Fanfic: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan 2.0 - Chapter 28 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 28written by kakashi
edited by LigayaCroft and Panda

It started with a cautious tap-tap-tap, a sound that steadily quickened to a reckless, drunken rhythm, like rowdy little devils gaining increasing pleasure from dancing on the rooftops. A gush of cool air passed down the corridor, bringing with it the smell of wet dust and sand, caressing sweat-soaked bodies like a gentle lover.

“The rainy season has started,” Yue said quietly. It was more than just a statement of the obvious. It felt like the eagerly anticipated end of a long story ... and the beginning of a new one. He sounded tired, but as if to defy it, he straightened his back and smiled at her, his dark eyes reflecting the dancing candle light.

They were eyes to get lost in, but that was better done another time, another night.

Rants and Weekly Raves #198 (RAWR)

JoAnne:  My. Giant. Puppy. Is. Not. Ugly.  Also, and probably unrelated: I ranted a little.
Trotwood: You know I'm with you here. Our Climbing tree puppy is so NOT ugly. I'm not sure where that is coming from. (kakashi: me?) I also don't think he's ugly in this show. I feel like I'm not watching much. Doing some rewatching to reduce anxiety (random eps of Weightlifting Fairy and Someone Like You--wow I forget how good Kingone Wang looks in this). I've also been reading the translations of Addicted Heroine from the Chinese. A LOT more violent than the show (a LOT, so I don't know if I will finish). I'm amazed that fans translated over 200 chapters after the show got banned. Also didn't realize that one of the main actors who also got banned for awhile is the lead in that Foxes show everyone was talking about.
SakiVI: Haven't been able to settle on anything since Secrets of The Three Kingdoms ended. Sand Sea, the latest from Uncle 3 is coming with…

BG: Shinpen Keigonin/ Personal Bodyguard - Episode 8 (Recap)

Trotwood: I entered this episode with so much rage. Then I spent most of it in tears.
Panda: I entered with Hope and left in defeat. And anger.
kakashi: It was around 3am when I watched this episode, so I honestly don't remember. I don't think I had such strong feelings. But I did (and do) wonder why Best Boss had to die.

Fanfiction: Ink in Water - Chapter 15 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 15. No more permanent than a wave rising on the oceanwritten by Bunny and LalaLoop
consulting/editing: Le, LalaLoop, LigayaCroft, kakashi

“Shifu—PUT ME DOWN!” Bai Qian screamed, her body squirming like a fish out of water.

The pair of eyes stationed right above her head were staring down with inscrutable steeliness. Unwilling to back down, she glared back, feeling more and more emboldened by the liquid courage sloshing around in the empty walls of her stomach.

“I am perfectly capable of walking on my own!”

Moyuan’s arms readjusted to rein her in tighter as she continued to fight him. Carrying her as though she weighed nothing as he walked along that dirt corridor, retracing the steps she had taken just now when she ran through the back gardens. The rain was starting to fall in rods all around them. And the fireworks overhead showed no sign of dying down. Water and fire spilling from the sky.

“Capable, indeed,” he said. “It’s not any wonder I found you lying in a puddle of yo…

Fanfic: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan 2.0 - Chapter 27 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 27written by kakashi
edited by Panda & LigayaCroft

“It doesn’t look half-bad,” Zhe Yan remarked after studying Mo Yuan’s head with the air of an expert. “But how do we know it doesn’t mean ‘This Man is the Biggest Idiot That Ever Lived’?”

“No, Celestial High God,” Yue said, sounding quite offended, “it’s the pattern of a champion, it is sacred!”

“The High God was jesting,” Yu Dian hastily explained to the guard in a low voice, “he is trying to lighten the mood.”

Rants and Weekly Raves #197 (RAWR)

JoAnne:  Ohhh, my goodness, it's hot here in the States. Too hot. So hot my glasses fog up when I get out of my car. AT EIGHT AM. I live in New England, not Hell. This is ridiculous!
Trotwood: So hot that I probably make tea inside my car. I sent people home early from work on Monday because it was over 90 in the office with fans and AC sorta.But relief seems to be on the way, at least where I live. I know people on my twitter feed where it's 115 degrees F!
kakashi: Wasn't it just yesterday you guys complained about the cold?
Hush. Couldn't we at least have something that isn't EXTREME?
Panda: I have always preferred cold to hot weather so I am doubly pissed. I was cooking on the 4th block party we had.

Rants and Weekly Raves #196 (RAWR)

Note:  This conversation is pre-empted for a statement from, well, everyone:

Oh, so I should watch now?  
JoAnne: Who knows who the boy was who played the mute glue sniffer in this week's final Hammurabi episode? Is he an idol? Was that really him singing? I wondered if he was an idol before they ever went to the karaoke simply because he was so handsome...I can't even find images from the episode online.
Trotwood: It feels weird writing this right after you since I had lunch with you less than 24 hours ago and now we are far apart again. People, Jo is as funny in real life as she is here, but she is also so warm. I feel like I can skip a whole bunch of therapy sessions just after being with her. I'm only watching two Korean dramas right now, but I think I'll be settling in for some rewatches and some Thai dramas and finishing some projects during this new month of some hopeful rest. An…

Fanfic: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan 2.0 - Chapter 26 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 26written by kakashi
edited by Panda & LigayaCroft

Mo Yuan first thought his ears were playing tricks on him because just like his vision which went from black to much too bright, the sound came and went, leaving him in a strange and eerie silence before plunging him into brain-piercing noise again. But there was no denying it, there she stood, her frail, powerless, female form barely hidden by Lian Song’s appearance altering spell, her head held high, defiance and a trace of fear on her face.

Eiffel Tower Sightings - First Half of 2018

Hello everyone!

There haven't been as many multiple ET sightings for 2018. Maybe Asian Entertainment knows that Shuk is tracking these, and have decided to hide them inside the dusty corners of the prop room. Even so, ET's will not be denied!

First, the usual non-drama sightings.  This is a miniature Tower in Apodaca, Mexico, compliments of Elena, who lives nearby.
Chansung from 2pm visited Paris this year.
A Daiso shop from Cheryl in Seattle.

And now, for our drama Eiffel Towers! Eighteen shows total this time. It's a good haul!
Advance Bravely 2017 (Mainland China)
Suits 2018 (South Korea)
Khun Mae Suam Roy 2018 (Thailand)
Home Sweet Home 2017 (Taiwan)
Rak Kan Panlawan 2018 (Thailand)
Happy Sisters 2018 (South Korea)
Suparburoot Chutathep - Pornwaruj 2013 (Thailand)
Two of these are the same ET, but I like the angle of the two pictures.
Rich Man Poor Woman 2018 (South Korea)
Saipai Jao 2015 (Thailand)

Fanfiction3: A-Li's Three Lives, Three Worlds - Chapter 51 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 51written by kakashi
edited by LigayaCroft & Panda

Naughty bits alert!!

Gun Gun’s first time had been a total disaster. Much too drunk to be in control of anything, it had been over the moment he clumsily thrust into the equally drunk Demon woman. Li-Ge, upon seeing the dejection on his face afterwards, had patted his back like a benevolent uncle and had said, almost choking on suppressed laughter: “Not to worry, you just need more practice.”