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Total fail!!!!!

no KoreansI hear rumors the whole show got cancelled they could have told me ;-( going straight to the sauna now to sweat the anger out! but.... we're having fun without them!

The Heirs - Episode 14 (Not NHeirly Good Enough)

kakashi: Granted, folks, I am currently pre-occupied with somebody else entirely (plus I have a shitload of work and STILL need to find my 4th Team member for "The Santastic Four"), but it is my pleasure nonetheless to be able to do a little snark-capping for you.
JoAnne:  I don't know how you do it.
kakashi: Baker Santa! I need you!!!! (Addendum about 20 hours after starting power-search: FOUND HIM. Love him. This is going to be epic)
kakashi: I think I heard something somewhere about a possible extension of this drama? Sure. Why not tell a story of 8 episodes in 24! If you run out of things to say, just have the characters stare at each other for minutes. hours. weeks. I'm expecting more stares, yes, I even want them! More stares! Less dialogue!
JoAnne: Sigh. Tan and Bean are not the whole story...
kakashi: Don't they all stare?

The Heirs - Episode 13 (D'heir We?)

JoAnne: That face.

Episode 13 (in which I have a lot to say)

JoAnne:  Ok, wow, we open on the stare that lasted so long it took up parts of two episodes. It's pretty touching, though - Kim Tan's tears are exhaustion, plain and simple.  I think the adrenaline rush of defiance is over, and the boy is overwhelmed by the bomb he just exploded in everyone's faces.  Bean's tears are sympathetic, although she says she can't run from danger with him.
cherkell:  Beany's offer mentioned while in the States to run away not valid in Alaska, Hawaii and parts of Nebraska.  Sorry Tennessee!

Kim Ji-hoon in Switzerland: More Updates

Chingus, Santa Championship preparations are going well - though I am still hunting for Team Member No 4!!!
But more on that later. First, some more details about the costumes. We have ordered the accessories for our costume from my friend's parent's Halloween shop last week. As already mentioned, we are "The Santastic Four". We will be: Wizard Santa; Baker Santa; Clown Santa; and Rocker Santa. And The Santastic Four each have a super power.

Kim Ji-hoon in Switzerland: An Update

Time for an update (especially for those not living on Twitter like me and some others) about what's going on with the big Kim Ji-hoon--kakashi meet-up.

Remember the 6 options? Probably not, so I am going to repeat them for you; PLUS, I will share my awesome cost-benefit calculations with you. The Swiss Franc (CHF) is about 1:1 to the USD.

Golden Era of Daughters In Law - Episode 5 (KimJiCap)

So ... I'm most likely going to see Kim Ji-hoon in about ten days. In the flesh. Though not much OF his flesh, since it's going to be up on a mountain and in the snow. But since I can't believe it until it happens, I will keep his company by doing another KimJiCap.

Episode 5
Truth-time on the rooftop (which isn't a rooftop at all). So, Boksu says she would suffer if she married him and would regret it. And, knowing her, he just know she would just run away because of it, turning him into the fool that has to go after his runaway wife - or burn it all to the ground. She absolutely doesn't see WHY she would do that while he is absolutely adamant that she just WILL. Sorry, but I'm on his side. I really don't like his family either ... even though I would prefer that one over his GoM family anytime.

The Heirs - Episode 12 (Heirly A Breath Away)

cherkell: We return to the most vacant boulevard in all of Gangnam-gu, where Our Leads are still standing in the middle of the intersection in a tertiary Wrist Grab to End All Wrist Grabs. Bean Princess pulls her wrist away first, saying to Good and Bad Heir that she can’t do this anymore. Good Heir finally recognizes that he’s been the source of all her pain, but insists she come with him. Bad Heir insists that she doesn’t go with Good Heir. EOTTOKE?!?
JoAnne: Psssst - go with the eyebrows, Beanie.  Do it.!  Do it!  I know she won't.  There's not a chance in hell she will.  What can I say?  I ship Woo Bin with everyone and everything on Earth.

