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We Got Married - The RimKim Couple (Episode 15)

Honeymoon in Istanbul! So much fun! This is a very enjoyable episode, thank you, show! They're quite busy coping in the foreign country (tickets machines ... a plague, I tell you) and therefore, there's less of the stuff that started to annoy me recently, when they both kinda started playing their own WGM roles a bit too much. We're back to completely natural RimKim. Pure love.
In this episode, I finally notice that Rim laughs like a donkey's bray. I do not care one bit.
becca: Last night, I dreamed that they ended up staying in a hostel where everyone slept in one big room together, and the beds were infested by this weird flea/mouse hybrid. :\
Sadly, mary can't stream anything right now. Sadly, mary cannot comment on this. It's just ... SAD :(

Squeecappers' Worst of 2014

Welcome to Part II of our not-review! First came The Good, now for the bad. Wow, picking just three bad ones was ... difficult, right? There were so many! One drama clearly wins in this category. Congrats, Dr. Stranger!

Squeecappers' Best of 2014

No, we won't do one of those Review thingies. There are far too many of those Review thingies around. But I do feel the urge to talk about what I enjoyed and what I didn't this year. The rules: Each of us gets to talk about a max of three good (and in a second post, about three bad) dramas. Who is with me? Go!
Oh I LIKE this idea!
[Shuk pops up for the first time in forever] Me too!
I actually don't remember what happened in the early part of this year.
See, the is what I love about you, Kakashi (among other things) - everyone else is pushing themselves to do a comprehensive year-end review, and you just say, "Nope," and keep it simple.
Technically, I'm not a squeecapper, but of course I do have my opinions! And since my choices are for the most part different from the others, I thought I'd add them.

Birth of a Beauty - Episode 16 (A WookiCap)

Noble idiocy is here! But Joo Sang-wook looks GOOOOOoooyumyum. Also. In a weird way - and I guess I must blame some weird end-of-the-year sappiness - this episode touched my cold, snarky heart. A bit. When the episode wasn't teeeeeeeeeeeerribly draaaaaaaaagy.
S@ki6: the noble idiocy was strong, but I thought she could've played it off better.
becca: So. Funny story. I was going to be a good girl and catch up before commenting on this episode - I even started the episode! - but I had some loading issues, and, well, that's got to be a sign, right? So because I don't want to get on unmyeong's bad side, I haven't seen this episode, either. Ha. Haha... ha....
JoAnne: It's okay, I haven't watched in weeks. I do it for art's sake, of course - my responses are completely fresh and captured here for your entertainment.
Lafer: OK, I have never done this before - I always watch first! But I have just arrived in my happy place in Florida and haven't had time …

Bad Guys - Episode 11 FINAL (A "Farewell You Great Show"-Cap)

I really didn't want to write this last recap. It's like when you're reading a good book - and the last few pages come up. And you do not want to finish reading it because once you're done, you're done. It's over. And I really don't want this show to be over! It gave me everything I want from a show: a great story, great character to love and hate, and this certain heartache, which comes with things you don't want to lose. But damn ... it has ended and so I must write this.
I refuse to believe it. You don't end a show on an odd number!! It's like unlucky or something. I'm pretty sure.
I wasn't in any hurry for this to be over, either. It wasn't perfect, but it was perfect for me.  Season two begins when, writer-nim?  Soon? Tomorrow is not soon enough, so make our wishes come true!

We Got Married - The RimKim Couple (Episode 14)

kakashi: This episode brings us nail polish, demure woman and preparations for a trip abroad. Not much happens. But we say that every week, it seems.
Mary: I'm still here.... (haha why do we sound so low energy? Is it the after-wedding crash? The Holiday Rush sapping our energy?)
JoAnne: They need to have a fight.
becca: Not enough Nam. Also, yes, I have the lowest of low energy right now.

Birth of a Beauty - Episode 15 (A WookiCap)

There's only one episode of this wonderful show this weekend (everybody please go "nooooooooo"!). And I feel oddly proud we're still recapping this. Everybody can do Heartless City. Or even Age of Innocence. Or Bad Guys! But not everybody will have the endurance to recap Birth of the Shittiest Drama I've ever Watched. Chapeau!
Lafer:  I always knew we were a gifted group. Just didn't realize ridiculous endurance was the gift.
JoAnne: We aren't just funny, you know. Full Disclosure: I haven't watched this in weeks. I don't think it matters.
S@ki6: Eh, I enjoyed it a lot up until these past 3 episodes.
I am actually still watching and comment as I go along. Because sometimes I just have to pause it and rant.

Kim Ji-hoon ... having fun in America

Most of you are on twitter, so you'd have seen Kim Ji-hoon's holiday pictures already. Still, I thought putting all of them on one page would make us all happy. And if it's not all of us, it certainly makes ME happy! Ahahahaaaa, he is having such great fun. Remember last year when he went to California? This boy knows how to have a good time! What will your next project be, honey?

