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Unkind Women - Episode 2 (The SJR only version)

In Episode 1 of Unkind Women, Song Jae-rim jogged (both straight and sideways), yelled briefly, then slepts, woke up and slept again. After a while he got up and left. Let's see what he did in episode 2! (Overall, this drama doesn't look too bad. Maybe it'll be subbed after all? Pretty please?)
This post is dedicated to mary aka kdramalaws, of course

Unkind Women - Episode 1 (This is Not a Recap, but it's for mary)

Dear Squeeglets, at this moment, we do not know who will sub Unkind Women or even IF somebody will sub it. I won't lie, I'm not particularly sad about it because I'm preoccupied elsewhere and wasn't going to watch it anyway. BUT. Yes, there is Song Jae-rim in there and attentive readers might have realized that SJR has a somewhat special status on this blog. Who's to blame? Well, Mo. And through Mo, mary. And because mary is troubled by difficult internet connections (I'm so sorry dongsaeng), I promised her Song Jae-rim gifs. So these gifs? They're my gift.

Shine or Go Crazy - Episode 10 (A SqueeCap)

We're dealing with the aftermath of Wang So's win and Shin-yool's discovery of his true identity in this episode. And finally, Wang So is able to see the truth as well. Where we're going from here, we can only guess. Because he has not one, but two women after him now. Also: DAMN, I realized only now that all this time, with Soompi subs, I've watched a badly mangled version of the drama. Switching to viki right away. I tell you, it's a different WORLD.
becca: Is it as mind-boggling as discovering your chrush's true identity/gender?
Episode 10 verdict: I'm giddy with joy. No, actually, I'm sad. We're caught up! No more crazy recapping! What will I do? What will I do with my life??!
S@ki6: That's good advice re Viki. I'll try them next. 
Never fear, Kakashi. We have Blood (WHAT A MEAN THING TO SAY!!!). We also have the potential Unkind Women... and there's always that other one I mentioned to you yesterday that I don't want to say o…

Ngao Jai (Shadows Of The Heart) Episode 5 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk: So we finally get to the cohabitation portion of the story. It's about time! Can Rut pull this off successfully? He is stronger, more mature, more self-confident, and more aware than his younger brother. Is his attraction to May stronger, though? Will he be able to protect his fake identity and the woman from the evil machinations of the ex-boyfriend bad guy? Let us see!
becca: Just remember: this is a lakorn, so things will get much much worse before they get better.

Shine or Go Crazy - Episode 9 (A SqueeCap)

It's Competition time!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!! And indeed, the fight scenes are epic (the Lord of the Ring flashbacks that overcame me and the pompous soundtrack helped). The big question is: Will Wang So make it to the competition or not? Oups ... I guess this picture kinda gives it away ^___^
JoAnne: There's no real reason why, but I kept thinking of A Knight's Tale during the jousting scenes. Now I need to re-watch that for the umpteenth time. (Heath :( I miss him)
S@ki6: Heath was gorgeous. 
Episode 9 verdict: I'm so addicted. Oh meeeeeeeee too

Shine or Go Crazy - Episode 8 (A SqueeCap)

My favorite episode yet, OMG. Here is something you might not yet know: I don't mind (good) romance stuff, but I absolutely LOVE action. Especially if it involves (injured) ninja men. In this episode, we also get romance, but it's absolutely secondary. Lives are on the line! This whole situation is about to blow up.
JoAnne: They ramped it up this week, that's for sure. But you just wait for 10, Kakashi. Ten is really good. (yes, I know that. That's why I keep waiting for TEN3!)
S@ki6: I definitely got the memo that action is a good thing for Sensei!
becca: Action is good, romance is good… but that is not a kiss!!
Episode 8 verdict: I WANT MORE NAO!

