What The Heck Is Going On? Episodes 5 and 6 (A HyoCap)

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Episode 5                  Episode 6

Shuk: I'm finding this webdrama a mass on contradictory character traits, even for the same character. I'm hoping a healthy dose of soju on my part will help make sense of it all. Still, look at the pretty!

EP 5

We have begin with Hannah's little admirer, Kihyun, coming into the taekwondo school with a blouse that looks dry cleaned for Sora and Sora cleaning the floor. An episode one she had at least two more students but today there's just this kid. With the dry cleaning. Sora tells Kihyun he runs errands well. Okay, then.
I'm still convinced she's a lousy human being and an even worse instructor. She doesn't even tip him!
She's a bit of a user, if you ask me.
Oooh, just look at all those students clamoring to be taught by this woman!
She sends him into her office to store the blouse, and there he sees the most boring phone case cover but still wants to have a look at it.
She has stolen goods. Why would it be just lying around in an easily-accessible office?
It's white! On both sides!
Next scene is Hanna coming into the coffee shop and Ilwoo pats her head. He offers her ice cream that Anna-in-Hanna takes while thinking how she's not a kid and doesn't like sweet food. (Recapper's note: I'm not a kid either, and I really love my ice cream, especially the fruity ones in summer and the cookie ones in winter. I have stop myself from buying it. What's wrong with this woman?)
I just shared a bag of Red Vine licorice with my 86-year-old father while watching the MLB World Series. There's no such thing as too old for sweets, Anna. You need to enjoy those young taste buds.
And I love ice cream and cookies, and hold on, Anna, you could always have said you don't want anything sweet.
Hanna hears a couple at the table across her discussing the husband's bad knee. Anna-in-Hanna gets busy and prepares a lemon grass essential oil warm compress. Apparently this works very well and the couple are duly impressed. 
I find it strange that a couple in a coffee shop are willing to do this. Unless it's a book store, you would normally stop in for a quick cup of Joe to rest your feet. But they are going to stay there all this time? 
Their purpose is to show Anna being Anna, someone who can't help but help people. And, actually, for some reason, I can believe this. I can't explain why I can believe this happening.

Anyway, the biggest thing in this scene is Ilwoo. Is he an hourly employee or a shop owner? If he is an employee, then Anna will likely see this as another major difference between them: Ilwoo in transient employment while she owns her own business. 
I think he owns his own shop because he was decorating it for the proposal and an employee wouldn't be able to do that.

Then a dapper haraboji at another table calls Hanna over, and he asks her who her family is.  He's looking for some girl, who, judging from the black and white photo is possibly a halmeoni by now, who worked in a local fabric shop.
Yay, a mysterious gentleman caller!
I love mysterious gentleman callers.
Ilwoo joins them, and the haraboji leaves, while also leaving behind a photo that looks familiar to Anna-in-Hanna.  Jinwoo says the haraboji visits about once a month.
He must be looking for his long-lost love. And the only grandmama type in this story is Anna's!
Ilwoo looks confused.
Of course.
As Ilwoo and Hanna walk home, AinH is very thoughtful.  She thinks maybe that girl in the picture was her grandmother. She refers to her as Great Grandmother, and so Ilwoo, thinks a bit
Feel the burn...
(Recapper's note: be patient because thinking is hard), and says, Anna's halmeoni? Exactly, says AinH. (Recapper's note: slow clap.) AinH borrows his phone, though, why?
I'm guessing she wanted to call the hospital to see how her granny was doing. 
Oh yes, that's right.

Then, Kihyun shows up.  He recognizes that really boring pattern on the back of Ilwoo's phone because as secret couple he and Anna couldn't use flashy couple cases or something lame like that.
[yawn] I bet he picked them out. 
Kihyun says Sora has a case like that. Anna looks askance at Ilwoo, who's response is a shrug and (still) looking confused. 
In support of Ilwoo's cluelessness, AinH hasn't added up her numbers either.  

