Novoland: The Castle In The Sky 九州·天空城 - Episode 21 (Recap)

kakashi: We learn what's wrong with Wingkind Emperor (who remains hot), what big problems are in his future and, yes, someone dies.
JoAnne: Just one person? Damn it.

Episode 21

Snot and tears, snot and tears, and after Tianyi tells Feishuang that in his heart, she will always be South Yudu City's most beautiful Princess, she dies. He kisses her forehead as a final goodbye. Awwwwz. 
Better go make up with your girl, WKE, or you won't have any women in your life but maids.
Huanzheng and Fuling hear the mourning bell and our foolish engineer rushes to his sister's abode. He finds Tianyi in there, with his sister's corpse. Because he's an idiot, Huanzheng accuses the Wingkind Emperor of having killed his sister. Broken heart and all.
They're all so dumb, Kakashi. How have they stayed alive this long?
He then clocks Tianyi one, which is a grave mistake, because Tianyi is the much better fighter, of course. Oh well, now WKE is massively pissed and Huanzheng is so full of hate he'll soon explode.
Kiss! Kiss!
Fuling can't take it (not sure what "it" is, but whatevs) and is getting drunk in the forest. (Can't take it, doesn't get it, can't get any... I'd drink, too.) It's where Tingjun finds her. Where is he coming from all of a sudden? He is very concerned for her (I'm not), such a fool ... and she says she wants to go back to when it was just the two of them. His lust flares up and BAM, the coroding boner stops him.
I forgot about that and couldn't stop laughing; I'm laughing now again. I wonder if he just happens to wake up happy in the morning and pictures her while he's, you know, planning his day...I wonder if it hurts then, too.
Tianyi happens to take a stroll in the exact same forest too - and sees how Fuling hugs Tingjun, talking about heartbreak (while he keeps repeating "don't come close, don't come close", ahahaha)
His face, I can't stop laughing. And of course WKE is so jealous he doesn't notice the important detail that Tingjun is trying to keep his bits as far from hers as possible. Then I think about how cruel a spell this is and I curse her fuckwit of a father all over again.
And then, Fuling kisses Tingjun. Yup, it's exactly what it looks like, Tianyi. Oups, but Fuling calls Tingjun "Tianyi". Is she delirious? Of course this happens AFTER Tianyi has left.
Poor Tingjun dies on the spot when his penis explodes like...well, like a penis that has a bomb in it.
It's snowing now (?) and Huanzheng is kidnapping his sister's corpse. Tianyi's men try to hold him back, but Tianyi doesn't give a fuck. He sends them all away and sulks.
I'm so frustrated with him at this point that he's losing attractiveness. Right now he looks like a drag queen dressed for some crazy debutante ball.
It's morning and Yi Fuling and Bai Tingjun are in the forest. Yes, THE forest. There is only one and everybody always meets there. And it has been treated for snow resistance. He promises to take her back to his city - only, he isn't the prince anymore. She doesn't care. But she also doesn't want him to touch her.
Sigh. So pretty and yet...useless for sex and no longer rich. Bye.
Suddenly, they get surrounded by Wingkind soldiers! Our Regent's men, of course. I dig your wings, man!
Yes but in my head the wings are sparrow's wings, which makes the Regent a really tiny man fairy.
And your face.
He looks like Huangzheng when he smiles.
Birth secrets?! 
He says: "Yi Fuling, when will you stop this nonsense with my nephew?" Yes, exactly! Waltzing in comes Tianyi, claiming he isn't angry at all. He never said Fuling would be his Queen, she'd just be one of the women in his harem. Yeah, sure, sure. Tianyi glares at her a bit. Fuling says "Bye, we're leaving", Regent says: "But you can't leave". Tianyi says: "Let them leave!" Since this is the forest in which everybody meets, Huanzheng also appears, with super weapons, and helps Tingjun and Fuling escape.
The actor playing Regent is captured mid-thought: 'If I hadn't bought that Italian sports car last year, I wouldn't have had to accept this job...'
Feng Ren (to the soldiers): "Go after them!"
Feng Tianyi: "Don't chase them!" He wins. They escape.
Which is bad, as Royal Uncle tells his nephew later that evening. We learn that poor baby Tianyi does not have "wing holes". He needs Fuling to hold his position. Wingking doesn't believe this though - as long as he can make his people prosperous and give them peace and good health, he doesn't need wings. 
Well, technically what he needs are wing holes. It's like not having sweat glands, I guess.
Uncle laughs at him. That may well be, but has he considered what it means when the God of Shooting Star falls into the hands of the Humankind. Wingkind needs her every 100 years to replenish their stocks of fairy dust. It's almost all gone. Soon, they won't be able to fly anymore. Poor Tianyi didn't know this. Feng Ren gives him Fuling's box and tells him he will keep stalling that Wingspreading Ceremony.
I wonder where the wings go. Maybe it's like pocket doors and they just slide under the skin. Does the Regent's headpiece look like a futuristic toilet lid to anyone one else?
Our three fugitives are in Huanzheng's old workroom. Yes, the one Tianyi gave him. Huanzheng wants to destroy the Starship again. Seriously. You are just jealous you haven't built it, true?
Huangzheng hasn't done much, to be honest.


Oh, they found some plot in a drawer.
The junk drawer, it seems.

Let's hope WKE has all the other holes a man needs to live! 
A Man and His Holes, or Now, Where Can I Put This? A Novel in Two Parts.