Rants and 'Weekly' Raves #26 (RAWR)

kakashi: Dear Squeeglets, I'm back on the SqueeCapping wagon, yay! But that also means I have absolutely nothing to RAWR about, since I have dropped all but SoGC (and Blood aka the Pampire that Struts the Walk, but that doesn't really count).
Lafer: You go, girl! Even though I'm not watching any of those dramas, I have found some that have managed to keep me addicted to the kdrama world.
becca: I'm watching several shows but only caught up with a handful. In other news: Eric Nam's US tour has been postponed due to all the bad weather along the East coast. Yet another reason to dislike snow.
Shuk: I managed to finish two recap on my own blog, and now I can focus on my new loves Toomtam and View! I'm looking forward to catching up on ScruffCaps for Ngao Jai.
JoAnne: We're just letting Disney Princesses in here randomly, now?

Shine or Go Crazy - Episode 7 (A SqueeCap)

So, we're facing a double-cross-dressing-fiasco (that's a girl dressing as a man dressing as a girl) in this episode, but otherwise, it's continuing strong.
S@ki6: Yeah, this part of the storyline does nothing for me. The drag is dragging. 
I look at this way: I get swooning Jjang Hyuk. That makes it okay for me since it's not the only thing going on.

Episode 7 verdict: intense!

Ngao Jai (Shadows Of The Heart) - Episode 4 (A ScruffCap)

Shuk:  This episode is my start at recapping this show!  It's also a chance for becca to rage away.  I drained all mine with the FakeCaps for the SK series "Blood".
becca: Thanks for taking over the recapping, unni! I'm not sure how I would have gotten through this one, it makes me so mad. So don't worry - I don't think I'll be running out of rage any time soon.

Ming Dynasty 1566! For fast takers

You know Mr. X? In/famous subber with the Heaven Subbing Squad back in the day? The cat/man (we're not sure) who rips KDrama apart mercilessly? But when he loves, he loves deeply and beautifully.
After many years, he has started a new subbing project: a 2007 Chinese drama with the above title. This, people, is stuff you'll never get anywhere else. Go get the goods as fast as you can!
(The link locations for vid and subs have been posted in the comments section below)

Ngao Jai (Shadows of the Heart) - Episode 3 (A ScruffCap)

We are one episode closer to the switch, and one episode closer to being caught up! Yay! Sadly, there is still a minimal amount of Scruff, but I'm willing to put up with it because I know we'll be seeing much more of him later.
A lot of this episode seemed like filler, but it also gives us glimpses into the family dynamics of all the different farms: Flower, Veggie, and Orange. And we can see how love and understanding can make a family unit so much more than just a bunch of people living together.

Shine or Go Crazy - Episode 6 (A SqueeCap)

Attentive readers might have realized the change in Cap-titles ... yes, we have reached SqueeCap territory! Don't make me define it please, but after putting a gazillion gifs into the last recap I might as well admit they're no longer short but quite long. Which is good, cause things are getting more serious as Prince Wang So struggles to keep his true nature secret - and ultimately fails. Don't hurt him please :(
I did not think it was possible to love the essential Jang Hyukness of any character he plays more than Gun, but I was wrong. So wrong. Ha. 'So' wrong.
S@ki6: You can't keep a good Wang down.

Episode 6 verdict: loved it. The Chunghae scenes are funny as hell (it's because So So is such a funny character, too) and the intrigue/court politics become more interesting by the minute.

블러드 Blood - Episode 2 (A FakeCap)

Here we go again. Episode 1 took me far too much time to recap, even raw and I cried and cried all night over the lost time I put into that because y'all know what I would much rather recap. Still, at least there is Ku Hye-sun now. Let the bloodfest begin. Also, the same disclaimer applies: watching and recapping raw, but getting it (almost) all right. I think.
JoAnne: And I will try not to use all my best reactions during the live tweet but people, seriously, the horror is real... I may not be able to hold it in.
Shuk: [sigh] The things we do for you, our faithful squeeglets. 

