Fanfiction: Moyuan and Bai Qian, Book 2 - Chapter 19 Part 3 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)


Chapter 19 - The Dragon’s Scale

Part 3

written by LalaLoop
edited by Kakashi  
consulting by Bunny

“There’s a reason why those five Beasts in the cave bowed to me,” Yehua continued with an almost breathless voice. “A reason why there were ancient Celestial characters on that rock.”

Before he could go on, Lord Donghua cut in, “is this the same cave you were telling me about, High Goddess?”

“Uhm…” Bai Qian cleared her throat, still gaping at Yehua with eyes as big as saucers, her heart racing. “Yes.”

Did this mean she was right? Did this mean Yehua also thought his brother still had a chance? Was this not the end after all?

“What else, Yehua? Tell us quickly.”

“The air within that cave was filled with Celestial energy,” he went on. “Father Immortal’s energy, I recognized it because it is his immortal essence that kept me alive for years inside the lotus, before I was transferred to the God of War’s care. A small portion of that essence courses in me still. That location --” he took a deep breath, uncompromising certainty in his eyes. “That cave, it belonged to my father.”

“You’re right,” Bai Qian said right away while Donghua seemed deep in thought.

Yehua, on the other hand, looked quite puzzled at her immediate agreement as she held the handkerchief to his eye level. “I found something on here, a pattern that’s the same as the carvings that lined the magic mirror. It took me a while to see it – they are dragon scales, you see? You see here?”

Yehua frowned as he took the fabric into his own hand. “This is…”

“It was your brother’s.” She moved on impatiently, “when did you realize all of this?”

“You can say my usual dreams of Kunlun helped me realize,” Yehua said. “I was in that pond for ages, I remember things; ever since I was born, I’ve always seen glimpses of the people who lingered around the golden lotus in my sleep. I am familiar with most of their presence even if I don’t know who they are or were, and I am most definitely familiar with the two immortals who kept my spirit alive for that long. But this is not just a dream, I’m sure of what I am telling you.”

Dreams? Bai Qian suddenly felt a little indignant. She’d had to read more or less a hundred books and scrolls to confirm her theory and the solution had just come to him in a dream?

“Do you think…” she swallowed, afraid to utter the next words. “Do you think we can… that there’s still a chance that the God of War can…”

Yehua was silent, but his silence said it all – he did think so. Everything made so much sense to her all of a sudden: why those five Beasts had taken Yehua’s orders on the battlefield, why there had been serpent-like flames springing out from the golden fire.

“Lord Donghua,” she turned to the pensive-looking god, struggling to speak at the same speed that ideas were racing across her mind. “I was trying to tell you that the magic in the cave is beyond any of us. When we were in there, there was a mirror that reveals your true form, a fire that reads your true intention.” That Demon Queen – she had wanted to help them, that was why the fire had been extinguished. “I’m not saying we should throw anyone into fire, of course. What I mean is, this is Father Immortal’s magic we’re talking about, he was able to put an immortal soul in a lotus! He was capable of only Heavens know what, and most importantly, his essence is compatible with his descendants’. The powerful item we heard about is lost now but if we can travel to this location, make use of our advanced magic to analyze and collect this Celestial energy that circles the cave, I think there is a chance we can still save the God of War.”

Bai Qian gasped for breath after her last words. Hope – she was hoping too much. But what more could she lose?

Donghua remained quiet still, but she knew he was convinced. Of course, it wasn’t his permission that she needed, but his affirmation. It was also what Yehua was looking for.

“No,” Yehua said quietly. “There is a faster way we can go about this.”

Their eyes were on him again.

“What is it?” Bai Qian asked.

“That item we sought. I believe we can use it.”

“What are you talking about?” she walked a bit closer to him. “When did you find it?”

Yehua looked again between her and Donghua then continued.

“Luoji’s sword.” [*]

Many things – answers, more questions – came to Bai Qian’s head at once and she started to feel a bit dizzy.

“When I wielded the sword of Balance,” said Yehua. “I got close enough to Luoji, to the golden core of his sword, and that’s when I recognized it again – the same energy, the same immortal essence, that’s what I came here to discuss with you, Lord Donghua. And more than that, I saw the shape of a dragon scale.” He slightly lifted the handkerchief. “I believe Luoji did not enhance this item, he used it as it was: raw and unchecked.”

A dragon scale, Bai Qian’s mind travelled back to that night, to the Glass Tower and to the last second she and Moyuan had spent together. It was also a dragon scale that Moyuan had given – a scale full of energy and cultivation.

No wonder Luoji’s sword had been undefeatable, no wonder the light it’d emitted had been more blinding than the midday sun.

“Father Immortal’s source of power,” Lord Donghua concluded for them. “You are suggesting we use this power to revive the God of War.”

“We must try,” was the cautious reply.

How did Luoji get his hand on this item? What did he sacrifice to the golden fire?

“But…” Bai Qian frowned. “Yehua, you destroyed Luoji’s sword that night.”

“Not completely,” he replied. “You see, the sword of Balance was destroyed, every bit of magic inside its core was shattered, but not Luoji’s sword. Zhuowei informed me before we returned to the Nine Heavens that she and her scholars collected the sword that night and noticed a vibration within the handle, they found and extracted what was left of that golden energy from the core and stored it in a vial. And…”

Yehua suddenly turned away from them, looking quite cross with himself.

“Yes?” Donghua said.

“The princess said that Xunzhua would be responsible for it.” Yehua slightly shook his head. “I did not object. Of course, I doubt it would make a difference if I did. Still, I didn’t know the things I know now when we had that conversation.”

Bai Qian knew now what he meant. This dangerous item had breached Xunzhua’s shields and taken too many lives, of course Xunzhua wouldn’t want it in anyone’s hands but theirs. They would want to analyze its power source, see if they could make use of it; and if…

“Oh gods,” she whispered. “They might be trying to destroy it as we speak.”

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[*] For Luoji’s quest for the golden item, visit chapter 16, part 1