31 July 2015


My Beautiful Bride - Episode 11 (A ThisKicksAssCap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on July 31, 2015
This is the culmination episode - and a turning point in the story. It's very welcome to me, because the "hunt for my bride"-trope was getting a tiny little bit used: how many times can you put Joo-Young into the hands of one or the other fraction, really? And how many times can you almost kill Do-Hyeong?. In addition, it's abundantly clear at this point of the drama that the problem won't just go away. Unless the Shadows are destroyed, our protagonists will have to fear for their lives. Ergo? The Shadows have to go. Awesome. I want an extension. 
I... wow. You have never, ever said this. Never once.

30 July 2015


My Beautiful Bride - Episode 10 (A ThisKicksAssCap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on July 30, 2015
Oi oi oi. Brace yourselves, people. We're heading for impact and after this, nothing will be the same. I'm glad this is only episode 10 and we have six to go. Not only because I immensely enjoy this, but also because it means that he cannot quite die yet. Damn.
I really like that we are both fully aware that this drama might just actually kill its hero - and I, at least, have faith that if this happens, it will work with the story. We haven't talked about it, so I'm not sure how you feel about that.
I will cry for days. But I guess I'll be alright. Eventually

29 July 2015


Kdramas Against Humanity (A Game) - Developed by mary

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on July 29, 2015
"Our" mary has developed something genius again: A KDramas Against Humanity Game!
Hot damn. Some people are talented. 
She's so smart!  I love her to bits!  Next challenge:  Mary, make a game called RimJeob.
Here are the instructions:

And here is the game!

28 July 2015


My Beautiful Bride - Episode 9 (A ThisKicksAssCap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on July 28, 2015
Oi! What a pulse raising episode! I must admit, I missed that in the last 2 episodes, when we were going from sad to sadder to even worse. I like Bank Guy best when he is in killing mode. And when he runs. I loved this episode, I really did! It seems the stakes are raised even higher ... if that is possible. It's because Seo Jin-Gi has been flushed out of his comfort zone with the green fish and feels some heat. It's because Park Hyeong-Sik is slowly losing it. It's because I secretly hope for Tracksuit Guy to brutally butcher every bad guy and then kiss Lee Jin-Sook, his long-lost wife.
What IS it with Tracksuit Guy and his food aggression? (I'm with you on loving Banker when he runs - there've been several conversations about that over the weeks.)

27 July 2015


My Beautiful Bride - Episode 8 (A ThisKicksAssCap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on July 27, 2015
Sorry for the delay, Squeeglets, I was on holidays with no internet. Wow, everybody should try it, it's lovely! But now I'm back and have some serious catching up to do. 
This episode gets 100 non-smiley faces :-( from me. It's just as desolate as 7 if not more so: There still is no hope - no hope for anybody. And there is no reason to hope either.
I'll be honest. I know I watched it, but I'll be learning what happens in the recap, same as the rest of you.
Not to worry. Given the novels I tend to write, you'll remember every litle detail :) 
Two big buttheads

21 July 2015


Rants and Weekly Raves #47 (RAWR)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on July 21, 2015
It's a quiet week here at Squee Central.  Our leader is away, cruising the Mediterranean with family; Shuk, Dewaani, and I have been recuperating from various hospital-y things, and every one else is tied up with work and travel and what-have-you.  (So there's a whole lot of me here, but not a whole lot of everyone else, sorry.) There has been some drama watching, just not a lot of drama talking.  Fortunately, the drama watching is pretty good these days, you have to admit that.  We've got an excellent thriller/love story, another excellent love story, a couple pretty good rom-coms, even a couple things that fall solidly into WTF category (always welcome here.)  It's a good time to be a drama watcher, don't you agree? ~ Jo
Gwaenchanh-a, yeoreobun. Min-Woo will hold us until Sensei gets back.

