Cheongdamdong Alice ... gif time! (Episode 14)

。・゚゚・(T_T)・゚゚・。  Oh god, this episode was heart braking from beginning to end...

Let's not pretend we didn't know this moment was coming. But... FINALLY it's here! What a relief!!!! The draggiest, silliest conflict ever is finally in the process of being resolved. With two episodes left, this show might, just might be able to get over it's terrible slump and give us a nice finish. (*pretty please, Drama Gods?*)

It's getting a bit *spoilery* from now on - so, proceed with care! 

Everybody but Seun-jo knew about the "dirty secret" in the course of episode 13. At the end of 13, he finally knows, too... but the show does not start the process of catharsis immediately in 14 ... it drags it out as long as possible, and makes Han Se-kyung's lie look increasingly cruel.
I admit, it's really well done. When she finally does confess in the church, her (minor) lie has indeed become very sinful. It is not the initial deed that is the problem, but her cowardice. And with her knowing that she knows, she drags out his suffering til the breaking-point.
Today's gifs are not funny - how could they be, with all the tears and heartbreak - but at least there were good moments in this episode. I guess I was a little emotional when watching this (without sound, because my kid was watching a German TV version of Mother Hulda next to me).

Where I started to cry:
Where I sobbed uncontrollably:
Where my heart broke for him: 
Where it became unbearably cruel; and sad; and I sobbed and sobbed:
Where I, almost out of tears, had another sob-attack, which didn't stop until the end:
 "Pff ... what an emotional roller coaster ... is it over soon?
and I wish I'll get more than 30seconds in the last two episodes"