Next we see Sora talking to the detectives who have discovered Anna put the store up for sale 2 months ago.  (Recapper's note: I'm not going to bother showing Sora here.)  So, Anna really expected to marry Ilwoo?  Or Anna needed money for the granny, maybe?  I wonder why she was taking such a big step, hmm. 
That seems a bit of a stretch. First of all, we never see Sini talking to Anna about anything as drastic as selling the business. But if she was selling it, she would already have something else lined up as employment, also something Sini would already know. So would Ilwoo, if they actually were a couple. 
I hadn't thought of all that, good points. Also, what if the detective has her confused with someone else, or she considered selling and really just wanted to know the value, and ended up taking it off the market?

Next scene is Sini and Anna-in-Hanna looking at the photograph and talking about whether that's her grandmother.  
My guess is they're also wondering if that haraboji also knows about the tarot card, although they don't actually say so. 
The card is old. The two old people are old. Their story is old. But I don't think he would know about any magical properties of the card. Unless he's secreting a wizard in love with a muggle. And his clothes are too dapper for that. :)
That he's dapper says Fancy Wizard to me. Ooh, maybe he knows how to fix all this!
Nah, only wizards that work in The Ministry know how to Dress Muggle. LOL

And then out of nowhere, AinH remembers Sora has her phone and gets this mad look: 
Ilwoo had assured her that this was his and Anna's couple case that no one else could possibly have, nor could have separately bought on their own. (disbelieving look) (No, really, believe this.)
Because I'm the only one in the entire world who has a purple aluminum, rhinestone-studded phone case for my 6S. That I bought online.
I can believe that's unique. The Red Queen Through The Looking Glass says to practice believing impossible things, and I'm getting lots of practice with this show.

On to Anna-in-Hanna and Kihyun peeking in on Sora doing her forms, pretty badly as I recall from tae kwondo years ago, and then Sora running to the bathroom with a diarrhea attack because all that bile is eating away her intestines (bitterness and dissatisfaction can make one burn inside)

Kihyun runs in to get the phone and tries flirting with Hanna that he wants a wish.

He didn't even have to sneak; he just had to stroll in and pluck it off the desktop. Did Anna really need his help? I suppose he could have helped with a distraction if it was needed.
He has a better excuse for being there. And Sora is nice to him, and mean to Hanna.
Now we cut to Sora's equally annoying dad hysterically, and by that I mean with hysteria, not humour, slicing meat because Ilwoo was going to marry Anna.  Jinwoo is scared.
Why is Sora's dad even angry and feeling betrayed? He's not Ilwoo's parent, and even if he was, the happiness of the child should overcome most objections. My mother wasn't happy to learn I was dating a younger man, but she didn't hack a chicken to pieces in front of me to show her displeasure. And, heck, Ilwoo isn't even there. He should just punch a cow instead of having one.
Irresponsible parent who doesn't stop his kid drinking in her room alone at night and goes swinging meat cleavers around...
Jinwoo stops Sora from going in and gets her to go for a drink saying he'll bring Ilwoo.
Who cares, let's move on to our OTP!
At the tent bar, Jinwoo pervs on girls, and Ilwoo gets a text from Anna thanking him for looking after Hanna (who is where, considering she's ten?).
Sora says not possible to get a text from Anna which gets Ilwoo questioning her.  Then Sora nags Ilwoo about Anna, and he tells her to mind her own business.
You tell her, ConfuzdBoy! 
Jaehyo's default expression really works well for this show...
Then Sora tells him she heard from a rice shop ahjumma (is that what PI's are called in SK?) that Anna put her shop up for sale. Sora snipes that Anna left Ilwoo with her kid.
Which in his mind should tell Ilwoo that Anna will come back. And why are his lips so chapped? Where's the coordi with the Chapstick??
I have a theory that Block B coordis like to troll each and every group member. So when HairMake was done, he got his chapped lips emphasized. The director thought it was funny and everyone laughed to see such fun.
Hey diddle diddle, give his lips a widdle. Gloss that is.
Can we send Jaeyho some of these? Like a box of them?
Ep 6

Doofuses 1 &3 Ilwoo and Sora aren't feeling good from the alcohol. 