Yoo Na's Street - Episode 22 (A ThugCap)

Ack. It's the fallout of Chang-man's Beat Up Min-gyu Mission. Did it work? Did it work? Poor Chang-man .... he's hurting :( I have come to the conclusion that some of these poeple need hugs, and all of them need counseling.

블러드 Blood - Episode 1 (A FakeCap)

A new drama! Aren't we all glad! And one about vampires! I absolutely LOVE vampires! But I don't love kid-stories and wasn't warned at all that we had some terribly booooooooooooooring backstory to go through. This drama is so shockingly bad, I don't even know what to say.
Look at it this way - the kid wasn't any better than the grown up, so it's not like we had time or inclination to love them young and then spend 10 or 12 episodes resenting the grown ups.  Plus it was just that one episode.
Shuk: Would this be a good time to go back and rewatch BOFiasco, rather than watch this?
I think so, Shuk. And I'm serious.
*Disclaimer: I'm recapping this on a raw version. What I say may or may not have occurred this way. I wish they would have said more and/or the plot were a bit more complicated, because I'm quite certain I got it all right.
I watched raw and then subbed. Look what I do for you people!  Plus I live-tweeted both versions. I wonder if I used …

Shine or Go Crazy - Episode 5 (A Quickie Cap)

Things start to get quite interesting on all fronts. The OTP is falling in loves from both sides, the King is quasi a goner, and Wang Wook has a trauma. This is the episode that turned most people into SoGC fanatics, by the way.
Wang Wook can go suck eggs. He's irritating me, although I realize it's unfair. It's only because he doesn't like my So.
becca: I don't even mind that he dislikes So. I do want to smack him when he gets all weepy, though.
S@ki6: I like Wang Wook.  
Episode 5 verdict: Very funny. The humor in this show and I are going on a date tomorrow.
It'll just hurt you in the end, you know.

Shine or Go Crazy - Episode 4 (A Quickie Cap)

This episode was a total filler! I didn’t realize the first time I watched (that’s what this show does to me!), but when you recap, you do spot all the faults in a script immediately (if you want.) So, the plot only moves forward in the babiest baby steps in this (and I so don't care.) The gist of it: So So and Kaebong break up at least 3 times, but in the end, he’s right next to him again. I guess that’s unmyeong. 
So far it just feels like a forgetful man and a pissy woman, though.
becca: Personally, I thought the episode was, uh…. *distracted by Jang Hyuk's smile* Was I saying something?
S@ki6: Eye-candied-filler, though.

Episode 4 verdict: quite slapsticky. Lots of Jang Hyuk smiles. I’m good. I’m very good. (Objectively, this was not a very good episode though)

Shine or Go Crazy - Episode 3 (A Quickie Cap)

In this episode, our black assassins reveal themselves and our lovers are reunited ... but not quite as they were. The drama finds its tone and its pace in this one, too - and Jang Hyuk is more beautiful than ever before. I'm pretty sure the director thinks the same because there are a lot of Jang Hyuk shots.
Man, did he look good right before he killed Saguek's Most Annoying Regular.
becca: He did. But I think most people would.
S@ki6: Jang Hyuk is beautiful as long as he doesn't talk.
Hahahaaa, Saki. How can you even watch this then?

Episode 3 verdict: Anything with black assassins in it is perfect in my book.

Shine or Go Crazy - Episode 2 (A Quickie Cap)

Two weddings and a funeral. Man, Goryeo really wasn't much of a happy place, was it? Episode 2 verdict: quite draggy in place and not half as funny as episode 1, but with very, very sweet early OTP scenes.

