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Rants and Weekly Raves #53 (RAWR)

JoAnne: Bye-bye, Sweetness. We'll be so happy when you come back! Do well and stay healthy!
kakashi: Military service of K-Ent people fills me with dread. Not because they're gone for two years (I hardly like any younglings anyway, so I don't care) but because it's one of those things that make you realize how quickly time passes (just like those things that happen every year, i.e. Xmas or national beauty peagants). They go in, you think "two years! Wow! Such a long time", and then, they're out and two years have passed like they're nothing.
Jaehyus: But, but I only just discovered him!

Let's Eat with Kim Ji-hoon - Episode 3

I came for Kim Ji-hoon (LOVE) but am staying for the group. Well, mainly the boys plus the cute-dorky Park Hee-bon. Whom he seems really close with. I am watching you, woman >.<
This show has a load of charm (I could watch these cute Koreans walk around Paris all day and I'm even warming up to Seo Hyun-Jin) and the right mixture of droooool (Kim Ji-hoon and food. Kim Ji-hoon AND food. Doojoon and his reactions to food) and display of friendship (there is friendly teasing, lots of laughter, and what seems to be genuine fun). And no, there are no subs. But hey, just watch it. It's not that hard to understand what's going on.

~Years in Dramaland~ A journey through 2000 and 2001

Hey guyze :D -I'm writing it « guyze » because this way you know I'm cool- So … although thoughtsramble's shoulder tasted really really good -cf. the previous post, the one not on this website, the one that's here- I thought I should not impose on her. I'll guest-post for her anytime she wants because she's awesome but... see the last post was long but nearly not as long as it could have been, I was actually restraining myself. When I get in the zone I'm kind of like the Hulk of blog posts. And I don't want her to get smashed. I mean, taking a hand, an arm, a shoulder and maybe, okay, maybe even a litttttle of the neck is okay but I can't take the whole body or what will thoughtsramble have left ? So I'm chewing on PotUp now :DDDD Yep, I'm the hungry muppet and the whole internet is my cookie. That said this is different, it seems I'm here to stay so I'll just chew on this particular piece of cookie until the owner of the cookie ge…

Rants and Weekly Raves #52 (RAWR)

kakashi: Do we have an opinion on Viki buying Soompi?
JoAnne: I get why Viki might be interested in Soompi's forums and news, etc. The more ways you capture an audience, the more firmly you have that audience. The thing is, Viki already had a community, and a unique one, at that. Now they'll look like DramaFever on steroids. Forums bring out the absolute worst in people. Sigh.
I don't do forums. I don't want 'a community'. There are a million places to find community. I want better subs, faster. I want more coverage of what's out there to watch, in the countries I came here for. BBC dramas and telenovelas are available EVERYwhere, so why do they need to be here?  Give us the weird little shows we can't find for ourselves. Pay someone to sub things DECENTLY for us. And we don't need any site to be 'exclusive.' Once in a while, okay. Every time I turn around? No. Instead, why not try to be more comprehensive with regard to offerings? …

Let's Eat with Kim Ji-hoon - Episode 2

The only thing I'm interest in ...... will Kim Ji-hoon appear in this episode? (Well, it's not quite the only thing. The other things is when this show airs? Why are there only 2 episodes available?).

This is what happened last time: Doojoon, Yoseob, Seo Hyun-Jin and Park Hee-bon are in Paris. They had some fun and then went to bed. Bed is good. It's 7 am - everybody is still sleeping. Then it's 10 am - and the girls are up. It looks like then went jogging or something. The boys are also up but look far less fit. AND HERE COMES KIM JI-HOOOOOON! First appearance at 3 Minutes and 11 seconds. GOOD hair, baby.

We see how happy he was when the PDnim told him and this random female (? haha, I don't know who she is?) what the show is about. (Okay, I now know who she is: Kim Hee Jung)

Rants and Weekly Raves #51 (RAWR)

kakashi: There's another So Ji-Sub to discuss: Cola Bottle Baby. Here are the lyrics. OMFG I'm laughing so hard.
JoAnne: What the actual fuck. Sub's tripping, that's all there is to it. Nabi: Does Sub have any videos that employ women as more than just sexualized accoutrements? Oh, sorry. Stupid question. How about this one instead: is it time to worry about Sub's obsession with giant mylar letter/number balloons? No? Okay, sorry, one more try: are there as many double entendres and metaphors in the Korean version of the lyrics as there are in the translation? I'm genuinely pondering how much the universality of the sexual experience applies to sexual language as well... How DO you say 'overcompensation' in Korean, anyway?
"So Ganzi"? bcook: *rubs face and mutters* Oppa is really making it hard to defend his actions but Imma try. Why? Because I want him to fall for MY charms dammit *cough* Well what we have here is f#$8 it.

My Beautiful Bride - Episode 16 FINAL (A ThisKicksAssCap)

My Beautiful Bride is over and is definitely the best drama of 2015 (that I have seen, that is). I doubt anything will be able to top this (for me, that is). Of course, the drama had its faults! And there were many in this final episode too. But in comparison to everything else out there, this is leagues better in writing, directing, and acting. A story was told without compromise and the ending leaves me satisfied - overall. 
I'd agree. There have been some really enjoyable, crack-tastic dramas out there this year - but none had ALL the components like this one did. And I don't know about you, but when someone relatively minor just busts out with a performance to KILL for, like Kim Moo Yul did with Banker - well, I love to be there to witness that magic.

My Beautiful Bride - Episode 15 (A ThisKicksAssCap)

(Almost) Time toooooooooo say goodbyeeeeeeeeee. The penultimate episode is here and this drama is still good. It's still good! Hooray, KDrama can still do it! Actually, the scene between the two elders was phenomenal and as penultimate episodes go, this one is perfect. Never have I seen a more optimal way of preparing us for the final episode.
There's still a chance they could pull a surprise extension.
You think so?
No, not really.