5 bottles / 3 people = sick as a dog. Basic alcohol arithmetic.

I made Sora's face really tiny because I don't like her.
I assume Doofus 2, Jinwoo, is feeling sick somewhere too, but there's no time for him in this scene. Ilwoo lies down at home, and his leg hurts him. Sora finally puts 1 and 1 together to realize Anna got her phone from Sora's unlocked office and texted Ilwoo. Or, possibly, had a phone company transfer her number to another phone. Anyway, Sora realizes the phone is missing.  
Wow, they must think they are in a lightning storm for the number of flashes of intellect in these episodes.
Anna-in-Hanna sees Ilwoo all drunk and in pain and treats his leg with an essential oil hot towel.
Aww, so the ahjusshi scene was a preamble to this one. But we already knew she knew her medicinal stuff from her shop. Still, don't let those hands wander anywhere, little girl!

How Anna-in-Hanna doesn't realize that being a little girl versus a grown woman is way worse for her romance I don't know.
Ilwoo has a thick scar on his leg that he's self conscious about.  He says Anna always knew when he was in pain. Anna-in-Hanna thinks she always knew because it was him (and why call him a fool, since he doesn't know she's Anna? Doe she want him to realize it?)

Ilwoo then shows Hanna the Anna text. He can't understand why Anna hasn't come back to see him or Hanna. 

H-in-A should come up with something like: "She told me it was some type of top-secret government consultant job. But she promised to keep in touch when she could." Anything to reassure this poor kid that he wasn't abandoned.
Considering she's a nurse and he's an orphan, she should've have been more thoughtful. Oh wait, it's Anna. Never mind.

Anyway, here's a pretty picture of Jaehyo-as-Ilwoo:
The next day, they got to visit the granny who is not even Anna's real granny but someone whom Anna adopted as a granny and has been taking care of financially since.  Also, Ilwoo is wearing a shirt with a multi-colour zebra on it and yet wants to look a man.
Writer-nim is confusing me. We are supposed to believe that Anna is a warm generous human being who would take personal and financial responsibility for a geriatric complete stranger, but gets her panties in a wad because she's attracted to a young stud? Either she's shallow or she's not. Either she's giving or she's not. You can't have it both ways. And, BTW, I like that shirt.
I... have mixed feelings regarding the shirt. I think the Block B coordi was laughing away that day.
Compared to what the Heirs cast had had to endure? This shirt is beautiful!
Anna-in-Hanna wonders if Granny will recognize her. 
That's a looong walk uphill to the nursing home. Were all the parking spaces taken?
It's more countrified to walk.
Only if you are livestock.

And at the nursing home, Granny doesn't seem to recognize her at first and just plays with her Barbie doll.
But she calls Ilwoo Anna's teacher, which makes him laugh, as does the colored Zebra shirt me.
Well, actually she's right, because he's gonna teach her to lighten up and be happy in love, neh?
In the meantime, Ilwoo talks to the nurse who says they were worried that Anna didn't show up, since she's been so attentive so regularly to a woman not even her blood grandmother. Ilwoo just gushes that Anna is an angel.
I just don't get the dichotomy of nice woman and useless worrier than is Anna.
I do. But what I don't get is the dichotomy of nice woman and not doing anything at all to soothe Ilwoo's hurt feelings like a proper letter saying "My phone isn't working, I asked Sini to give you this because I sent one thing to her with instructions for the shop, please be sure to give Hanna some vegetables and broth instead of ice cream". Stuff like that.
Anna asks about the couple in the photo. Granny says that's herself and Nami Oppa.  She says she wants to see Nami Oppa, her first love, one more time.  Then Granny recognizes Anna in Hanna, and asks, "why did you turn into a kid?"  Anna is excited Granny recognizes her and asks her how to return to her real self?
All the mystics seem to recognize their own handiwork. But she may not know how to break the spell.
Granny then fades out of lucidity, and Anna is left describing herself as Anna - which Ilwoo hears. 
As Ilwoo remembers all the things Hanna did that were just like Anna, like the broccoli and the hot towel massage. Also, that coloured zebra is distracting. 
You're just wondering where the zebra butt ended up, aren't you. 
True, they never showed us the back.

