Lee Jun-ki and ... his Present from Switzerland

It is here!

What, you ask?

The fruits of Lee Jun-ki's Swiss visit of course!!! Yes, I have been waiting for it ever since Joongi was here, in this very city.

There are four items to get. A gift package (wow); two posters (more wow); an L-holder (which is what exactly?!); and a Post-It (uhm .... also not sure what that is. I mean, I know what Post-Its are, but I'm guessing the Joongi post-its are not exactly the post-its I know)

And this is what you get when you order all four
(I am not 100% sure who took these pictures, but I got them from JGFamily's FB page. 감사합니다!)

Ahhh. This is closure. Nice.
Thank you.
And please, Joongi ... a new project soon, yes? I miss you!

If you want to order, please do so HERE