My Beautiful Bride (on recap hiatus)

I'm starting to think there's no way he can survive the repeated abuse.  I wasn't kidding when I said that I wouldn't 'mind' a show that kills him and turns her into a bad ass for revenge.  But I would mind, of course - I just mean it would be a pretty awesome show.
This show is the highlight of my week. I tracked down the two most common songs on the OST ("Days and Moons" by Elsa Kopf, and "Stay" by Steelheart) and listen to them obsessively while I wait for the next episode to post. 
See, your first sentence is why I won't touch this with a ten foot pole. OK, I did watch 15 minutes of it. But no. No love story can overcome my aversion to violence. But I'm glad you are all enjoying it.
This whole drama might just be total genius. The pillows!!
It really is worth the violence.
Feels. Ovary Explosion. Feels. Ovafeelsplosion. Yes! Yes! Damn it Lady Detective can't you see??!! - My reaction every episode.

My Love EunDong (Finale)(on recap hiatus)

If nothing else, this show should be credited for giving us three credible versions of the same couple. I loved the whole thing and all of them. For a while there in the last couple episodes I thought that I was going to have to get nasty.  But never fear!  The show ends perfectly.  What I loved the most throughout the story was that Eun Dong never shied from standing up for the truth, once she knew what that truth was.  There was no question in her mind, no hint of 'going along' to keep peace or face or anything.  I loved that.  I loved that she stood up to Jo, to her father, to her husband, to everyone - and yet she continued to be kind, respectful, compassionate through it all.  Eun Ho grew up, and that was necessary - but for a little bit the mechanism to make that happen had me worried.  Ra Il was well cared for by all adults in his life, and everything was set to right.  I call that a happy ending for an enjoyable, emotional, well-acted show!
Well Done, drama! For a while I was afraid they were going to give us something very sad and I wasn't in the mood for being shocked WHIBali style. It did wrap up nicely, although it did make me wonder if they've taken the moratorium off of showing suicide in dramas.

Shall we end as we began? Our baby couple.

High Society

Things are getting pretty complicated.  I really don't want it to become Yi Ji and JoongKi fighting back against the manipulations of YoonHa and Chang Soo but it looks like that's what we're getting.  Family stuff is still only mildly interesting.  It's kind of different having the mom being a drunk in what feels to me a much more 'western' style.  I do want to know what the deal is with the brother.  And I would really like a little more insight into Dad, you know?  Because I don't think he's unfeeling at his core; I think he is the way he feels he needs to be to survive and do well, and I wish I knew what got him there.
Oh, I like this drama. I think we're getting into very interesting territory. We better be in for a lot of awakenings and character growth. If only UEE could learn to be a little more definitive in her blank stares.

Can you just hurry up and get back together please, and then star in another drama together too?

Oh My Ghostess

I don't see how in the world that timid mouse Bong Sun would ever do well in a relationship with Chep, and it's clear that Chep and Ghosty would be GREAT together.  How in the hell you gonna work your way out of that mess, Show?  Also:  either give us some dirt on Lim, or stop with the weak hints. (Okay, to be fair, the cell phone moved you from weak to 'slap us in the face with it.'  I keep forgetting it is still very early days for this drama, too.  Doesn't it feel like it should be almost wrapping up?  It's odd, because I enjoy it, but it feels like it's been on forever.
So cute! I'm looking forward to Bong-Sun becoming much less meek, but still really enjoying all the ridiculousness while I wait for us to get there. I agree with you, JoAnne, that right now Soon-Ae feels like a much better fit for Cheppu-nim than Bong-Sun does, but I'm hoping that's just because Bong-Sun hasn't had a whole lot of screen time in her own body yet? I'm also intrigued by Cordon and his relationship with Bong-Sun -- I both want to know more and worry that he will give me a serious case of Second-Lead Syndrome if I learn too much. Limnium has officially crossed into deeply disturbing territory. (Speaking of whom, remind me why we call him Limnium again? I realized during a conversation with Juror #8 that I always think of him that way, but have no idea why...)
My favorite right now. I was looking forward to this and got a little worried when it seemed slow going in the beginning. But Bo Young is knocking it out of the park, and what can I say about Jo Jun Suk? I've been a fan since day one. Frankly I'm not bothered by those who think Bong Sun is being taken advantage of in a sexual way by Ghosty. Wasn't that the whole point of the show? And really, how much longer can Shep resist her advances? She's so adorable when filled with aegyo, and just plain hilarious when she keeps telling him she wants to do it. The whole Lim thing - well I think he was the one that killed Ghosty but who knows why? Honestly, I don't care, just give me more of those kisses!
I don't know why Lim is Limnium.  I think it was started by a few TwitterBeans who are way more into him than I am - although I do like him. Was it Jilly, Bel, and Nelly? or Vi, Ethlenn, Jubie? Maybe the comments will tell us the story! I don't even know if they read here, though.
You're welcome. :-) 

