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Fanfiction: Moyuan and Bai Qian, Book 2 - Chapter 19 Part 4 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

  Chapter 19 - The Dragon’s Scale Part 4 written by LalaLoop edited by Kakashi     consulting by Bunny Alone in the Guest Hall of Xunzhua, Yehua cast a long look around. He had once walked in here a broken prince, a failure and a subject of ridicule of the eight realms. To him there was not much to live for at the time, and he had considered the most insane ideas to escape judgement. But here he was again, about to face the same people – those who had bluntly criticized him but at the same time offered their help, those he had fought to defend, and also those he had come to admire. “Celestial Crown Prince?” spoke the voice of the King of Xunzhua and Yehua turned around. The purpose of his visit rushed back to Yehua at once, and he spoke while the king was still making his way to his seat at the front. “Excuse my abrupt visit, this is rather urgent. In fact, I would have spoken with the princess directly if I’d been granted entry to her Invention Room --” “My sister?” The king turne

Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #328

Trotwood: Everyone was so excited to see 2020 go only to have the first week of 2021 seem like a long year already. kakashi: Maybe humor can save us.  KOREA The Uncanny Counter It took me so long to finish watching this weekend's episodes because I was crying so much. If you watched, you will know the scene. I love this show and I love this team, but I was also wondering what they were going to do at this point with the evil spirits on the lose and our team one man down. But this weekend's episodes seem to be a turning point with our team getting permission the Counter legislature (I don't remember what they are called) to go after the mayor and his team. However, if anyone thinks this is easy . . . We know now this show isn't afraid of killing people off. I want some time to watch the bad guys fight amongst themselves for awhile first though. Mr. Queen I only had time to watch one of the two episodes this week, so maybe my confusion will be cleared up with the second e

Fanfiction3: A-Li's Three Lives, Three Worlds - Chapter 87 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 87 written by LigayaCroft edited by Kakashi A month later and they were all fully-settled in a fairly-sized mansion in the north section of Lijiang on the other side of the bridge that connected the residential area to the marketplace, with a legitimate tea trading business as a front. The men and women who had traveled with the Weis assumed roles of storekeepers, housekeepers and servants in Li’s household. Wei Qiang posed as his grandfather, and Wei Xiaolian as his cousin. His past knowledge of growing teas had come in very handy, and differentiated him from the rest of the sellers on Tea Street. The teas he ended up selecting for reselling from the caravans were only a few, and even with the same tea variety from the same suppliers, he only selected the best of the stock. The teas they sold were thus both limited in variety and supply. Within the next month, he had built up quite a reputation and demand— first with the first class citizens of the town, then the working clas

Rants and Weekly Raves #327 (RAWR)

Trotwood: Even though I was on vacation, I didn't watch many new dramas. I did a lot of rewatching of old favorites and reading manga that was gifted to me for Christmas. I also got sucked into watching videos about stationery and office supplies, which is a problematic addition of mine. I really don't need more notebooks and pens, but . . . You know you have a problem when you aren't an artist, but seriously consider buying a pencil case that would hold 55 pens! I include a link, but there are over 300 videos, so if you don't have time or have a weakness like mine, be warned! kakashi: I am back at work and about to going into 5 hours of discussing other people's work. I'm absolutely not motivated. KOREA The Uncanny Counter The evil that is in this town isn't confined to the demons that the Counters are supposed to be hunting. In fact, as I've said before I think the town is so full of these demons is because there are so many evil humans for them to ab

Drama Comfort 2020: A Year End Reflection

  Trotwood: It's that time of year again where we usually do an end of year review for the blog. Last year, we even did an END of DECADE review . However, this year was not like any other year not just for us but for the whole planet. This blog was not unaffected by the turmoil going on in everyone's lives. In fact, most of us, despite working mainly if not completely from home, actually watched less dramas not more. I also thought more about what people might like at the end of such a painful year, so  I thought about doing something different for this end of the year post. I was in search of comfort for quite a lot of this year, which for me often (too often) means cake. Since I can't mail a cake to every one of our viewers,  I asked our regular RAWR contributors to share a memory (or two) associated with dramas or watching dramas that provided comfort this past year. I'd like to invite our readers to also share in the comments. Lots of people are going to try to for