Birth of a Beauty - Episode 14 (A WookiCap)

This episode might as well not have happened, cause ... nothing happens. I don't believe it, but it's true ... after this one, we have 6 episodes to go!!
S@ki6: I can't believe this show isn't wrapping up in two more episodes.  Or that it wasn't just a mini-series of three or even just a movie.  But I feel that way about most dramas.
JoAnne: You're KIDDING me. I was sure this was a 16 episode series. They didn't have enough for TEN. (episodes, not the series. Sorry, Kakashi.)
Lafer: Now I don't feel so bad that I had to keep pinching myself to stay awake through this episode.
So did I: and I was seriously fangirling over this.
becca: I haven't watched this episode. *looks down* What on EARTH did they do to his face???

Dear Santa ... (our 2015 KDrama Wishlist)

Dear Squeeglets, anything you want from Dramaland in 2015? This is the place to wish for it!!


Yoo Na's Street - Episode 17 (A GettingThereCap)

Mary: Robbing robbers! Sexual frustrations while hanging laundry! Grown men bonding over dolls! Trolling Chang-man with rain! What's not to like? Get all your laughs now before in case the dark times come soon. Hehehe
JoAnne: Hey there... don't think I've been in this room before. Don't worry, I'm not staying.
kakashi: Hey! In here, red is MY color. And mary, what are you saying??! Dark times?! Nooooooooo!
becca: Look look! I'm bluuuuueee again!!!!
Like this

We Got Married - The RimKim Couple (Episode 13)

Mary: It's the after-wedding episode where "nothing" much happens. If you count So-eun initiated sweet skinship "nothing", that is. Our couple just hangs out and kicks butt in the closeness department. It makes Rim very happy. Though he still complains at the lack of closeness of their lips because he's a cheesy perv like that. (Hey, be glad you were paired with So-eun and not a highly-chaste 100% concentrated virgin idol!) JoAnne: If I had a nickel for every 'nothing' that happens this ep I'd...have a bunch of nickels. kakashi: The same amoung of nothing happens as usual, I'd say. They might have to think of something to up the ante soon. We're all getting too comfy with this.

Bad Guys - Episode 10 (A SqueeCap)

Episode 9 brought us so much heartache ... and Episode 10 just adds ten truckloads to it. This is the penultimate episode and everything starts to unravel. In the worst kind of way. Bromance? We had bromance? Let's see what that is worth in the face of ultimate grief. Just look at them :(
I swear to God, I hear Barbra Streisand right now singing The Way We Were. Am I just going to cry through this whole thing? *smiles we gave to one another for the way we weeeeeeere....*
Why you play with my emotions? Why???

Birth of a Beauty - Episode 13 (A WookiCap)

*Cough, cough*. I ... this ... Let's just say there's a wonderful scene at the very end of this episode. And Joo Sang-wook looked so damn GOOD all the time my mouth waters. Anyway, skip to the end if you have a hard time wading through the WTF.
S@ki6: It even made me want to give up occasionally, but I powered through to the cute. 
JoAnne: I don't even pretend to watch it anymore. I saw what, 2 episodes at the beginning and then 2 back there a while ago. It's more fun this way, trust me.
Lafer: It is ten days before Christmas. My mind and calendar are a bit full of expected holiday cheer. That is why only snark comes out on here!
becca: I enjoyed this episode slightly more than usual because it had more Awesome Assistant, and he was sarcastic, which made me super happy.

Birth of a Beauty - Episode 12 (A WookiCap)

This episode artfully manages to have two people who would obviously have wild sex all the time in real life do everything else there is to do in the world. Lots of it is product placement.  
S@ki6: I wish they'd be clearer what the products were, like show a model number for the camera. Hard to know what to buy. 
JoAnne: I like that green thing from the last episode.
Toaster. I'm sure of it.
Lafer: There's a whole kitchen full of green things!
becca: They should PPL some scissors. I'd buy them and cut Sara's hair. Everybody wins!

Birth of a Beauty - Episode 11 (A WookiCap)

My own dear SqueeCappers are abandoning me with this one! Yes, it's really, really bad. It has entered WTF-territory from episode 1, but now, it's so deep into that territory it will never find out. I'll just stare at Joo Sang-wook then. Also, I've recruited a fan to comment! So that he (and the show) get some more love. Say hi to S@ki6.
JoAnne: What do you mean, I'm here. I said I was here. Ok, I said it would be last night but I fell asleep. I hate it when that happens and it happens a lot.
Awwww, JoAnne! You're here! I know you don't watch this show tough, haha.
Lafer:  I would never abandon you! Abandon a drama perhaps, but never you!
becca: Yes, what Lafer said!
Awwww, you're here too!
S@ki6: Hey Everyone! I'm a Han YeSeul fan and Joo SangWook fan, and a serious Seul-Wook shipper in both real life AND this show (YG's Teddy?  Who is that? So what if he clears $800K in a year?). Also, don't be fooled by the bunny-eared boy-bander (Jaehyo) in…

