30 July 2016


Thumping Spike - Episode 12 (A Squeecap)

Posted by trot wood on July 30, 2016
Trotwood: I don’t care what this episode is called. It should be called “Ode to Glorious White Pants.”
kakashi: Am I orange? Man, these holidays totally meddle with my head. What day is it?
JoAnne: No idea what day it is. You look sort of orange? Yellow-y orange?

29 July 2016


Old Nine Gates 老九门 - Episode 5 (Recap)

Posted by SakiVI on July 29, 2016
SakiVI: As before, Ba Ye alternately freaks out and gung-hos ahead, Lt Zhang is pretty, and Fo Ye is masterful.
We also learn more about Hatoyama and the tomb, and we meet Jiu Ye. And, fortunately, not much time was spent on Chen Pi. Sadly, though, no Er Ye, but not so sadly, no Ya Tou (sorry to fans of that actress: it's not her, it's the writing).
kakashi: I'm really in it for the grave robbing and the scary stuff, like blood walkers and other type of zombies. Skip all that Yatou zombie-stuff though, cause she's not scary enough. I WANT TOMBS! Tombs with Fo Ye in them.

28 July 2016


Nirvana in Fire 琅琊榜 - Episode 51 (Recap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on July 28, 2016
We get our Lin Shu-Jingyan reunion in this episode, but it's not a happy one. Did we ever believe it could be? We also finally get news of Xie Yu's death, which sets the final plan in motion. Only ... will Grand Princess Liyang find the courage it needs to force the Emperor's hand?
I honestly believed that death was a fake-out. Damn.
Eleanor: Well, we kind of need him dead so we can get the news out about what he did, so I'm glad that he did actually die. And oh my goodness gracious me! Prince Jing looks amazing here! 

27 July 2016


Nirvana in Fire 琅琊榜 - Episode 50 (Recap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on July 27, 2016
kakashi: Things are working our for Lin Shu and his friends and in this episode, they sloooowly, slowly edge towards the final success. There are many funny and happy scenes in this with Lin Chen and Fei Liu, and Lin Shu is seen laughing a lot. But that laughter is tinged with sadness. The end is near.
JoAnne: I hope this ends before he dies. I just want to go away imagining him enjoying his life with Nihuang, for however long he has.
Eleanor: We are so near the end. This is making me sad. I love this story so much. 

26 July 2016


Rants and Weekly Raves #97 (RAWR)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on July 26, 2016

kakashi: More William on top. And that's almost my only contribution for this RAWR, goodbye!
JoAnne: Looks like that's what he likes.
Hmmmm... I will allow him to wear emu even in the bedroom if he smiles like that.
I am pretty sure I like how I imagine that would feel.
Jaehyus: Fur Fo Ye...  Okay, shaking myself out of this daze, just saying hello and good bye.  I'm swamped, and am also recapping, so I haven't had much energy to watch other things beyond Here Comes Love, a Korean daily that my dad is now watching every evening with me.  He's really hooked.
That's so cute!
becca: I'm baaaaaack! Well, sort of. I'm still very behind, but I want to watch all the things! And at the same time I want to watch none of the things. I just want to sit and exist and maybe sleep for six months. Anyhoo - even though I've watched hardly anything, I'm still going to chime in, and hopefully I'll have more to say next week.

23 July 2016


Thumping Spike - Episode 11 (A Squeecap)

Posted by trot wood on July 23, 2016
Trotwood: In my mind I think of this ep as beginning of Bromance Part 1. The next episode isn’t part 2, so don’t get excited; however, here we get a shift in the relationship between Rimbutt and our climbing tree puppy.
kakashi: About bloody time!
JoAnne: You don't even want to know what I just pictured.
There is really no time to fight amongst themselves, and I love how they bond over their ineffectual noble idiocy as much as I like how quickly they recognize what drama watchers the world over know—noble idiocy rarely works and most of the time it just makes matters worse.
Can they please become teachers in Dramaworld?
Yes!  They have to room together because it's so expensive at the center of all those dramas, and they rent from me, and I have just one rule - no pants in the house.  We all live very happily.
This is the time to figure out that things work better when they act like a team. They show that on the court against Hyunchang High School, now they need to start applying that off court as well.
Oh, I guess you do know what I was thinking...

