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Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 31 (KimJiCap)

Two strong episodes ahead of us! Of course we're NOT going for the big reveal this week ... we're dancing a few meters around it, round and round. Heating up, unexpectedly for me, is Bi-dan's secret though.
JoAnne: When even the shows a girl is watching 'for work' become fantabulous, when is that girl supposed to SLEEP, I ask you?
I'm sorry, not sorry.

Rants and Raves #6

Hello, here speaketh the mother hen! I am still on holidays, but with internet, which makes the holidays even more pleasant. I hope our mary will have power back soon (assuming that it why she has been offline for so long) and hoping for less extreme weather events in her parts of the world - and anywhere in the world. And hoping for world peace.
bcook: Yes. Coz the world is kinda depressing right now.

Fall In Love With (Both Of) Me - Episode 16 (A SnarkCap)

Shuk:  I am so done with you, Show. Who yanked out my Sexy AdGuy’s spine?  Can you bring it back pretty please, jusayo, onagaishimasu, por favor?
JoAnne: I'm still in shock that they just GAVE THE FFFF UP.

Roommate 12 - It's Always Darkest Before Dawn

This week we get to complete the camping trip that started out so precariously for half our roommates.  The drive from hell behind them, the roommates work together as a team setting up the tents and making dinner. Let's hope we can get to the campfire games without any more drama!
JoAnne: I hope the editors got some rest so they don't make the glaring continuity errors anymore. And that whatever it is they've got against Min Woo has been settled so that they don't make him look like the only asshole in Korea. 
bcook: Yes to everything Jo said! I like Min Woo for some reason but it's getting hard to justify my feelings.

Chan Yeol and Ga Yeon are given the task of preparing the fish for dinner, with Chan Yeol teaching Ga Yeon how to clean them. Only thing is, he just learned it himself from the internet and it not enjoying it one bit! Poor Chan Yeol is visibly shaken as he cuts out the guts of the fish,while Ga Yeon is a natural at it, having no problem at all guttin…

Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 30 (KimJiCap)

Sorry for the delay! Internet in Nairn stopped working when I wanted to upload the pictures ...
Oh! We're getting closer and closer to the truth! It feels the BIG reveal is just around the corner (how many times have I said that though?!), but I guess we'll need about 10 more episodes for that? Also, Jae-hwa and Bori are getting closer, but I wouldn't mind some real romance between them, not just drunken hijinks. Overall, this is a very good episode, which makes me crave more. So glad it's almost time for the next episode!
JoAnne: Yeah, they need to start REALLY being a couple, not just a couple of people who like each other. And they need to figure out what Bi Dan is thinking, FAST, because I can't cry like that every week. We can drag out the inept Min Jung plotting right to the last minute though, if it means we can continue to see her get stomped at every turn by our awesome gang of Anti-MinJungers.

Contest Reminder!!!!

Hey, dear readers, we need some more entries to our Trivia Contest.  Kakashi will fire me from my job as contest coordinator if we don't get more entries. Someone will get a nice, cozy pair of kpop socks to proudly wear (or keep undercover until no one will see you - it's your choice.) So start writing down any old stuff and send it in!

Yes, I know the questions are a tiny bit difficult, but no one is going to get them all right, so you may as well try! You may be surprised at how much you know about PotUP. There is still time to answer those questions. So put your thinking caps on!

Here is the link to the contest: and here is my email address: which is set up specifically for these kinds of things and looking sadly emptyish at the moment. (Thank you to the few braves souls who have responded. They are a force to be reckoned with, but there is still room for improvement!) You don't wa…

Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 29 (KimJiCap)

Hello everyone! Thanks to this wonderful thing called internet, I was able to get my hands on episodes 29 and 30 of Jangbori in time and I'm even able to recap it before the next two episodes air. It's extremely hot in Scotland (yes, I'm serious) and I think I have a mild heat stroke, but I should be able to do this in style nonetheless. In this episode, things are going quite wrong for Min-jung and I like that very much.
JoAnne: Yay, because I have come to really love this show and I'm SO glad things aren't going well for the troll.

Roommate Episode 11 Wouldn't It Be Nice If Only Good Things Happened?

Lafer's feeling a time pinch so I'm going to help with recapping duties for Roommate a bit. I feel lucky, too - Gayeon is narrating this episode and she's the cutest punkin ever,  PLUS there's a trip! And the previews look a bit tense, to put it mildly. Will our makeshift family show their clay feet? Or is it all some evil PD's manipulation?
bcook: Pffft! Don't believe anything you see in the previews. Worse case of audience manipulation I've seen yet. 

Episode 11

A little montage to show that the roommates do occasionally irritate each other. Gayeon narrates that on this particular day, most people were out due to their schedules. Mama Shin comes home from some where and is pissed that there's a ton of dirty dishes in the sink. It's nasty, it smells bad, it draws bugs. They all agreed to clean up after themselves, and he cleans up after himself, and why aren't they all doing what they promised to do. He's tired of nagging about it.
bcook: They…

Doctor Stranger - Episode 11 (A SqueeCap)

After the waves of emotion that episode 10 created between the Hoon-induced rage and the Jae-joon-induced feels, my heart is left pretty cold during this episode. It is neither crazy bad nor crazy good. It just kinda... is. But there is some cuteness, so the squeeing is back, though a little subdued and the worse for wear. Hoon is still on probation, though. bcook: I don't remember much about what happens in this episode so my guess is it was a meh as you thought. 
JoAnne:  I sort of rely on the pictures and the recap to remind me.  It's all really just a montage of Hoon's mouth and Joon's nose, as far as I'm concerned.

Rants and Raves #5

kakashi: A hearty hello from me! But I'm not even here. I'm on holidays (and once again, my biggest fear is that I might not have internet. Been there done that last year). Have fun without me, but not too much, thank you! (Mary: *takes out best wine and orders lots of pizza and cake while kakashi is away*) (Our Rants & Raves posts get a ton of hits ... not sure why that is, but let's just pretend it's because people LOVE to see us go oooooon and on about things)
bcook: *confused* That might not be why? It's obviously coz we're awesome. Though I think it's coz of Jo's gutter mind.
JoAnne: Are we awesome? We're a bit NSFW, but that's not just me. Is it, Mary.
Shuk: [innocent look]

On Marriage Not DatingLafer: Marriage Not Dating, my new crack. I think the writing is really inconsistent, the intentions of the two male second leads is confusing, and I'm questioning the intellectual capacity of a writer who thinks that a guy will be near de…