I Remember You

Well, all doubt is removed.  Pretty, pretty @bogummy is baby brother Min, and he's a monster.  How can they make that right?  Does anyone else think the medical inspector might be Lee Joon Young?  I've known he was wrong from the first minute, but I'm not sure exactly how he's wrong, yet. It could all be a red herring, anyway.  No matter, I'm thoroughly enjoying every minute of this.  Gukkie is smoking hot, he and Jang Na Ra make a great pair, and I love the cops.  The one red-head though, from Healer - did y'all catch that weird moment where he left himself out of something?  That might be interesting. 
Well I don't know about you, but MY answer would be yes.


It occurred to me as I was watching this week's episodes that I am really looking forward to getting out of the "filler middle" with this drama. I mean, last week we left off with Min-Woo just learning his wife's true identity, and by the end of this week we had taken that knowledge...practically nowhere. Min-Woo finally told Ji-Sook that he loves her (not Eun-Ha) in the last few seconds, but aside from that minor progress, hardly anything else happened. Then, suddenly this morning, I realized that this week's episodes were 15 and 16 -- of a 20-episode drama! That means there are only four episodes left. So why are we still in the filler middle, Mask, why?!?!
My baby is PERFECT, do you hear me?  PERFECT.  It didn't feel like nothing happened to me.  Suk Hoon is getting pushed to take stupid chances as he's being squeezed by his wife, the gangsters who now partner with her, Eun Ha, even by the failure of Dad to just go along with demands.  He's not a good criminal, although he certainly looks the part of evil.  Man, such handsome evil.  Min Woo and Eun Ha are now right out in the open with each other on all fronts:  background and emotions.  Yay!  I love him.  Soo Ae is starting to do more of that flat affect thing she does when she wants to convey timidity/unsureness/shyness and I find THAT a bit irritating, but for someone who is probably one of my least favorite actresses, I haven't minded her much here.  And I feel like I need to go watch Goong and Antique Kitchen and that movie with Shin Min Ah and Mawang all over again because Ju Ji Hoooooooooooooon :)
I've lost my enthusiasm with this drama, but I'm still watching. Really, Soo Ae's flat affect is nothing compared to Ju Ji Hoon's straight-faced stick man character (sorry, JoAnne.) Yes, they are good together, but I really wish that she would have told him who she was before everyone else found out so they could have worked secretly against the evil brother-in-law. Hopefully I make it to the end of this one as I've been known to stop one or two episodes short.
I'm just sneaking in here to say OMG!!! why why why is the plot not moving ahead?! It's 4 episodes left?! How the hell-o are they going to bring these two together, exact revenge on bil, commit sil to a mental hospital and figure out who Min Woo's mum was running from when she died (bet you forgot that part) in 4 episodes with their current pacing. UGH! Still...looking forward to my Saturday catch up.
It's always a bad sign when you go back to pull out screenshots for a RAWR
and re-discover a whole assassination attempt you'd forgotten about.

Hidden Identity

Still haven't picked this one back up. But maybe it will be perfect to marathon once My Beautiful Bride finishes? Heaven knows I will need the distraction, and Bummie's eyebrows might just do the trick...
I haven't kept up but I do have to say that little Bummie has grown up to be quite the good looking man.
"Don't squander this opportunity lightly, Nabi.
My next show might give me bangs."

Orange Marmalade

Only one episode left!  I think this drama is going to resolve itself well in terms of seeing the characters end up where I want them to be, but it's starting to feel rushed again now that we're firmly back in the present. (And thank you, dramabeans, for explaining away the references to 2017 in a way that didn't confuse me with the present -- not for the first time, this makes me wonder how much else I'm getting wrong in all my dramas due to poor subtitles!) I'm more convinced than ever that it should have been a 16-episode, twice-per-week drama, but in-and-of-itself it has been a great story, just not as well-told as it could have been.
I'm not watching this, but it was fun to see Yeo Jin-Goo as a kid in Frozen Flower. Just don't watch that movie in front of actual kids, or your mother, or anyone else you'd be embarrassed to watch various sex scenes with.
Maturity has never really been Jae-Min's strong suit...
except in his vocal chords.

