Valentine Greetings from Flower Boys Next Door!

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody! Received or bought a lot of chocolates today? If you do buy some, make sure it's Swiss chocolate! Cause ... you know, our economy is much dependent on our chocolate sales. Therefore, you will directly contribute to my well-being if you buy Swiss chocolate. I'm sure nothing is more important to you, right?!

The cast of Flower Boys Next Door also wishes us a Happy Valentine's Day. I.e. like this:
Hello, there, boys. 
Or like this: 
초코초코초콜렛 많이 받으셨나요~? 아..나도 초콜렛 줄 수 있는데..내 초콜렛 받아주실 분은 어디에 계신가요~ㅠㅅㅠ 근데..발렌타인데이에 남자만 받아야되는거에요? 난 사탕보다 초콜렛이 더 좋은데.
Park Shin-hye also asks whether you've received a lot of chocolate. But ... hm. That is PPL! In a TweetPic! Tsts, Park Shin-hye. Is this even real chocolate? Oh, and there is even MORE PPL! She even forces said chocolate on her tiny, underage Cell No 7 co-star...
So ... who else is really saddenend by the commercialization of simply everything? 
Nobody? Oh well...
Kim Ji-hoon let's her know that (I am guessing) he would also be very happy to receive a chocolate bar from Dok-mi; or he has and is very happy? Whatever. Korean, you are one difficult language! Let's just embrace the commercialization of love and chocolate like there's no tomorrow then! What a shame I can't get Market O chocolate here, cause I'd go and buy it all if I could. Right now. In Korea, this is a day for women to give men chocolate. Whom do you think I would give my chocolate to?

Oh. And this final bit might seem a bit random to you? Let me assure you, it is not. It's all in the spirit of this Valentine. Whoever he was.