Rants and "Weekly" Raves #19 (RAWR)

kakashi: Weekly my ass! Everybody is still too busy for words! And it's almost Christmas! How the F did that happen?!
Lafer: Merry Christmas everyone! That reminds me, I better start shopping.
JoAnne: Almost all actual shopping is done online, she claimed with a defiant glare (I remember that you claimed compatibility to Kim Ji-hoon that way). Therefore I'm mostly done; little stocking stuffer-y things are picked up through out the year, actual gifts (except for my mother) are all set as of this morning - and really if I'd just clicked complete on THAT one last weekend, I wouldn't be sending second-choice plaid right now. Grrr. I do have to buy something for my mom, but hers I like to buy in person and be glittery. (PS: online, but mostly from small handcrafter type peoples.)
Shuk: Wow, [looking around]  It's been a while for me being in here. So nice to be even slightly above water at this time!
bcook: Is it Christmas already? Must start downloading my shows for the …

Bad Guys - Episode 9 (A Recap)

Is he or is he not (a killer), Part II! Things are mighty fishy, I'd say. Prosecutor "The Creepy Smiler" Oh for example? I'd rather not meet this guy at night. Squadleader "I Don't Care About Rules" Oh looks very suspicious too. Missy "Not Sure What I'm Doing in This Drama" Yoo better get her act together. And the two Bad Guys I like most (Tae-soo and Tae-soo) should appear a bit more often, please. It's not like Jo Dong-hyuk gets a ton of roles per year. That said, Kim Sang Joong is such a goddamn good actor. And the cinematography of this drama? Just wow.
JoAnne: I am preeeetty certain Hot Prosecutor is a bad bad man. I am THOROUGHLY disappointed in one Mr. Oh Goo Tak right now, but I can't say enough good about Kim Sang Joong. My first thought about the unholy marriage of Hot Prosecutor and Wet Blanket Mi Young is: oh shit, THAT'S why she's here. My second thought was: I hope you regret it, bitch. As for my boys, my be…

Yoo Na's Street - Episode 16 (A GettingThereCap)

Time to give the "Madame" some love in this episode. Because raising a brother like Gye-pal and living with a socially inept (albeit sometimes cute) gangster boss Manbo can be quite hard. One hug and a Best Sister Award for this woman, please.
becca: Oh, Madame gets all the hugs this episode. She is quickly becoming my favorite character, and I think her friendship with Chang-man is my favorite relationship in the drama right now.
kakashi: *HUG*! Hey, but this episode was kinda sad-ish. I felt for Gye-pal. 

Bad Guys - Episode 8 (A Recap)

Did he or did he not? That is the question. And we're starting to get answers. Unpleasant ones. I'm pretty sure the bromance isn't strong enough to survive this! TT_____TT
JoAnne: I say you can't take anything anyone says as the full truth yet.
bcook: Things aren't adding up! 
Well, maybe that's why this episode is called: "The Shadow of Truth"

We Got Married - The RimKim Couple (Episode 12)

It's the wedding! The fun part! And we finally get our wish to see RimKim + our favorite host together in one room! becca: I want them to adopt Nam, so that he will always be with them. JoAnne: We won't get any torrid make out sessions for sure, then. At least right now I have hope. It's a foolish hope, but it's mine and I cherish it. kakashi: I have already adopted Nam. He lives in my pocket and from time to time, I take him out and pat his hair. And stuff. 

Birth of a Beauty - Episode 10 (A WookiCap)

We're hitting the halftime mark in this WTF drama, which has a story for ... 8? 10? episodes max., and therefore simply fills its extremely overlong 65minute episodes with pointless but incredibly cute OTP moments. And we all know what the halftime mark means in any romcom, right? Kisseu! Kisseu!!! (This is a RomCom, yes?)
JoAnne: Maybe they'll hear our command! Kisseu-hae! Kisseu-hae!

Birth of a Beauty - Episode 9 (A WookiCap)

A lot of stuff happens in this episode (I know because it took me so long to recap it). There's enough of the cute to forgive the stupid rest. Is this drama getting more stupid by the episode? I think so. Do I care? No, I don't. The Winner Group subplot gets quite some attention this week, which was inevitable. Since it means more strutting and glaring from Evil Han, I'm not even complaining about that.
His face makes me think of raw dough.
Lafer: This episode did go to new heights of stupid this week. But no, I don't care. And yes, raw dough sounds about right.

We Got Married - The RimKim Couple (Episode 11)

It's the wedding episode, it's the wedding episode!!! Ooooooooohhhhh, it's the wedding episode!
JoAnne: My goodness, she's a lovely bride.  And that spunky personality too?  You know, if SHE had been the lead in a certain drama...I bet a lot of people might feel differently about Almosssssst Parrrrrradise...
Mary: It won't be Almost anymore! Then again anything with Rim si Paaaaaaaaradiiiiiiiiise.
becca: This episode and the preview for next week killed me. This is my ghost speaking.

Birth of a Beauty - Episode 8 (A WookiCap)

Well, this drama is fast in some things but really good in draaaaaagging out the inevitable romance between the two leads. I mean ... they're there already, but since they both don't (want to) realize or admit it, we get to do a lot of squirming. I shouted "kiss already" during this episode, because what this drama does really well (it's the only thing) is giving us those tingly OTP feelz we all love so much.
becca: Can they just get on with it already?
Lafer: Geez, I feel like I'm watching another episode of We Got Married where everyone is just begging for a kiss.