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Goddess of Marriage - Episode 27 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: Hwaiting, everyone! We are 10 episodes from the end! We're getting there! But what will happen in the next 10+ hours? Will somebody die a horrible death? (Yes, please!) Will we see tears? (Of course!) Will Tae-wook shout? (I am expecting it!) Will the Goddess of Marriage finally appear? (Lost all hope for that)
JoAnne: She's going to appear and smite them all for messing things up so completely. I still say the only woman who's got any kind of good marriage is the older sister, and she still had to go through a ton of crap.
kakashi: I hate this episode for trying to make me hate Tae-wook and I love this episode for giving us hope that the Kang Family might fall after all.
JoAnne: I am SO DISAPPOINTED in him. And my GOD do I want that family to just crumble into dust. They are unbelieveable.

Goddess of Marriage - Episode 26 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: Let me call it ... FILLER! At least large parts of this episode. Gaaaah, boring. Why is this drama so long and getting longer? JoAnne, does your dog know?
JoAnne: She does, but I bought the wrong kind of biscuits. I'm getting the silent treatment.   Intermingled with the meh was some pretty good  stuff though.
kakashi: Yes! Him! (see image below)
kakashi: I recapped this really quickly, because Tae-wook broods more than he speaks. I do NOT understand, though, why he broods fully clothed. That is totally against KDrama law, no?
JoAnne: Isn't there a website? We should go check. I've decided. You like his nose but for me it's those YIPS, as Tori used to call them.  
kakashi: Not only the nose, JoAnne. Not only that. Ah, how I love to do some proper Squee

Goddess of Marriage - Episode 25 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: This is a sad episode (when it isn't trying to be comical - the dissonance is quite great). Both Kim Ji-hoon and Nam Sang-mi put on some fine acting and I am invested enough (still? again?) to care about this couple. They are hurting - I am not happy. And yes, people: I still don't hate Tae-wook. So sue me.
JoAnne: Yeah...your boo was lookin' good this time around. Appearance. Not actions. Man, did he get the truth served to him.

Episode 25
kakashi: Ji-hye is wheeled out of the palace on a stretcher. And ... there is blood on her legs. Blood on legs in dramaland? That means miscarriage!!! But ... major "huh?". How can she have been pregnant without the doctor noticing? Or is that pretty doctor a charlatan? 
JoAnne: I KNEW IT. That doctor visit could have been ages ago. You don't know. Time gets all wonky in drama-land. They been having sexy ti-i-i-imes...

Anticipating Heirs? Part 2

For she/he who shall not be drinking.

First off I'd like to ask why?

Unless you're underaged (bcook does not condone underaged drinking...shame on you!) you should be knocking back a couple while you watch this show.

But I understand that there are some fans out there with jobs that require good hand eye coordination on Thursday and Friday so this game is for you!!

Who Are You - Episode 15 (A SqueeCap)

The final week of episodes, and almost guaranteed to be a tear-jerker thanks to the very large roadsigns put in our path by Writer-ga. bcook: I'm just glad we're coming to a close. YEAH!!! So my predictions for this episode.. Somebody dies. 

Anticipating Heirs? Part 1

aka The Drama That Stars Everybody

Unless you're reading this from outer space (hi!) you must be aware of the Lee Min Ho vehicle that SBS has been pounding into our heads  advertising agressively. So just to recap *cough*

Heirs: The story of a bunch of rich kids. The male lead (Lee Min Ho *sigh*) is a tortured super rich kid who falls in love with the female lead (Park Shin Hye no good kisses shall come out of this drama). He has issues. She's super poor. The rest of the characters are also super rich. Everybody is super hot.

Starring: Every pretty boy they could find who isn't in the army, or currently working on a movie, or on tour, or who's agency isn't on good terms with SBS or who backed away slowly from this project.
Basically pick a bias, any bias and they are in this show.

Air date: October 9th.

Trailer: Can be seen on and on the interwebs. Use your googlefu grasshoppers.

Goddess of Marriage - Episode 24 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: Oh, yes, drama! Keep it up, keep it up! The only thing I did not like about this episode: there is hardly any Tae-wook and when there is, he isn't exactly amiable. Not good! But otherwise, things are not un-interesting. Yes, I wasn't bored. Ah, my poor baby fool.
JoAnne: I'm interested again. Thank God.

Episode 24

kakashi: so, Ji-hye wants a divorce! And she tells him that she will leave this house. It may come as a big surprise (NOT) but Tae-wook doesn't particularly like the idea. She wants a divorce, over this trivial matter? And does she thinks getting a divorce is that easy?
JoAnne: Viki comments came down on your boy hard, K. I defended him in my head, though. I don't think his response was anything that ANY spouse hit with that particular bit of unwelcome news wouldn't have come back with.
kakashi: Oh well, young folks. What do you expect ... of COURSE people resist it if somebody wants to divorce them. Why else do you think divorce is such an un…

Goddess of Marriage - Episode 23 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: 23 is my favorite number. Will episode 23 of GoM be my favorite episode though? Uhm .... maybe not.
JoAnne: I didn't hate this one.
kakashi: Me neither. But then, there is a BIG difference between love and didn't hate. 
Episode 23 of one of the most torturous dramas I've ever watched, why did I decide to recap again? Ah, yes, Kim Ji-hoon. Kim Ji-hoon, see how I am suffering for you????
kakashi: Oh wow, the episode starts with a breakfast from hell! The mood is ... not chipper, but then, when was it ever? DragonMother seems to have a migraine. I hope her head burst open and her brain flows out. Missing from the Pleasure Table ... the NewNowFallenBiatch. Patron holds this military-sounding speech about how they need to get back their political and economic strength quickly and decisively. And everybody must be careful in the time to come ... all eyes are on them, and there cannot be any mistakes.
JoAnne: You know, just because Dad arranged for someone else to tak…

Who Are You - Episode 14 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  Is Hyung-joon still alive somewhere?  Will Director Moon be brought to justice in two episodes? Will the writer do anything to surprise us?
bcook: I'm in shock. It's like writer is reading our recaps? I know we spoke about this scenario before but I can't believe it's actually happening.