Shine or Go Crazy - Episode 1 (A Quickie Cap)

Drama-love is mysterious, isn't it. I had thought I had fallen out of love, for good, at least for a while, and then, BAM, drama-cupid's arrow hit me. I can't stress enough how happy that makes me, and after briefly mourning the opportunity to express my love through SqueeCapping (it's the best way to express your love), with a little help of JoAnne and just one Squeeglet, I have decided to go for it! Play catch-up that is and give this show what it (currently) deserves. I'll make the Catch-Up-Caps fairly brief though. Cause as we German-speaking people say: In der Kürze liegt die Würze. Sometimes.
JoAnne: It's been a long dry spell for squeecapping, hasn't it... and now we have this, plus that Thai drama, plus Blood coming, and I think Unkind Women? Yay!
becca: The rest was nice, but doesn't it feel nice to be squeecapping again?
S@ki6: This show is really weird but addicting. Ooh, I'm looking forward to Unkind Women too!Episode 1 verdict: hilariou…

Rants and 'Weekly' Raves #25 (RAWR)

kakashi: I am sorry, people, but I have to rant this week. A lot. Please see below. And then, later in the week, I discovered something to rave about! YAY! This makes me very happy, cause it's been a while! Guess what it is? And WOW ... we have a lot to talk about again...
JoAnne: No one else will ever notice this because they only see the finished post, but for much of the week, the body of the RAWRS mostly looks like Kakashi and I arguing back and forth about different shows, and it's hilarious to me. 
Shuk: I just grabbed some popcorn and watched.

Ngao Jai (Shadows of the Heart) - Episode 2 (A ScruffCap)

becca: We're back! Let's do this!
Shuk: I'm ready! But I have to warn everybody: be prepared for some rants and snarks from me, because this episode made me angry on more than one occasion!
We'll get through this one and move on to the next one, okay? Let's go!

Rants and 'Weekly' Raves #24 (RAWR)

kakashi: Heyahey, Squeeglets! I'm on holidays. Maybe I'll continue recapping GEoDIL. I'm also thinking about KimJi-capping Joseon X-Files. Or some Yoo-na's Street? Anyway ... we haven't added any new banners to our banner selection, so I was thinking ... anybody wants to make a banner for us? We'd love some!
Someone make a banner of Moon Shik being run over by a wheelchair! Repeatedly. #MoonShikMustDie

Ngao Jai (Shadows of the Heart) - Episode 1 (A ScruffCap)

Shuk: Hello everyone!! Even at my age, I can be sucked in by a pretty face. In this case it's Toomtam Yuttana Puangklang, who entranced me with his performance in the revenge lakorn "Sud Sai Paan / End Of The String" His leading lady, View Wannarot Sontichai played good and evil twins in that drama.
becca: Shuk drew me into the land of lakorns with SSP. I came for craziness; I stayed for that gorgeous Toomtam smile.

Shuk: The two again star together in a new lakorn, "Ngao Jai / Shadows Of The Heart". And this time it's Toomtam playing twins. Can two of him be too much of a good thing? Nahhh. And blessed be, my lovely dongsaeng becca-boo has agreed to do the bulk of the work until I can finish my own recap of "La Ruk Sut Kop Fah".
becca: Yep, that's me! The crazy person. Oh, the things I do for unnies and Toomtam.

Rants and 'Weekly' Raves #23 (RAWR)

kakashi: Well, it looks like I'm back on the KDrama wagon. Which is good, people, I tell you! These dramaless episodes worry me deeply. That said, I still think that the overall quality of shows these days is shocking. It's simply not enough to have a lovely OTP. Dramas are about stories. Where are the good, original stories?!
Lafer: Yes, I too am excited again. Although I've dropped a few *cough Legendary Witch cough* there are now three that I anxiously await each week.
JoAnne: I don't seem to be watching quite as much as I used to, but I don't think it means anything, really.
becca: I'm not watching much right now either, but that's just because I've been busy and feeling under the weather.
bcook: I'm back!!!!!!! and quite happy that I'm not the only one going through a kdramalaise. I'm also listening to John Legend "All of Me" (curiously fulfilling if sappy song) and this gif matches surprisingly well. (try it out, have a laugh)