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Rants and Weekly Raves #57 (RAWR)

JoAnne: I don't know why but this picture bothers me. You know how when paint dries sometimes on wood and it gets those little wiggles/wrinkles? Seeing that really creeps me out, and this feels like that. Don't get rid of it or anything, I'm just saying.
kakashi: Right, not getting rid of it. Just close your eyes :) (Is it Friday yet, is it Friday yet?!)
(becca: Sadly, no.*sigh*)

Thoughts on Bucket Lists and Twenty Again

kakashi: One of the sweeter things in Twenty Again is Cha Hyun-Suk playing a (visible and same-age) Daddy Long-Legs as he makes all of Ha No-Ra's (secret) wishes come true, thinking she only has about 6 months to live. There's a topic of living well and dying well to be discussed here, because it has a huge influence on the characters in the drama (and it is probably the topic with the most depth this drama gets into). Beyond that, Bucket Lists per se are a fascinating thing that I want to think about a bit.
JoAnne: Lists, in general, thrill me - yet I've never created a bucket list. Never even thought about making one, and at the moment, I feel very resistant to the idea. This bears consideration.

Let's Eat with Kim Ji-hoon - Episode 4

Sorry, Kim Ji-hoon, I was preoccupied (with Lee Sang-yoon) but now I'm back for you. (Yeah, I know you have no idea who I am, even though you retweeted my Jangbori tweets, but I still feel guilty for cheating on you. It's quite serious, too. You better come back very soon!) This little variety program has only 6 episodes, people, which is a shame! Because I could really get used to watching these cuties eat all day.

Thoughts on Emotional Intelligence and Twenty Again

Time to talk a bit about whiplash-inducing, bipolar Hyun-Suk! One episode sweet as honey, the next as nasty as burned toast. What are we to make of this? Well, here is my explanation: the poor man has ZERO emotional intelligence (EI) (and little emotional maturity, too). And in fact, hardly anybody in this show has any. That makes life quite difficult, especially if so many emotions are involved!
Those pesky things! We should just live like robots. So much easier.

Rants and Weekly Raves #56 (RAWR)

kakashi: Me all week: "is it Friday yet, is it Friday yet, where is my Lee Sang-yoon!"
JoAnne: I like this a lot and he's adorable but my reaction isn't quite as strong as yours...
Well, I have nothing else to watch! (Apart from old stuff) My life is so boring. And anyway, it's only 30% drama and 70% love. 90%. 100% I love you, Lee Sang-yoon!

Thoughts on Age, Learning and Twenty Again

kakashi: Haha, I'm so obsessed with this drama. Sorry.... another post. There's another interesting topic that Twenty Again touches and that we have "discussed" a bit on Twitter: the one about the college/university education of "mature" students and, by extension, the question of how different generations mix in real life.
JoAnne: Twitter has become an incubator for so many discussions lately!

Rants and Weekly Raves #55 (RAWR)

kakashi: Is anybody still watching anything? Is anybody still on here or am I all alone? :D
JoAnne:You wish :)
If you (Squeecappers) all feel dramaless, bored or eager to write about Kdrama, please consider giving your input here: Drama Rating. Actually, updating this page made me realize how many dramas I have simply dropped in the last few years.
becca: I've been busy with school and haven't watched anything in a few days. They've been dark days! :(
I keep meaning to head over there...
Nabi: I think I might be in a slump. :-((

~Years in Dramaland~ A Journey Through 2002 (pt 1)

Hey guys =)
How are you doing ? Is life treating you well ? Are things going smoothly ? If they aren't, don't worry, they're about to look up right now as I am BACK. Which in itself doesn't mean much to you but I bring dramas and some of them will be sure to improve your mood. Some won't, sure, but yunno, it can't all be puppies and flowers, we need the sad, the « grab the toilet paper coz I can't very well go shopping for more tissues at 4 a.m. » and the « forget the toilet paper, just get me an f-ing bucket and I'll get you enough water to draw yourself a bath with ». Still though, you'll get happy dramas in this post and today we're tackling 2002. Yep, 2002 and 2002 only : we're entering the « one year = one post » stage... 