Episode 14

Shuk:  Prosecutor Park lays it on the line; the body identified as Detective Lee Hyun-joon may not be the real body.  And Shi-on finds out Ghost Nurse isn’t dead. 
bcook: WEoF all around!! Shuk:  She sits with the nurse’s mother, and hears the entire story.  Six months ago, she was injured in an ambulance accident. (And personally having been in four, I can tell you they aren’t fun).  She’s been in a coma ever since. bcook: four? How d'u end up in four ambulance accidents?
Shuk: My nickname was "Crash".  One drunk driver, two who weren't paying attention, and one where the ambulance rearended another vehicle. Only one put me in the hospital with a hea…

Who Are You - Episode 13 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  We now know what odds are intrepid team are against; Big Bad is the head of their Division, which is why everything has been stymied from the get-go. Shi-on is in the hands of our crazed Death Flunky, while Gun-woo gets his chance at Wide Eyes of Fear (time for a shot!)
bcook: I'm all out of soju. The store won't sell to me anymore coz I buy so much every week. (jk)

Secret Playful 49 days of Flowerboy Prince

A recap of THE kdrama. Everything you've seen in a kdrama in one delicious 16 episode show.

With comments by bcook

Episode 1
We meet our female lead (let's call her Min Ah). She's cheerfully doing some menial job. She's nice to ajusshis and ajummas and oh my goodness! She likes children. What a perfectly sweet girl. Just as we get lulled into visions of butterflys and bunnies she encounters her lazy uncle/father/best friend/guy friend and she reams him out. Ah. She's sweet but can't stand men who don't work hard.

The Master's Sun Gifapalooza, Episode 12

Have you all recovered from Episode 12? No? Never mind, it'll be Wednesday soon! In the meantime, have some gifs.

Delicious Master's Sun - Impressions from Tonight's Episode


Goddess of Marriage - Episodes 21 & 22 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: Ah! Finally! Something happens! Boredom is over! Our OTP (if it ever was that) doesn't advance one step further, but at least things start changing around them. If the show continues like that, watching it to the end will not be as painful as I feared.
JoAnne: I hate these people.
kakashi: Oh yes. I do too. But I prefer to hate while not being bored to death. 
Episode 21

kakashi: The Snore drinks alone and mopes - while the MUUUSIC plays. Is it the same table she moped on? I'm sure it is. Because, you know, unmyeong and all! Her rebuttal plays in his head. But does he get it? Yes? Finally? You're a measly one-night-stand. Nothing more! Nothing more! Oh my goodness, he even cries.
JoAnne: Oh MY GOD. Would you just PLEASE go sleep with someone else? PLEASE? Reprogram the D, dude. Erase. Imagine that NewP is like a Daalek, and it will 'e-lim-in-ate, e-lim-in-ate' your sad, sad, pitiful OH SO TIRESOME memories of that one night on Jeju-do.

Who Are You - Episode 12 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  Poor Detective Choi Moon-sik, screwed over by life.  Wait, he killed his protégé, slammed a fellow officer into a six-year coma, and set up the next generation of cops for heartache. Nevermind.
bcook: He might actually be the most fleshed out character in this sorry mess of a...what genre is this anyways? On the plus side...blood effect is very good.

Who Are You - Episode 11 (A SqueeCap)

Here we are, one step closer to solving all the little niggling mysteries that make this quiet drama a subtle masterpiece....[pfftt  HAHAHA]  Sorry everyone, I couldn't keep a straight face on that one. But I did try.

bcook: *clap* you kept it for a long time. It's episode 11!! That means there's only five episodes left!! *sob* That means there's five episodes left to watch *bawling*

Goddess of Marriage - Episode 20 (KimJiRageCap)

kakashi: We are reaching new lows in this episode, in which absolutely nothing happens and we even move backwards, storywise. I am beginning to suspect that this drama is doing something subversive - but what? Is it trying to make us hate everything and everybody? To destroy our ideal fantasies? To prepare us for MIL hell when we get married?
JoAnne: I've been thinking a lot about the title of this drama. Who the hell is the Goddess in this, anyway? I feel like we're in a bad marriage with this show, K.

Episode 20
kakashi: Somewhere in the Tae-wook universe, Sourpuss meets The Snore. By the way, I want to kill the person who is in charge of the music in this drama. Everything is already bad, but the music makes it much, much worse.
JoAnne: I can't hear the music over the sound of the blood beating in my veins and making everything sort of red while I try my hardest not to kill people.

Goddess of Marriage - Episode 19 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: I have recovered from last week's anger. Barely, though. You?
JoAnne: I'm a little ok. But it won't take much to send me into a hormonal rage.
kakashi: ... and I have come to the conclusion that shipping any couple in this drama is extremely unhealthy. Therefore, I am detaching myself completely. Just recap. Just recap. Just ....
JoAnne: We must make the best of our choice. Happiness is a choice.

Episode 19
kakashi: Back to the impossibility of driving away from him for minutes, then stopping, and being only a few meters in front of him. Wow. This woman must have mastered beaming?
JoAnne: This whole stopping thing just pisses me off anyway. They're ON A HIGHWAY.

Who Are Master's Sun?

Yes Yes. The title doesn't make sense but bear with me.
We're about half way through our two ghost seeing dramas. One show *cough* Who Are You *cough* is making us seriously wish Taecyeon would stick to his 2pm career.