Cheongdamdong Alice ... no gifs:-( (Episode 13)

Well, friends. This drama has gotten too serious for gifs. Sad, but true. There was exactly ONE gif-worthy scene in episode 13.

This is it: 
I watched the episode twice, but there is nothing else I can turn into a good gif. I'm quite sad about this, really, because my little gif-routine every Saturday and Sunday has grown on me ... Sure, there is always tomorrow and hope dies last ... but I am not expecting episode 14 to be any funnier. Don't get me wrong, this wasn't all bad ... the dads are marvellous together and the Cha-Cha combo has always belonged to my favorites - but this is now a different drama; and not one that I fully enjoy.

Shoes are dropping left and right and soon, we'll be out of episodes. Or will we? I am praying the extension isn't happening because that would ruin this already ruined drama even more. Just get it done and over with ... two episodes to make up are plenty of time and we might, just might, have one or two funny scenes at the end. This is all I'm asking for at this moment (*shaking fists at KDrama gods*)

However, take note of this:

- Yoon-joo got new nails. YAY! finally. And good for her.
- Tommy Hong is not a total slimebag, but a really nice guy (though he loves to steal cell-phones). Yeah, good job writers... makes total sense.

- Shin In-hwa is channeling every bitchy second and third lead in the history of KDrama. Who cares that it doesn't make any sense at all for her to be jealous. Writers: messing up in the second half of a drama is the norm today. You're doing fine.

- Cha Seung-jo likes The Matrix! (see poster in the background) Cool. Me too. Plus: Park Shi-hoo knows how to position himself on a bed really, really well 0_o
- Moon Geun-young is super pretty. Love her make-up.
Let's hope that tomorrow's episode will rank higher than 1 on the gif-o-meter!