The Scholar Who Walks at Night

I feel like the music has settled down a bit, which is nice, but I'm starting to worry that I may have outgrown the whole vampire fantasy. The heroine is likable, and the hero is handsome, but I was practically yawning during the overt vampire/sex metaphor (when he threw her down and nearly bit her) this week, and usually I'm a big fan of the sexy stuff -- overt or not.
I catch up with this today, since the first two episodes left me a little curious.  Mostly about Gwi.
Okay, so maybe I'm not totally immune to the vampirotica.

The Time We Were Not in Love

I finally started watching this! I haven't gotten very far yet, but I'm enjoying the narrative style with the past storyline woven into the present. (I kind of wish Orange Marmalade had been done the same way, but in retrospect I understand, narratively, why it wasn't.) It feels a bit like the Ha Ji-Won show right now, but since I love Ha Ji-Won, I'm happy.
After being so excited to watch this, I stopped after one episode. Just never got around to the second one. But I have decided this will be good for a marathon watching. I think In Time With You is just too fresh in my mind so I need to be able to move on to the next episode quickly if I get bored.
Is this what you look like after drinking all night long?
Yeah, me neither.


Okay, so I haven't checked it out yet.  But I do want to.  How about you guys?

Late Night Restaurant

This is a gem!  Watch it!  Thirty-minute episodes will make it easy, and the setting (a small restaurant where the chef/owner makes home-y dishes at your request, with a mix of regulars-like-family and walk-ins) is quiet and warm.  It has the slightly old-fashioned feel and pacing of a tele-play, and it appears that each episode will feature people brought together by chance who end up helping each other, and each meal is connected in some way to a small story or tidbit from a person's past. I don't have any familiarity with the original, which was Japanese - I know that some people miss the more overt quirkiness here, but for me this is perfect. I love it.  LOVE IT.


I watched Mr. Robot this week, still enjoying it.  A little confused.  I watched Poldark with my mom, loving that.  It's Aiden Turner in gorgeous countryside and period costumes.  What's not to like? I'm continuing with Hannibal (almost done with Season 2) and I have Humans as a new addition to my list.  This damned list never gets shorter, only longer.  Sometimes it's easier to read than to watch, so I've been reading while I'm here at my parent's house:  The Silence of Trees, by Valya Lupescu.  Very good novel, I enjoyed it.

Looking forward to...

What? Please tell me what is there to look forward to? Descendants of the Sun is being filmed in its entirety so who knows when that will be. Other than that, I am happy to see Shin Mina finally starring in a drama but that will be awhile coming. I guess I can catch up on my sleep in the meantime.
I am looking forward to Last, and like Becca, the new drama that will star So Ji Sub and Shin Mina. Also the Thai remake of Playful Kiss with Mike and Aom, the world's most adorable Full House couple. There's other stuff too but I can't remember right now!

17 July 2015


My Beautiful Bride - Episode 7 (A ThisKicksAssCap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on July 17, 2015
A desolate episode, which leaves our main protagonist without any hope and no further leads and shows us just how brutal the world of the Shadows is. Ruuuuuuun, Do-Hyeong, ruuuuuuuun! No, actually: to bed with you! Mend! Heal! Rest!
Come here, rest with me. I have a lovely view.

13 July 2015


Rants and Weekly Raves #46 (RAWR)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on July 13, 2015
We have a new all time Top 5 post, ladies! It's ... oups. Birth of a Beauty O___o Probably the worst drama of all times? Or at least among the Top 5 worst dramas I've ever watched! But what counts in this list is not quality but quantity ... and seeing how we were the only blog crazy enough to recap this, we get all the hits. Oh well. So be it. Let us be famous for When a Man Loves, Goddess of Marriage, Jangbori, Full House Thai and ... Birth of a Beauty.
We're the Cheese Queens, I guess.
Hi Everyone! Saying a quick hello, since I won't be around for R&R for a couple of weeks. 