Golden Era of Daughters In Law - Episode 4 (KimJiCap)

How are these episodes so quickly over?! Oh ... they're only 50 minutes long. Okay, but still, I'm having fun with this one. Much more fun than I had for a while with KDrama. Good. Cause this sucker is 54 episodes long. What was I thinking??!!! Episode 4
Dooly is in the car! She has road rage. Her mother is trying to get some friend of Inwoo to go look for him - oh wait ... is it the sleaze-guy? Jaehong? Oh yes, it is! Sleaze-guy would do anything to get close to Mijin, it seems. But Mijin isn't all that interested in that. She comes storming in, storms into her room, throws herself on the bed and has a rage-fit.

The Heirs - Episode 11 (WHeir Oh WHeir Are You Tonight?)

Shuk: At the half-way point to this rollercoaster, we still don't know Won's issues with his younger brother (that's easy! he just doesn't like him), why Rachel's mother needs to marry a clearly violent and womanizing Young-do's father (money, money, money), Hyo-shin's suicidal tendencies (life is hard, babe) or his fascination with his tutor, or the reason behind the actions of Tan and Won's father (can't keep his d... in his pants, has troubles dealing with the consequences). What do we know? Young-do is even hotter when he's sincere or confused, Eun-sang is still bland and boring, and Kim Tan confuses the hell out of me with his bipolar behavior.
kakashi: I have the solution to this mess, but nobody ever listens to me ... Won needs to get laid, Rachel's mother needs to get laid, but not by the abusive father, but by Teddybear Ahjussi, Hyo-shik needs to get laid by Tutorina (oups, wait ... that would make her a two-timer! no good!), and Tan…

Golden Era of Daughters In Law - Episode 3 (KimJiCap)

Wonderful. I just realized that this little recapping project of mine will keep me busy for more than half a year, if I recap 2 episodes a week. That's perfect. No boredom for 6 months. Lots of Kim Ji-hoon for 6 months. All I ever wanted.
Episode 3
Shower scene! No, not Kim Ji-hoon. Damn. And you really need to learn to respect people's privacy, Korea! The man is naked in the shower!! And hey, other dude ... if you just can't keep back and really need to intrude, maybe you shouldn't comment on the other's great body? Unless, you know ... you would like to get to know that body a bit better? Which you do not cause you clearly have the hots for that other chick?

Golden Era of Daughters In Law - Episode 2 (KimJiCap)

Kim Ji-hoon will be in this country in two weeks and I better get some more KimJiCaps done before he gets here. So that I can, uhm, show them to him? No? Episode two of this show continues as zippy and funny as episode 1 was and I am mighty pleased. Episode 2
Boksu is dragging his Dooly (remember? a new fight with the quarrelsome customers) out of the department store, to give her another scolding. He seems particularly unhappy about the fact that he, the guy, has to clean up the mess his woman has made - instead of the other way round. Haha, those two ... is this subversive gender critique?

WTF??! Kim Ji-hoon is coming to Switzerland!!!!!!!!

You know that moment where you have been wishing for something totally unrealistic and suddenly ... it becomes real?!

Foooooking hell almighty! Kim Ji-hoon is coming to Switzerland!!!!! 

Two Weeks in Two Minutes

Two Weeks finished airing over a month ago, but is still available streaming if you're like me and prefer marathoning completed shows to the bittersweet agony of waiting for the EngSub episodes to come out week by week. It is basically a 16-episode kDrama version of The Fugitive (the TV series). In honor of its (reasonably) fast pace and fugitive premise, here’s a 2-minute rundown of its key points. This post is free of major spoilers, but does include some that I consider to be reasonably minor.

To get you in the mood while you read, here’s Run, by Nell, Two Weeks’ pulsing theme song:

The Heirs - *Spoilers* Birth Secrets! Finally!

If you are really, really into Heirs like me (uhm) then you have certainly heard it: the blogosphere is abuzz with spoilers. No, it's not about Kim Tan secretly being in love with Young-do. (OMG please yes) No, we are most likely going to get ... a birth secret. Or even several. And/or amnesia. And maybe, just maybe ... we're also going to get terminal illness, if we do not already have it, 'cause Kang Ha-neul? Who is hardly ever on screen? It's to make his passing easier for us. Yes, Kim Eun-sook is considerate like that.
Alright, going with the birth secret here, we have a few suggestions for you. Well, actually ... they are mainly JoAnne's. It helps if you're really, really into Heirs. Like her:

Golden Era of Daughters In Law - Episode 1 (KimJiCap)

OMG I'm doing it ... I'm really doing it! In my post-GoM craze/sadness, I have decided to take on a major recapping project ... the 2007/2008 drama Golden Age of Daughters-in-Law/ 며느리 전성시대! It has 54 episodes (goodnessgracious!), and was a ratings' hit back in the days. It is hated by many and thus, was never recapped (kakashi The Brave is going to change that). It is hard to get your hands on, but I can tell you where to get it if you are interested (although, it is a hard-subbed version). And ... there is Kim Ji-hoon. So, in a nutshell, this is like Goddess of Marriage, just longer and much funnier. I hope so, at least!!!
But let me introduce you to the cast, before we get started (copy & pasted from here).

The Heirs - Episode 10 (There's Someone Squeeing About My Heir!)

JoAnne here, praying to the drama gods for more awesomeness. I need to keep Kakashi moving on this positive path! Yay! It's Ep 10! Let's gooooooooo!
Shuk: I am currently in California with the inimitable cherkell, to see the Infinite concert in San Jose. The timezone change has me waking up at odd hours, and craving strange foods (anyone else heard of Dutch Baby Pancakes?), but, together, we will be commenting on this episode.
Episode 10

JoAnne: We're back in the courtyard with Beanie and the boys, and I swear my heart is immediately in my throat again. Tannie plays it off; Young Do knows something is up, though, and it makes him a bit nuts. He barks up several wrong trees and is NOT pleased to hear Tan confess that he is 'dating' Cha Eun Sang. Umm... except now you're ignoring each other in school? Stories. Get them straight.
Shuk: The show has a lot of staredowns, but I have to admit, I've enjoyed most of them, especially between our boys.  If they had…

The Heirs - Episode 9 (Get Out of My Heir Already!)

kakashi: Believe it or not, this is the episode in which I get it! Hooray, kakashi now understands these characters’ motivations! Kind of! Ah, this makes my life just so.much.easier ... Well, I still don’t fully understand the writer’s motivation for writing these characters, but I am not kidding you, this episode was an eye opener. I still think that 50% of the whole cast is redundant and I do hope the producers get a severe reprimand for flooding us with PPL in each and every scene, but the central characters’ aches and strives worked for me.
JoAnne: I could cry, right now.
kakashi: Ready? I know I am ... This I bought to steel myself against JoAnne's certain "I told you so"-smugness . One shot!
JoAnne: Getting me drunk is definitely a way to avoid me being smug. Or being able to formulate the words 'I told you so' without giggling or hiccuping.

The Heirs: Fashion Crimes and Beyond

There are the pink lips. And then, there is the .... shall we dare call it fashion? Kim Tan's fashion crimes are a thing to look forward to, so I do hope they are not going to take that pleasure away from us (who else has noticed a certain improvement in episode 8?). We, the very-interested-and-important-friends of The Heirs, have prepared this special treat for you. We present you: The Kim Tan's Fashion Crimes! Do not try this at home, kids!!

The Heirs - Episode 8 (There's Something in the Heir Tonight)

JoAnne here! Filling in for Cher, who's a bit under the weather. Let's all send her healing thoughts while we marvel over the boys and girls, shall we?
kakashi: Get well soon, cher!!! Hey, JoAnne ... we should send Ji Chang-wook over to make her porridge and stuff! ("and stuff" stands for all the naughty things you can imagine) Then again, I think I'm alone among my squeeing sisters (but probably not some of you lovely readers) - because I'm fully on board this ship. Which ship, you ask? Good question, because there's a veritable flotilla of them in this drama! And I love them all... kakashi: You, my dear JoAnne, will be pleased to hear that I did feel a slight flutter in the heart region while watching this episode. We are FAR FROM love, me and this drama. But my absolute coldness has given way to detached ... something. Not sure yet what this something is. But something is better than nothing.

The Heirs Episode 7 (A SqueeCap that's InHeirently Bad For You)

Shuk: Love is in the air at Snooty High as our boys tussle with their feelings, not necessarily in a good way.
JoAnne: I'm very worried there will never be any good tussling with Bad Heir. It never moves. And his expressions make me want to tussle really really bad.