Anticipating ... Mandate of Heaven

Oh wow. I am melting. Lee Dong-wook as a father? So incredibly cute! 
and nobody too little to have cell-phone, ay? :)
As IRIS2 is soon coming to an end (HOOORAY!), my hopes are up - hopes for a drama that pulls me in utterly and completely. Yeah, I still have that problem. Granted, I haven't even given the two Monday-Tuesday dramas a fair chance yet; but I cannot force my interest, can I?  
Mandate of Heaven does interest me. Oh wow, it does so a lot! This might just be the perfect mixture of sageuk and action that I have been waiting for. If you are not watching IRIS2 or do not read every single post on Dramabeans you might not yet have seen the 2nd teaser (which really is the best thing about ever IRIS2 episode):
A lot of BHS photos have surfaced recently, as have photos of the "good luck" ceremony.
As always, I am struggling to present these pictures in an even mildly presentable way. Thank you NOT Blogger.

Dong Wook looks splendid in his purple garb. I'm not a die-hard fan of his and I would never have thought he had "a face for sageuk" - but from what I'm seeing, I'd say he has a face for it alright.