Fanfiction3: A-Li's Three Lives, Three Worlds - Chapter 27 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 27 written by LigayaCroft
edited by kakashi and Panda

Huicūn Day One (continued)

After a day of talking to some townsfolk about hiring help to cut hardwood and bamboo trees for the new house he and Gun Gun had to build on their village-allotted space located behind the Huo land, A-Li and Gun Gun headed back to the guest hut.

They walked into Huo Mao in the front yard as the old woman swept dried leaves into a pile using a makeshift broom made of long twigs. It was a messy pile, too, as every time she swung left, she scattered more leaves than she put into the pile by sweeping right.

“Oh, pretty boys, you’re back.” She waved at them, further scattering the leaves on her tiny pile. “Does Mei Lin know how to cook?”

A-Li and Gun Gun looked at each other in alarm.

“She should not be left alone in the kitchen!” Gun Gun exclaimed, and rushed off.

“Oh?” Huo Mao blind eye blinked. “All I did was I told Mei Lin that Huo Zheng did all the cooking in our house but since my granddaughter was awa…

Fanfiction: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan - Chapter 78 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 78 written by kakashi
edited by Panda

“In the year 262,000 after Father Immortal’s death, the immensely beautiful and wise Demon Ancestor Shao Wan led 574,732 Demon tribe soldiers against the Celestial host. The Celestial troops were seemingly disadvantaged by their size (counting only 389,522 soldiers at the beginning of the campaign), but were commanded by the God of War, Mo Yuan, Master of Kunlun Mountains, known for his strategic superiority, iron will, and victory in many battles. In the first weeks of the military campaign, after making only a very brief appearance and show of force, the Demon Ancestor used unconventional fighting tactics to her advantage. By splitting her own forces into small groups and attacking Celestials at the most unexpected times and seemingly out of nowhere, she managed to further decimate and confuse the Celestial armies. Shunning any direct confrontation with the God of War’s troops, she continued to fight a war of attrition from the shadows a…

Game of Hunting 猎场 - Episode 2 (Impression Post)

kakashi: There's a lot of potential for tragedy in this drama, that much is clear after the second episode! I still very much like the way this story is told, the many subtle interactions and chance meetings, and apart from a few 101-villains, our main characters are complex enough to intrigue me further. Actually, I am most intrigued by our female protagonist. I hope they continue to write her well.
JoAnne: I sort of feel like I'm in the Upside Down right now.
SakiVI: what's the Upside Down? Second episode was better than the first, but I'm still ambivalent about this show.  
Panda: Is Upside Down from Stranger Things?
Yes, Stranger Things.  It's like a dead version of the world that the kids live in. What their world will look like when the Demagorgs and that big black thing take over.

The Weasel Grave 鬼吹灯之黄皮子坟 - Episode 6 (Recap)

SakiVI: In which one character dies. SorryNotSorry about that. And in which we learn Bayi has been withholding information about himself, but that he's going to let loose now.
kakashi: Much too much of those three doltheads who act as if it were comedy, which clearly doesn't work.
JoAnne: Well, maybe they'll be gone soon.
Trotwood: I hope so, too. Not enough people have died. We are on episode 6 already. Where is my body count?!?!?!

Fanfiction3: A-Li's Three Lives, Three Worlds - Chapter 26 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 26written by LigayaCroft
edited by Panda and Kakashi

Huicūn Day One

Clang! Clang! Clang!

A-Li had barely gotten any sleep when he was jolted awake by the sound of clanging metal from outside their tiny hut. As he blinked the remnants of sleep away, A-Li turned to check on his nephew who slept soundly a few feet on the floor away from him,. Gun Gun’s light snoring indicative of the emotional strain from the night before.

Game of Hunting 猎场 - Episode 1 (Impression Post)

kakashi: Trying out a new format for this drama! I'll call them impression posts - no recaps, but thoughts and rambling about the episodes. This drama has 52 episodes... that's a lot. That said, the first one was unexpected, but captured me from minute 1 to minute 46.
JoAnne:  While I spent the whole first episode thinking 'what the hell is this about...I thought it was a thriller, corporate espionage, high stakes business/govt intrigue kind of thing.'
panda: I had the same first impression as Jo but once I settled into the fact that they wanted to show his journey from the beginning, I enjoyed it. 
SakiVI: I thought what Jo thought. I was mildly irritated with getting two episodes of background, maybe even more.

Fanfiction 2: Moyuan and Bai Qian - Chapter 12, Part I (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 12 - The Gathering of ImmortalsPart 1

written by LalaLoop
edited by kakashi

Bai Qian was sitting at the desk in her room, her fingers tapping on its surface, where a flat piece of paper covered in Zheyan’s writing lay.

The first few weeks at the Eastern Forest had been so exciting and wonderfully refreshing that Bai Qian had forgotten about almost everything. During the day, she would go with her mother to places in the forest, meet old deities and immortals. Then there would be small gatherings and banquets in the evening that would keep her occupied for hours, so many that sometimes she had the feeling her parents did not want to allow her free time to think about anything else.

Rants and Weekly Raves #164 (RAWR)

Trotwood: I feel like I need to reboot and start afresh. I made the mistake of starting too many shows during a time that I know is always very busy in the fall and when I really need light-hearted fare or dark shows where I'm really not that invested in characters (like Korean dailies or lakorns). I think there will be a lot of dropping and maybe just reading recaps of things. For example, I reread Thumping Pike recaps just because they made me feel good. I have only one drama that makes me feel good, and that will be ending this week.😢
SakiVI: I'm glad two shows of mine will end this week. They've been really satisfying all along, and are both 12 episode dramas, which tells me Korean dramas need to cut down their episodes for their shows.
kakashi: Yay! I'm watching something! JoAnne is scratching her head, but I like the drama. 
JoAnne:  I don't feel like I watched many dramas over the week, but I did a lot of catch up this weekend.  Where is time going?  Am I bl…

Fanfiction: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan - The Kunlun Disciples (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

The Kunlun Disciplesby Miniorchid
Name: 1st Disciple, Die Feng Animal: Midnight Blue Dragon
Age: 158,000
Personality Type: THE DEFENDER “Protector”, ISFJ
Hobbies: Papermaking and Scroll Binding
Martial Weapon: Sword
Strengths: Loyalty
Weakness: Family and Li Ying
Attraction: Wet Clothes (on Women)
Drink: Tea

Background: When Die Feng was only 3,000 years old, Mo Yuan happened to pass by the West Sea Kingdom and rescued his brother Die Yong from a wild sea serpent. After hearing Mo Yuan wanted to start his own school, Die Feng’s Queen Mother attempted to persuade him to take Die Feng as his first disciple. Shifu readily agreed. Die Feng felt very grateful and fortunate to be taken to Kunlun, where he, for the first time in his life, could express his full potential. Even at a young age, Die Feng had always naturally outdone his older brother, be it in studies generally, but also calligraphy, painting, or martial arts. His mother had always chastised him for his success, to the point that …

The Advisors Alliance 大军师司马懿之军师联盟 - Episode 7 (Recap)

kakashi: Cao Cao is revealed as ruthless father and he and Si Ma Yi look into each other's faces and recognize the other as formidable ... enemy? Potential ally? We will see.
panda: Stakes get ever higher as alliances get solidified and lines get more formally drawn between the Cao brothers.
JoAnne: Who will win in this deadly game of chess? Well, not chess. Go. What's the Chinese version of Go?