Kim Ji-hoon ... is still on holidays?!

Ah, Kim Ji-hoon, I love you.
You having some fun? Priceless.
You having chosen your next project already?
 Even better. Get home and start filming! Can't wait for July.  
 "I swam with the sharks"
[I'm just glad I didn't know. I wouldn't have allowed it! No way! Sharks bite - and I don't want any of your body parts to go missing!!!]
 "Kua'aina burger Will u joinin? Kuaaaaaa ! ㅋㅋㅋ"
 [Isn't your manager there with you? He certainly would have told you to eat healthier and less fatty. You know how much you'll have to workout to get that off your hips?!]
"I've got Chicago on ma head and Oakly on ma eyes hehe"
 [I hope you put on enough suncreen there, dear. (And it's spelled OaklEy - oh shit, I'm sounding like my own mother!!)]
"Let's move- ㄱ ㄱ ㄱ"
 [*gulp*. I forbid you to look this good EVER AGAIN unless it's in front of me and me alone]
[I say: nice feet! And: I want to be there too! With you!!]