbreaking. Like: he is clinically depressed. Or: he is in love with XYZ. Or ... something truly dark, like that he wants to join his former band members, now forming the trio JYJ.

But no! Changmin is simply hungry! Famished! Starving! According to Soompi, it reads: “Seriously, seriously, I really have a serious worry.” Then there is a list of various foods like hamburger, pizza, ramyun, tteokbokki, kimbab, and more. The post ends with, “This isn’t all. There are so many delicious food in the world, that it troubles me.”
Poor Changmin ... I really feel for you. That's why I ate an extra lot tonight, so much in fact that my stomach hurts. All in your honor. Keep up the good work! That also goes for Soompi.