22 July 2016


Prince of Wolf 狼王子 - Episode 1 (A WTFcap)

Posted by JoAnne on July 22, 2016
JoAnne: It has been too long, folks. Wayyyy too long since we had a really enjoyable WTF drama. Taiwan has come through for us this time in a big way. The story is pretty straightforward so far and I imagine it will continue to be so, but the details are so nonsensical that its hilariously funny. *May it ever be thus.* And then, of course, Wolf Boy (Derek Zhang/Zhang Xuan Rui) is so indescribably adorable that I just can't pass him up. My heart is already squeeing for him and that idiot Mi Mi. I think I'm the only one watching, so I've brought in guests for this drama. Everyone, I'm sure Viki needs no introduction - welcome! Perhaps you'll see a comment here that you made, dear reader.
Obvious Viki: This drama is not very realistic.
kakashi, the universal screencapper: Hot damn! This episode is 1 hour and 14 minutes long?! Over one hour of batshit craaaaaazy inredibly bad television!!! 
Shuk: You've convinced me to give it a whirl. Even if just for all the fluffy puppies..

21 July 2016


Nirvana in Fire 琅琊榜 - Episode 49 (Recap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on July 21, 2016
kakashi: The truth wants out, always, and out it comes. Mei Changsu's identity is exposed as Lin Shu and it is almost a miracle that he survives this. But he has friends - very loyal friends, very stubborn friends, and now even powerful friends. This is Prince Jing's hour to show his father what is right and what is wrong and for the time being, he succeeds.
JoAnne: I think the Emperor suspects but they've confused him enough that he can't be certain. Or maybe they just confused me about the Emperor.
Eleanor: This is the episode that made me weep, uncontrollably, for about twenty minutes, maybe longer. I had to pause the video I was weeping so strongly. That screencap is about to make the waterworks start again. 

20 July 2016


Old Nine Gates 老九门 - Episode 4 (Recap)

Posted by SakiVI on July 20, 2016
SakiVI: Tis with great regret that I must announce there were zero noodles in today's episode. I know, this is sad. How will we manage this show without? Everyone, take some time and make them yourselves.  On the plus side, we got lots of Fo Ye, Ba Ye is growing on me, and Er Ye continues to be perfect.
Oh, yes, I almost forgot: Chen Pi threw some temper tantrums.
kakashi: This episode is called "Entrance to the Mine" and OH BOY, am I excited about that! Mine-action! Finally! Tombs! I'm in this for the tombs! And for Fo Ye. And Fo Ye IN the tombs and caves and other orifices!

19 July 2016


Old Nine Gates 老九门 - Episode 3 (Recap)

Posted by SakiVI on July 19, 2016
SakiVI: In this, Chipmunk Hunk, a.k.a. Fo Ye, and his sidekicks get closer to the mine/tomb/Japanese-human-experimentation-lab/whatever, Japanese agents approach Er Ye and Chen Pi, Ya Tou makes noodles, and yes, sob, there are sharks in that wizard's lair. Does the place bend time and space or something?
kakashi: Watch out for "Timebending Sharks: The Dark Years", the spin-off of the spin-off, hitting our screens next year! (and yes, it's me! Still purple! But really me, kakashi!)
Strange child...