Rants and Weekly Raves #50 (RAWR) - Part 2

kakashi: We talked a bit much. That's why I split this week's RAWR (here's Part 1, where we discuss "So Ganzi" and So Ji-sub in general, I Remember You, Mrs. Cop, Hidden Identity, Assembly, and The Scholar Who Walks The Night). And this below? Just because there are not enough shower scenes on this blog. And because mary isn't commenting or blogging on here anymore. She'll know why this has anything to do with her :)
Yong Pal JoAnne: I have only seen one episode, but it's strangely appealing. The pace and dialogue are brisk and engaging, and the look is good. Yong Pal and his loan shark/medical services pimp/buddy are going to be fun to watch. Joo Won just DELIVERS, you know? And then...then there's the Sleeping Beauty hidden away in the Sci Fi wing of the hospital, mysteriously unmarked and peacefully resting in some sort of medical stasis after flinging herself out of the penthouse window because they killed her (pretty pretty) boyfr…

Rants and Weekly Raves #50 (RAWR) - Part 1

JoAnne: I feel very blah kakashi: me too! (anybody here want to discuss "So Ganzi"? - and btw, I had to split this post in two parts. It was FAR TOO LONG) I'll bite! Pro: This is a man who does what speaks to his heart. That is both admirable and sexy. Con: His heart has terrible taste. It's not like the hot sweet guy with terrible clothes that you can take out and dress better, either. This guy is choosing these clothes deliberately, because he likes them. So it becomes a question of swallowing hard and accepting that his awful outfit is not a reflection on you, and there's the bonus of knowing that a whole lot of women won't even TRY to touch him because of how terrible it is. Meanwhile, you get to secret smile because he's hot, rich, determined, and great in bed. Plus, hopefully funny. Okay look at that video. He has to at least be giggling a little bit, right? Also: I have no idea if he's actually great in bed. A point in his favor is that he works…

Let's Eat with Kim Ji-hoon - Episode 1

Sometimes, I have the power to make things happen. It's true! For example, I really wished for another Kdrama star to come to Switzerland after Lee Jun-ki (please read about that fiasco here, if you haven't already) - and then, Kim Ji-hoon's attendance at the Clau Wau here in Switzerland was announced. You all know what happened then, right? If not, here is that fiasco.

My Beautiful Bride - Episode 14 (A ThisKicksAssCap)

As we rush towards the end, we get to see less and less Banker and more and more other people. I don't mind much, because the story remains gripping and I'm dying to see the bad guys punished. Still, we know this is the home stretch and so does the drama: everybody becomes more reckless as the urgency increases. Still, it will be alright. Won't it? 
I'm no longer willing to entertain the idea that Banker dies and Joo Young morphs into The Incredible Revenging Woman and takes down all the loan sharks. No. Banker must live. He MUST. And because his happiness is important to me, Joo Young must live, as well.

My Beautiful Bride - Episode 13 (A ThisKicksAssCap)

I can't believe we're nearing the end! TT_________TT
If you've been a reader of this blog for a while, you might have noticed that I always tend to slow down in recapping speed towards the end of a drama. It's because I HATE goodbyes, especially if it's a good drama. It's silly, but the slower I go, the longer it lasts. In addition, it's so hot here I die after 10 minutes of being near my computer. I need one that turns as cold as ice when it's on. 
I am very cold these days. Do you think it's because I am wasting away? (OMG call BANKER!) Here on the porch, watching the ocean, occasionally wrapping a shawl around my shoulders to protect from the breezes? I think if it rained on me I might get sick. *dramatic sigh* (Seriously, I've lost 20 lbs in a month. If you don't know why, you don't want to know why.) (Also, this by no means makes me skinny, or even regular sized.)

Cause I miss him (recent pics of Kim Ji-hoon)

He was in Paris, Barcelona and Madrid not too long ago, among other things to film for an upcoming episode of "Let's Eat" with the Beasty Boys. He is in some Variety show on SBS called 썸남썸녀(some guys, some girls). He has had a few "Crime Scene 2" appearances. And there is NO DRAMA in sight. Nice of him to post some pics on instagram from time to time! This post is dedicated to Kim Ji-hoon's beauty and absence from where I want him.

Rants and Weekly Raves #49 (RAWR)

kakashi: I'm still on holidays. I wouldn't mind staying for another month or two, because it will be hell when I get back. Also: An Ant-Colony bit me in the bum, there are 18 bites. It itches like HELL. And finally: Blogger and Disqus are having a quarrel, hence, all our comments made on Disqus were not showing in the comment count. All the posts since July 27 read "no comments". Because that's a mean lie, I switched off the Blogger comment count entirely. Be sure to check the posts and scroll all the way down - that's the only way you'll see the comments (unless you properly log into Disqus and have them tell you about comments and who answers you etc.)
JoAnne: I thought it was odd that no one was saying ANYTHING. I'm sorry about your bum but you now have independent confirmation from a panel of experts that you have one sweet ass.
Nabi: Hahaha, sweet ass! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ!! I noticed the lack of comments also, and wondered if it were a programming glitch. Now I&…

My Beautiful Bride - Episode 12 (A ThisKicksAssCap)

There is no superhero who is a banker yet, is there? I think we need that in our lives, every day. And I need this drama to continue forever, because it just completely reinvented itself. Mr. Banker starts his revenge and there is nothing sweeter. Yoon-Mi gets to beat up guys and Joo-Young gets her power back as well. It's possible I like this new development even more than I liked Do-Hyeong as The Chaser.
I sat there and said 'Wait, what? She's a what? When is this? Is this real?' for a few minutes and by the end I was grinning so hard my face hurt. This is awesome!