11 July 2015


My Beautiful Bride - Episode 6 (A ThisKicksAssCap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on July 11, 2015
Horrible, horrible drama! I mean ... very, very good but horribly exciting and emotional drama! It makes me worry so, so much ... We're not even halfway through and I can only pray that these people make it to the end and get a chance to be happy. No mysteries solved and no new ones added in this episode, which is mainly full of action to the Rim. I mean rim. Actually, that's not true. There are more mysteries. But they don't feel as grand anymore. 
Ah, but don't you feel as though there is a big one, lurking over the horizon? I can feel it watching us.

09 July 2015


My Beautiful Bride - Episode 5 (A ThisKicksAssCap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on July 09, 2015
Do we ever truly know a person? And is it possible to change who we are? We find out why Do-Hyeong did not recognize Joo-Young when she stepped out of the rain and it makes my heart break a little. His love for her is so deep and pure it will either make him move a mountain for her or be his early grave. This episode steps up the game (and the amount of blood that flows) and I get this very uncomfortable feelings in my stomach ... should we brace ourselves for the death of characters we care for?
Please, no. These poor loves deserve more than two years of happiness together!  

07 July 2015


Rants and Weekly Raves #45 (RAWR)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on July 07, 2015
Ladies, I made a new page: "Our Top 5". If you're so inclined, would you please select your 5 all time favorite KDramas and write a few sentences as to why it's in your Top 5? (Damn, it's tough to just go for 5!!!) Some of us already chose.
Nabi: Haha, dangerous request! Back in my pre-PotUp days I may have written extensively about a lot more than just my top five...
Just five! I'll enforce it! :D

05 July 2015


My Love Eun Dong - Episode 5 (A SqueeCap)

Posted by JoAnne on July 05, 2015
Dewaani: The puzzle pieces are starting to come together as both Eun Ho and Jung Eun start finding things out. While this means that their worlds are starting to come together, it pretty much means that all the other players' worlds are starting to fall apart. This doesn't look like it's going to be pretty, well everyone is still gorgeous looking, but you know what I mean.
JoAnne: I'm only going to look at you from now on, Oppa. EunDong-ah, hwaiting!

03 July 2015


My Beautiful Bride - Episode 4 (A ThisKicksAssCap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on July 03, 2015
There are fewer puzzles in this episode: a few are solved and hardly any new ones arise. We also get to know a few new characters as we move closer to the root of all evil - the "problem solvers". They're a scary and brutal bunch O___o (It made me want Safari back). Overall, this is the least gripping of the now aired episodes, but it was needed to take this drama to the next chapter, which may or my not bring us closer to the truth.
We can't continue on like last episode... at a certain point, they have to ANSWER some questions.  So I am grateful for the crumbs today!


My Beautiful Bride - Episode 3 (A ThisKicksAssCap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on July 03, 2015
Oh, you clever, clever drama! There are flashbacks within flashbacks within flashbacks ... and we never quite know whose memories they are and whether they are true or just imaginations. Also, almost everybody has a second, potentially real name and nothing is as it seems. I still have no clue what's going on, but this is another 100% episode. Everything is there and it's damn near perfect. How will I ever be able to watch a normal KDrama again after this one? 
Wait then! This is a trap! I can't have you ruined for KDrama, I NEED YOU. But oh my goodness, this is good. It might almost be worth the sacrifice.

01 July 2015


My Beautiful Bride - Episode 2 (A ThisKicksAssCap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on July 01, 2015
OMG their love story is SO SWEET, it chokes me up - because it's not only sweet, it's also full of heart-wrenching tension because we know that something is awfully wrong. But what? What is it that these two people are hiding? What is going on?!
So you think he's hiding something, too, then? That makes sense. This episode is as solidly entertaining yet mysterious as the first, and yay for that!


My Beautiful Bride - Episode 1 (A ThisKicksAssCap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on July 01, 2015
I have a new recapping project and I am SO EXCITED, especially since I didn't even see this one coming. Like SO NOT on my radar. But here it is and it delivers, oh yes it does... Watch a control freak's life completely unravel as his beautiful bride disappears - without a trace. Watch really good actors act with a really good script. Watch a drama that takes you IN and doesn't let you OUT. THANK YOU, dramagods. I was losing hope.
This feels like home. If home were one big web of lies, I mean. You know what I mean...the episode starts and you take a deep breath and think, 'I know this place. This is a good place. My place.' Welcome home, Kakashi! We are here!

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