18 July 2016


Rants and Weekly Raves #96 (RAWR)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on July 18, 2016
kakashi: It has to be William on the top here, of course.
JoAnne:  ...I don't even need to say it, do I.
*blinks innocently* 
Jaehyus: He's from Hong Kong. He'll know English. We need his non-Weibo SNS to tell him how much we love him. 
In case any of those guys we go crazy about READ what we write about them, I can rest easy because it's really high-quality fangirling we engage in.
Uh, William seems skeptical about that.
In other news, I'm getting slightly panicky due to my upcoming holidays. It always happens this time of the year. Leaving this blog for two weeks is like leaving your child unattended (and then I'm usually not even fully gone) 
I'll be on vacation for two weeks beginning the 18th, when are you away? I'm not travelling like you though - my baby girl is coming home to see her mama and eat some lobster.
One week of overlap! Ohhhh, who is going to hold the fort :O
Since I don't currently know whether I can survive without O9G, which is good news, because I will hunt those WiFis in the Cairngorm National Park like people hunt Pokemon. 
I'm sure I'll have some drama watching time, never fear. Re: Pokemon - I don't want to play, but I want to know if I'm standing next to one - so I went to download the app and my phone is too old, I guess...you need IOS 8 and my software is 7.2.1 and 'up to date.' Oh well.
Yeah, you need to get a new phone. Like me
I'm not into playing games like that. I sometimes do jigsaws and coloring pages on my iPad, but hunting Pokemon doesn't really sound fun to me. 
Lafer: My favorite video of the week - A mom playing the adult version of Pokemon Go called Chardonnay Go! Now there's a game we could really get in to.
I have a friend who thinks there should be a game where you can see what demons or monsters are around you. I think he's a genius. I would buy a new phone for that game. Think about it. At the beach or on a boat? Sea monsters. Near a bridge? Trolls. In the woods? Fairies. In a cemetery at night for who knows what stupid reason? Vampires clawing their way up out of the earth. Winged demons flying overhead. Ghosts in that empty house down the street, or patrolling the dark halls of your high school at night. It would be awesome!
Shuk: Every day at work, I'm getting calls for people walking into traffic and such. Just imagine if people were chasing ghosts or something. But yes, that would be one I might be willing to download.

17 July 2016


Uncontrollably Fond - Episodes 1-4

Posted by JoAnne on July 17, 2016
JoAnne: I'm already in love with this show. I don't know if there'll be recaps going forward, (and you probably shouldn't call this a recap either since it's very high-level) but I need to love on my baby a little bit and there's just not enough space in RAWR for that. If there are typos it's because I'm already crying over what's coming, dammit.
kakashi: I'm very sorry, but it seems nobody wants to comment for you TT_____TT. This almost makes me cry myself. Well, let me select a few very pretty pictures for you at least. Oups, and maybe I snark a little. 
There's still time. Maybe another glutton for punishment will creep out of the shadows.  UPDATE: Guess not...

16 July 2016


Thumping Spike - Episode 10 (A Squeecap)

Posted by trot wood on July 16, 2016
Trotwood: So it’s obvious that one of the contracts in this episode’s title is the contract that Se Ra feels she has to sign with her manager, but there are also other deals people make here that don’t seem to be making anyone happy--even the winners. This was a hard episode to watch the first time, and it wasn’t any better watching it again to recap. I was angry pretty much the entire episode. I know my commenters thought Se Ra was out of line slapping our Rimbutt, but I was cheering her on. I was hoping she would just go around slapping lots of people in a rage of slaps. She could slap Rimbutt again on the other side of his face to even it out. Slap some sense into Woo Jin for going to the agency and really thinking he could make a deal with the devil. Slap Secretary Kim for reeling her back in through deception even though she doesn’t want her back. Slap Representative Gi-joon for being far too gleeful and blatantly ignoring how unhappy she clearly is. Slapping Coach for being a completely ineffectual adult let alone a coach. Slap Soo Bin because she is too annoying. (oh, yeah. she isn’t in this ep, but I wouldn’t mind her coming back just to get slapped)
If you’re going down, Se Ra, don’t go down alone!
But then we get a bonus at the very end, the world is bright again, and I put my slap outfit away.
Kakashi: She means there's a KISS. That's the bonus in KDrama. And let's see how I deal with the anger!
JoAnne: I'm totally fine with slapping Soo Bin. Let's just slap her at least once per episode for the remainder of the show. Her and Secretary Kim.

15 July 2016


Nirvana in Fire 琅琊榜 - Episode 48 (Recap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on July 15, 2016
kakashi: In this episode, the shit hits the fan. Never has Su Zhe's death been so palpable. Thanks to his good friend Lin Chen, he may make it a bit longer - but it's no longer a secret that his time is running out. And of course, at this most vulnerable time, Xiajiang strikes again. And it's a huge blow.
JoAnne: Well, it's still a secret to Nihuang, apparently. And good old Jing still has no clue. XiaJiang. Xiajiaaaaaaaaaaaang *shakes fist at sky...picture Stephen Colbert screaming Raiiiin* That snake of a Consort Xian needs to go, too.
Eleanor: I think Nihuang's in denial. Her long lost love has returned, there's no way she can face the idea of his death. So she's clinging to straws. I think deep down she knows though. 