At school, Anna-in-Hanna gets into a fight with another ten year old girl over her mother being a single mother, and that "that ahjussi can't even date because of you." (Hey Park Sora, getting your students to harass Hanna is just mean.) (Kids don't care about this stuff. And Sora totally hits rock bottom in respect for this one.) And, even though the other girl started it, Hanna is the one with a guardian called in and everyone getting angry, even Ilwoo!  First time he actually snapped. He didn't even snap at Sora before, just quietly and firmly told her to mind her own business.  But here, he seems to have snapped.  So has Anna-in-Hanna, who wails for her mother. (Recapper's note: what's Anna's back story?)
I have to show the red card on this scene. Whether Anna is insecure or not in real life, no one above the age of 12 is ever going to cry for their mother because someone called them names. No one. Ever. This is the worst bit of writing in this so far. NO WAY. You cannot stretch the imagination this far.
I think, in SK, people cry out for their Ommas the way over here people say, "Oh, God!" So, maybe a yellow card? Also, I wondered if Anna was raised by a single mother and that little girl pushed old buttons.
Nope, backstory doesn't matter. I'm still not buying it.
Maybe a yellow? Nope, it's a F4 red!
Sora's butcher father calls Ilwoo to berate him about dating a woman 40 years old. He has Ilwoo shaking, just like Jinwoo before, and Sora's Appa holds a one big knife. He demands Ilwoo marry Sora, that the two of them, Butcher and Ilwoo, have a real father-son relationship. But Ilwoo, shaking, says no. He doesn't love Sora. And Ilwoo holds firm. Even when Sora's father runs around the chopping table with his hands shaking and his sharp knife, Ilwoo simply apologizes on his knees (bit extreme, but he did refuse a person's child as a wife) and leaves when told to get out. However, he never once wavers in not marrying Sora.
Bully for him against a colossal bully. I guess Dad thinks whatever his brat-azz daughter wants she deserves, when what she really deserves is a slap across the face as Reality Check, and a kick in the pants for telling impressionable children learning martial arts that it's okay to bully their classmates into violence. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it.
Not at all, sigh.

Ilwoo sits in the dark alone thinking how Sora said Anna was selling up, how the teacher questioned his relationship with Anna as Hanna's mother, and how the father said, "marry Sora and let's have a real father-son relationship."
Come on Ilwoo, I know your brain is about to spontaneously combust, but just think a little harder!

Final Thoughts

If Anna had been in her normal state, then all these kinks could've been worked out.  Anna could explain why she was selling, stuck by Ilwoo when people were saying she's leaving, and, assuming she had a child, which we know she doesn't, could've raised her with Ilwoo.

Anna is way too passive about her current predicament. Is it because she gets to hang out in his house and get attention from him without the pressure of the age difference? Because all she did was transfer that pressure to his narrow shoulders. It's not easy for him to get asked all these questions regarding his guardianship of this girl.
Also, the pressure should be more if she's ten. I don't understand her thinking. Plus, after being ten once, what kind of weirdo wants to go through it all again, especially when they're not really ten? Anna is strange to me.
She has been from the moment I found out that all the relationship hangups are squarely on her shoulders, and not anybody else's.

Which is why I find it weird that day after day is going by without Anna or Sini asking every single tarot and shaman person around how to fix this problem.  And personally, I'd start with the big shamans in the area.  Or maybe, even, a doctor. 
She may need to see a psychiatrist first, so we can all learn the color of the trees in her world. 
And I don't see a problem with any of his animal prints. ;)