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Yoo Na's Street - Episode 15 (A CatchUpCap)

Almost nothing happens this episode, and yet a LOT happens. The plot takes a back seat for a while as we slow down to take a closer look at our characters, particularly Chang-man and his relationships with the people around him. Turns out, he's just as flawed and imperfect as everyone else.
Mary: O___O
kakashi: He can be a real dick if he wants to, yes. A righteous bastard. 

We Got Married - The RimKim Couple (Episode 10)

Here it is, finally! 6 Levels of Skinship and all. Let's just go talk about the meaty, juicy parts of this episode, okay? (Note: all of them are meaty.) kakashi: It's getting hot in here. Did somebody turn up the heating?!

Rants and "Weekly" Raves #18 (RAWR)

Talk to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
becca: *runs in, panting* I'm here! I'm here! And I'm ready to talk your ear off, so get ready!
bcook: *singing* "Tell me your name... mumble mumble"
Pride and Prejudicebecca: There are many enjoyable shows right now, but I have to say that Pride & Prejudice is at the top of my list. I find the characters interesting and compelling (and as we've said before, competent!), and I'm intrigued by the overarching mystery of the little brother's murder. I'm even enjoying the case-of-the-week stories, which I usually don't care for in other dramas. There was only one episode this week (I heard it was a sports preemption), and every time I remember that, I deflate a little bit. I need Gumihot! I need Big Puppy being adorable with the tiny kiddo! Until Monday, I'll just have to make more gifs to stare at. I mean, look at them! *squee*

Bad Guys - Episode 7 (A Tae-soo-Cap)

OMG, how is this SO GOOD??! It certainly helps my enthusiasm that this episode is all about Tae-soo's pain (and his beauty, of course). And it helps that Jo Dong-hyuk plays this character with so much depth and passion (and beauty). We also make headway, finally, with the answers and not only the questions. ooooohhhhh!!

Birth of a Beauty - Episode 7 (A WookiCap)

They got it. They're showing us almost only the Cutie Couple. Which consists of Joo Sang-wook to 50%. I had to find out this week that he was in my hometown in May this year. He was quasi where I work. Goddamit. All my biases come to Switzerland ... will I EVER meet one?!
JoAnne: I sincerely hope so.

Bad Guys - Episode 6 (A Recap)

JoAnne: In which mysteries within mysteries are revealed... but not solved. Oh no. No answers for us, none at all. Just more questions.
kakashi: I didn't like this episode all too much. I actually only like episodes with loooooooots of Tae-soo. That means I REALLY like episode 7. 

Birth of a Beauty - Episode 6 (A Wooki-Short-Cap)

Am I getting used to the crazy mood swings of this drama or is it getting better? In over 60minutes, nothing much happens. Well, revenge is executed and everything goes as planned. Plus, our hero is so beautiful.... O_____o
becca: I don't know if the drama's hitting its groove or not, but this was a fun episode. And I spent most of it admiring Joo Sang-wook.
Lafer: I liked it! I liked it! It stayed true to its crazy self.
JoAnne: I was delayed in commenting because the recap looked fun so I actually watched this episode. And then promptly went to sleep. At least it was AFTER the episode, right?

"Song Jae Lim" Gets Official Twitter Account

Well, good morning to you too SM C&C.
What's that? An official twitter account for "Song Jae Lim"? Why thank you very kamsa! (Original announcement here.)

We Got Married - The RimKim Couple (Episode 9)

This is the "Meet some Friends" episode and I really like it because Rim gets quite jealous. Both of them also embarrass some Baby Boys, which made me laugh quite a bit.
JoAnne: I have been looking forward to this, I saw a glimpse of the Prettiest Puppy.
Mary: MY BIDET HOPES!!! Demolished. Destroyed. Crushed like a newlywed's gourd... T_______T koko, think of another fun gift for Rim. Quick!
becca: Gift of koko.... O_o Am I gonna have to lock myself in the supply cabinet again?

Birth of a Beauty - Episode 5 (A Wooki-Short-Cap)

Tae-hee's turn to face the truth and take some action. Nice: So much brooding Joo Sang-wook. Never has he looked better, hotdamit! And then, they take action together: Even nicer, cause FUN. Apart from the main couple's interactions, the story remains super boring. All those evil people ... *yawn* 
JoAnne: Look at that smile, though. And he has a good hollow at the base of his throat. You want to lick it. Well I do, anyway.