14 July 2016


Old Nine Gates 老九门 - Episode 2 (Recap)

Posted by SakiVI on July 14, 2016
SakiVI: We get some background to our main characters, Er Ye, Fo Ye, and Ba Ye. We also find out what Ba Ye is for, and find William Chan on horseback is a dream come true.
kakashi: Yes, folks, it's me! And I use the color purple! I love purple! All I can think about while watching this is "pretty, pretty, ohhhhhh, so pretty, WOW, he's hot" etc. The horseback thing is almost too much. And the way he dresses while on horseback?!?!?!! I am thinking about buying an emergency kit for myself. To put next to my bed when I'm watching. Also, PS: We have come up with a nickname for our new Mr. Hot: Chipmunk Hunk or Hunky Munky. Because he has the cutest chipmunk-cheeks but slays with his hot namjaness.

13 July 2016


Nirvana in Fire 琅琊榜 - Episode 47 (Recap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on July 13, 2016
kakashi: This is another brutal heartbreaker of an episode! One of those that pretend everything is well and then BAM! You cry buckets. 
Eleanor: This show knows how to make me weep. 
Jin Dong's hair also makes me weep

12 July 2016


Old Nine Gates 老九门 - Episode 1 (Recap)

Posted by SakiVI on July 12, 2016
SakiVI: This show took so long! Seriously, starting this show is a dream come true. I was a bit sad no Yang Yang in this show, but I am so, so happy with William Chan. Honestly, I'm crying tears of joy here.
kakashi: I know! We've been waiting forever and a day! It took exactly one episode to make me a slobbering addict and I tell you people ... this is NIGHT AND DAY from the Lost Tomb and we already had great fun with that one, didn't we! The fun with this will probably be endless if it doesn't kill us first. One thing is certain: We will not refrain from calling William Chang hot for 48 episodes straight, I can guarantee that. 
In addition, I want to thank all the Lay-Lovers (he is also hot, by the way) for subbing this so fast!! We appreciate it SO MUCH. Imagine us pining for the next subbed episode every second of our existence!!
Lay is elegant-hot. Of course, that is the type of character he is playing, but when I think back to when I followed EXO-M, he always had this sort of elegant demeanor.

11 July 2016


Rants and Weekly Raves #95 (RAWR)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on July 11, 2016
JoAnne: Jang Hyuk says 'Time to get with the program, people. Do not force me to waste my awesome on crap!'
Jaehyus: I used to love Kim Woo Bin. I wonder what happened? Oh yes, he was in Heirs, the kdrama bane of my life, and now he's in something that looks equally bad.
kakashi: *Feels urge to throw up* 
Lafer: I have been in such a Kdrama rut that I've stayed away from RAWR for fear of being too negative. However, after reading last week's RAWR, I've been hit with a great truth. It's not the dramas, it's about the comradery (a word I always need to look up to spell due to its multiple correct ways to spell it, none of which I remember) of all us watchers who just want to yell WTF!WTF! I really think the most successful way to watch a drama would be to stop two episodes before the end and make up our own endings (I often do that). I believe there is talent on here that surpasses most of the writers.
Trotwood: Applauding loudly at that. I'd watch anything you guys would write partly because you would make even WTF plot synopses funny.
Shuk: Aw shucks, you say the nicest things, Trot.

08 July 2016


Thumping Spike - Episode 9 (A Squeecap)

Posted by trot wood on July 08, 2016
Trotwood: This is the one episode where the title seems to fit. I am going to admit that the first time I watched this show, I think I skipped a bunch of this episode because this is the other kind of ep/story arc that I find the most uncomfortable. (see my comments in the beginning of squeecap for ep 2). I feel too edgy to watch the set-up of a trap or plot against the leads and/or people I like in dramas. As a specialist in literature, I understand the necessity of such exposition to overall plot; however, I’m far more able to enjoy the post fall out. I’m much more about solutions than anything else. I think that is why I am getting less and less interested in opening episodes of dramas. Tell the set up in a couple of lines and get straight to the rising action. So, everyone, help me cringe through . . .
kakashi: Oh! Yes! The thing I hate MOST in literature/entertainment has always been the good person being falsely accused of a horrible thing they haven't done. HATE IT!
I only hate it when I can think of 17 different ways they could END THE PROBLEM immediately, but don't.