… is what I would love to tell you right now. 

But the truth is, what we're entering is the « one year = several posts because Mila just can't shut the f up » stage aka the « Kakashi starting to regret lettin…

Thoughts on Love and Friendship and Twenty Again

kakashi: I love this show, I really do. I couldn't be sure it would treat emotionally sensitive issues with the needed tact but it fully does, in a tone that’s both touching and hilarious at times, sometimes at the same time. Oh the feels.
JoAnne: Yes, after the first episode, which I didn't much enjoy - it left me feeling uninterested - I have to agree. This show has heart and warmth and an emotional balance that often seems difficult to find in KDrama.

Rants and Weekly Raves #54 (RAWR)

kakashi: I was looking forward to Twenty Again and that is it. I'm basically dramaless.
JoAnne: And yet you declined my offer.
You must tell people about it for them to understand WHY I did that. 
If I do that, you know what will happen. And then you'll be pressured.
When I'm retired. Not before that.
Okay. You heard it hear first, folks. When Kakashi retires, she and I will squeecap Boys over Flowers. It will be a re-watch for us both, back from the most early days of our respective drama-watching careers. I want her to retire tomorrow. How about you?

Thoughts on Marriage and Twenty Again

kakashi: The other day, there was a discussion on twitter about Twenty Again and marriage and stuff. "Discussion on twitter?", you say, "how is that possible?!". Yeah, you're right to ask that because it quickly got confusing and then a mess and in the end, everybody had said a lot but nobody was sure what. I am one of the people that liked the first two eps of Twenty Again and one of the people responsible for making the convo today a mess - and because I am, frankly, a bit surprised by the fact that I like this drama and because I liked the discussion, I thought why not continue it on here. 

My Beautiful Bride - A Review and Love Declaration (Part II)

When this drama is not about a love so deep it is both beautiful and scary (see Part I of our review!), it is about the eternal struggle between good and evil, cops and criminals. Fastfood lovers and vegans. Also, we discuss what worked and what did not work ... and spend quite some time on the ending. I am still not sure how I feel about it.
I'm feeling some kind of way about this GIF...
Yes, so it's not only what worked and what did not but also who worked out and who did not. 

My Beautiful Bride - A Review and Love Declaration (Part I)

kakashi: Very often, I experience KDramland as stressful. It’s because it keeps pumping out show after show. It never stops, it commands constant attention and a LOT of time. And as shows become shittier and shittier (or I become more demanding - or both), watching the endless parade of beautiful oppas and puppies becomes less and less enjoyable, like too much fastfood. You kinda want it, because it gives you some pleasure, but it has no nutritional value and the more you eat, the more bloated and ultimately sick you feel.
JoAnne: I think perhaps after a while you've just had enough, and need to 'taste' something different - plus, as a thinking adult you're very conscious of those times that what you 'feed' yourself is mostly of low nutritional value, and you begin to crave more substantial stuff.
Okay, I think you get it.
I never saw this morphing GIF before. I didn't even notice it changing at first! I saw his pretty face, and then I looked up and saw his…

The Beavers Rear their Ugly Heads - Shoooooooo!

[Disclaimer: these views are my (kakashi's) own. The other bloggers on this site have not been consulted] Dramafever did something shitty? I support you!
Something a little outrageous is happening under the radar right now. Dramatic Eye, Mr. X's excellent newish Kdrama website (yes, it's subscription based, subscribe if you have not yet done so, it's utterly worth it) has received a DMCA website from Dramafever, claiming he infringed on their copyright. For .... using a poster. I assume, because there is nothing else on there that would even be remotely copyrighted. This is the site in question (yes, the offending image has since been removed - I thought we post it on here instead).