Ten things I've learned from K-Dramas - Part 1 (Guest Post)

aka how close is T.V to real live?

1. Korean males love the wrist grab

I have yet to watch a Korean drama that didn't involve the wrist grab. They do it when they're happy, they do it when they're sad, they do it when the girl's been good and harder when she's bad. :)
I've seen shows where the female lead did it. It's rare but seems to have the same effect... completely docile following (until they come to a stop then all hell breaks loose).

So if you go to Korea and make Korean friends...prepare to be wrist grabbed.

2. Koreans love, lurve love love lurve Coffee

See: Coffee Prince, Coffee House and every K-drama involving an order of coffee. Usually an Americano.

Cappe Ameicano

3. There are only two types of coffee sold at coffee shops

American (Iced or Hot) and something with caramel in it.   

4. There is no Starbucks in Korea

Which is a little confusing given the Korean love of coffee. Maybe there's a government law protecting the local coffee shops? Maybe Starbucks is too mainstream for the korean coffee aesthetic? (big word!!) or maybe Starbucks has waaaay to many varieties of coffee drinks...and does not serve Americano.*   P.S Starbucks, I volunteer to spearhead the local market research on the Korean customer (especially Idol focus groups).

5.  When Koreans are frustrated/embarrassed they rub their hair vigorously and yell "eeesh!"

Or say 어떡해! (Otokoe). Every time I see this I imagine what happens if several people are frustrated at the same time in the same place. hehehe.

6. Jimjibang is Korean for homeless shelter.

When/If characters in Korean Dramas get kicked out of their homes, they head straight for the Jimjibang for some self reflection and pickled (?) egg.

*If you know this to be false, leave a comment below and let me know.