06 July 2016


Nirvana in Fire 琅琊榜 - Episode 46 (Recap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on July 06, 2016
kakashi: It gets harder and harder to keep the truth from Prince Jing. But they really have to, do they, until the path to the Iron Throne (shakes fist) is completely secure! The party returns to the Capital, which means Prince Yu's judgment day has come. How deep you have fallen, Prince.
JoAnne: He should have just accepted it back then, and not gone for this final push toward the crown. I wonder if he realizes that yet.
Eleanor: I think though that in some ways this brings him peace. He knows who he is now. He might regret it and the pain he will cause his wife and family, but he seized the day and it was a bad idea and he has to live with that. 

05 July 2016


Nirvana in Fire 琅琊榜 - Episode 45 (Recap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on July 05, 2016
kakashi: OMG, they capture the beast in this episode! The beast! And the beast's true identity is a major turning point in the story, setting in motion many things nobody could have foreseen. During all this, Prince Jing is bitter over the secrets that he knows people are hiding from him and his sullenness is almost comical. Almost, because I really feel for him. He knows something big is up but nobody lets him in on it!
JoAnne: It is very cute, yes. But I feel sorry for him - it must be very frustrating to feel like everyone is in on something and keeping you out. At least there's no hint of it being mean, and he doesn't take it that way.
Eleanor: The Beast!!! I really feel for Jingyan. I know why they don't tell him, I really do, but it's also very difficult for him. On the plus side, Wang Kai pouts really well... so there's that. 

04 July 2016


Rants and Weekly Raves #94 (RAWR)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on July 04, 2016
kakashi: I'm not very happy with KDrama these days. There's a lot of stuff but almost all of it is just bad. And I don't have time for bad television. Ergo, me and KDrama ... I think we're breaking up again. Ack, come on, Jang Hyuk, don't give me the death stare!
JoAnne: Between workload and computer issues, I didn't watch much this week. I will probably never catch up.
It's almost like a death sentence in KDramaworld. "Am behind, will never catch up". 
bcook: huh... the one time I'm actually making an effort to watch and rawr and you guys have given up???!!!!
No, no nonononono I will never give up, but this week kind of threw me for a loop, and then this weekend I invested significant time in Nirvana in Fire so I could comment on the stack of recaps Kakashi has in the back room. I will have time to catch up a little bit tonight/tomorrow but I have people stuff to go to also.
Oh, I totally like this image. I have stacks of recaps in my back room :D 

02 July 2016


Nirvana in Fire 琅琊榜 - Episode 44 (Recap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on July 02, 2016
kakashi: So far, this show was not very much like Game of Thrones, even though it has been called the Asian Game of Thrones (Eleanor! Don't get angry! Joyce, Moonlil and Miao ... you neither!). This episode is quite a bit like it though: Long (and sadly beautiful) battle scenes! Blood! Gore! Deaths! Defeat! Okay, but there's a big difference too: in this drama, all the main characters survive for now, for what I am grateful.
JoAnne: I was close to rioting there for a few minutes, watching our Sunshine Boy and Fei Liu.
Eleanor: *grumble grumble* I think I would be less grumbly about inaccurate comparisons if people who had seen it wrote pieces instead of people who didn't even check the synopsis...oh well. That Meng shot is AWESOME!!!

01 July 2016


Nirvana in Fire 琅琊榜 - Episode 43 (Recap)

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on July 01, 2016
Oh goodness. All of a sudden, things are moving super fast! And our friends on the mountain find themselves in mortal danger. Also, Mei Changsu's true identity is THAT close to being found out by Prince Jing. Maybe General Meng is right and he should just tell him. Seriously, stop torturing the poor water buffalo!
JoAnne: I think at this point he probably SHOULD just go ahead and tell him, but my big question this episode is who actually did poison Mei Changsu with the Bitter Flame? Is it relevant to the story? I want to know anyway, though.
Eleanor: I won't answer your first question Jo, but yes, the poison is very much relevant to the story, so don't worry, we will find out soon enough what the big deal with it is. And my little water buffalo looks so very lovely there - his IQ is loading up a little in this scene ;)

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