Birth of a Beauty - Episode 4 (A Wooki-Short-Cap)

This drama worked when it was crazyfun (even though some of us refuse to find it funny), but it really doesn't work when it turns all serious. That's exactly what happened in this episode though. It is about realizing what the truth is and that the truth hurts. May the real revenge begin now? In any case, the turn to more serious matters brings us loooots of concerned looking Joo Sang-woo, which is a major turn on. If the drama doesn't deliver, let's just be as shallow as can be.
JoAnne: I'm not refusing. I'm just not that amused. Joo Sang Wook is as handsome as handsome can be, though.
becca: Maybe I'm nuts, but I'm actually enjoying the serious(-but-not-to-be-taken-seriously) turn. Is entertaining, in it's own melodramatic way.
Lafer: Well, you all know I love my melos, and I also love my rom coms, but I'm just not sure about mixing the two in one drama.

Birth of a Beauty - Episode 3 (A Wooki-Short-Cap)

This drama has multiple personality disorder, that much is clear after three episodes. What do you want to be? Comedy? Romance? Melodrama? Or god beware ... makjang? I don't think this crazy mixture is working, but the drama remains entertaining enough. In this episode, we find out more about Han Tae-hee, about his relationship to Chae-yeon, and what he seems to be up against in general. We also find out that there is more to Geum-ran than we might have thought before.
JoAnne: Perhaps it just wants to be a freaking mess. If so, show? Good job!  

Rants and "Weekly" Raves #17 (RAWR)

bcook: First! hahahaha. I'm finally first for something. Which is good because my kdrama watching is at an all time low. The heart is willing but the soul is lazy AF.
I am fully caught up on Superman Returns. Those kids are just the adorabliest!! I'm totally a fan of Miguk such cute winks.
JoAnne: I ranted here yesterday and now today I feel better so I erased. (aww. hope everything is ok)(Everything is fine. Sometimes people are dicks and I lose my ability to laugh at them, thus permitting cracks in my cool exterior.)Wayyyy better than a therapist! Lots going on in KDramaLand so let's focus on that!
kakashi: Awwww, you people give me the standard color? I'm not sure how I feel about this. Important? You are our leader. 
Lafer: Exactly.

Birth of a Beauty - Episode 2 (A Wooki-Short-Cap)

Long have I pondered, mulled and thought - should I recap, should I not? I will, I decided, but with a slightly different format: these will be short-caps. With lots of Joo Sang-wook pictures and gifs. Anybody complaining? No? Thought so.
This episode doesn't waste much time: we're now trying to get revenge. Only revenge is much sweeter than it usually is, because who wouldn't want to get close to an (ex)husband one is still in love with?
JoAnne: He's got elf ears. Don't expect me to be nice about him.
Lafer: The shallow part of me just doesn't like him. And it's not just his ears.
becca: I wanted to like him here, but I just can't. Also, his face is puffy. It didn't always look like that.

We Got Married - The RimKim Couple (Episode 8)

They're getting sweeter. Is that even possible? Sweeter and more sincere, somehow. He tones it down a bit in this episode, which is good. He lets actions speak. Also good. There's a wedding coming up. Very good.
Mary: I just finished watching the raw Running Man guesting of Rim. The raw Section TV guesting of Rim. And the raw (followed by subbed) WGM ep8. Don't they have that saying about kokoros? When it Rims, it purrs! :))))
JoAnne: Can there be too much Rimming, Mary? For you?
becca: I don't know if it's because I don't feel well (so I'm tired and kinda out of it), but this might be the funniest episode yet. I laughed so much, my smile muscles hurt!
[[Also, a shout-out to our LTE-Couple friends at soompi who are enjoying our pervy analytical comments about WGM.]]
JoAnne: Do we have new friends? Hi!
becca: *waves*

Yoo Na's Street - Episode 14 (A CatchUpCap)

The law catches up to Yoo-na this episode! Or does it? Chang-man swoops in and finagles a "stay-close-to-me" deal in the process. And Nam-su is NOT happy. kakashi: I'm pretty happy though.

Yang-sun gives Yoo-na the locker number 251 and leaves the sauna. Yoo-na dons some specs for disguise (*snort*) and looks for the locker. But when she finds it, there's a girl using the locker itself. Yoo-na asks the kid what she's doing (LOL, you have the gall). She says her mom asked her to get some things. kakashi: suuuuuuuuure. becca: *raises eyebrow*

Bad Guys - Episode 5 (An "Oh Shit" Cap)

Last week's episode forged our Bad Guys together - this week's rips them apart. There's more insights into all the mysteries and characters, but new ones are added at the same time. We also get two new cast members who remain puzzles for the moment. While this is definitely not my favorite episode, it makes me want more. Actually, I want answers.
bcook: I just want an answer to one question. Who is that sneering man? *swoon*
JoAnne: My realization in this episode: it feels like we've spent way more time on Tae Soo than on anyone else, and the series is half over! There's a LOT still to do.
I agree. Tae-soo is very much our focus ... and I like it. Maybe he is the key to the grand mystery? Tae-soo, be my key! Poor, sad and angry Tae-soo. Hey, and maybe they're saving all the answers for Season 2. I told you OCN likes to do that. In fact, we often don't get any answers because who knows when the next season will be produced. If.
JoAnne: I sense bitterness, Kaka…

We Got Married - The RimKim Couple (Episode 7)

American breakfast, food truck, jealousy, a mission and a shooting range. That's what we get this week! They seem to be having fun - I was smiling the whole time.
JoAnne: This week was interesting because they really act like they feel comfortable with each other, like they've known each other a long time.  But their conversation points out that they are still 'new' to each other.  It actually makes it seem more plausible, that 'instant attraction'.
Mary: Finally, the mission card makes an appearance! Make it good, MissionCard-nim!
becca: I think this episode killed Nam.

We Got Married - The RimKim Couple (Episode 6)

T-shirt making and a deboner dinner is waiting for you, people! Also, we finally get to see the cats again. I wonder whether they keep them there all the time, even when they're not filming?
JoAnne: A 'deboner dinner' brings to mind a very different picture than what I actually saw...
becca: We already know the PD is keeping all the good stuff to himself. Of course he isn't going to show those appetites being satisfied.
Mary: The PD is a she. I bet she's keeping all those extra footage in a secret basement. Next to an altar dedicated to Rim.

Birth of a Beauty - Episode 1 (A WookiCap)

Heya Squeeglets! I'm most likely not going to recap this drama on a regular basis - real life is just too bitchy. But you know: Joo Sang-wook. I'm quite obviously waiting for him to sign on to TEN3, but in the meantime, I don't mind watching him doing another Rom-Com. He was so good in Cunning Single Lady! I started watching this with zero expectations and quite a lot of reservations, since I'm quite decidedly anti-plastic surgery and hated 200 Pounds Beauty. This episode made me laugh. I am not certain they will handle this delicate topic right (in fact, I doubt they will), but I'm ready to be surprised. Bring on the wack! Joo Sang-wook is deliciously good at it.
becca: I was fully prepared to let this one pass me by, but then I kept reading comments like "This is so crazy! And FUN!" So here I am.
JoAnne: I... did not laugh once. I can see where they are going for funny but it just didn't hit me yet, I guess. I didn't dislike it, I just didn't…

Yoo Na's Street - Episode 13 (A CatchUpCap)

Mary: Hello Thuglets! We're (sort of) back from The Land Of Evil Deadlines and trying to catch up with this lovely show. So here is Episode 13's CatchUpCap.
kakashi: I'm so sorry for not being able to press ahead with this! Thank you very mary for starting the CatchUpCaps! (P'shaw. Like you need to apologize for recapping lots of episodes for us!)
But first:

Yoo Na catches the little troll Hwa-suk and gives her a good beating. She promises to return the money. But Nam-su's good hand can't be returned, can it? (TT__TT) My poor Nam-su spends the rest of the episode drinking and feeling sorry for himself. becca: Not good. kakashi: This could end very badly. Booking Ajumma can't pay the fine for selling fake viagra and decides to do penitentiary work instead. So does Gye-pal who already went in after an awkward send-off party. becca: *shrug* Not great for Booking Ajumma. Also not great for Gye-pal, I guess, but we don't like him as m…

Bad Guys - Episode 4 (A VerySquee-ableCap)

Best episode yet, I think. What say you, ladies?
kakashi: Best episode yet, JoAnne. I loved it. 
bcook: *hugs self with glee* It was just....THE BEST!!
Our beloved dogs hunt down a big beast, plus they make some serious bromantic strides. I actually can't decide which makes me happier! You know I'm all about the bromance, but that beast was pretty ghastly, and I'm glad, glad, glad they took her down.
kakashi: Let's hope there's no more of that organ trafficking stuff in the next episode. *shudders*
bcook: eung! That woman is just plain scary.