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Who Are You - Episode 10 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  Our past passionate couple looks at each other and cry, and Detective Ears jumps up and down like a madman in front of a CCTV that no one is watching.  He tries to call, but she’s not picking up either.
bcook: Why? Coz she's hanging out with her Ghost Oppa that's why. Dead guy is better than big ears.
Shuk:  FINALLY - the puzzlebox.  Ghost Oppa nods that this was the reason he asked her to meet up with him that night, and we get to see the real story behind what happened during Y6I.
bcook: Open the bloody thing!!

Who Are You - Episode 9 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  The kiss has finally happened, and it’s awkward times at the precinct. It recently struck me, though, that even though she is physically the older person in this couple, her personal growth has been stunted after six years of coma. So I guess it makes sense they are about the same emotional level. We also get some story movement, but it still feels like the pacing is too slow.  At least we have more Ghost Oppa!
bcook: That kiss scene and the multiple replays just made my fingers curl and not in a good way. yuck yuck yelch yelch. eww.

Who Are You - Episode 8 (A SqueeCap)

BAD NEWS FOR WHO ARE YOU SQUEECAP READERS: Due to circumstances (translate: stupid computer crash), gifs will be seriously curtailed.  I will try to sneak in a few as I am able to kick my lappy into generating them. CMS
Shuk:  The ghosts of the week wisp away as we focus on our hottie dead detective Ghost Oppa. Which is, really, what a lot of us have been waiting for.  Shi-on is becoming aware that she has a link with this spirit deeper than that of his Hand of Justice.  She is also aware of growing feelings for her loyal underling.  Can we not break Oppa's ectoplasmic heart too badly, Show?
bcook: I refuse to even consider this 'growing of feelings'. Such a forced thing. Anybody have any examples of actors trying to convince us they belong together? Apart from Benniffer (Jlo and Ben Affleck). I'm very happy that Ghost Oppa is getting more screen time. Actually can the show just follow him around? I think it'll be much more interesting.

Goddess of Marriage - Episode 18 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: Gaaaaaaah! %&/%&ç""*"ç"*ç"ç"V! That **** **** ****** (insert swear words). This show is full of hateful, terrible people (but one). Remind again me why I am watching this?
JoAnne: I am sure that my outraged and uncensored tweets probably made some of our less... hmmm... colorful friends a bit uncomfortable.
kakashi: Let's get ranting. A gorgeous, but exhausted prosecutor gets home after a long day at work. He is obviously tense and in need of ... loooooooove and stuff. He is taking out a huge load of books and documents and carries them to the house. I wish I could call it lovenest, but I really can't. But I love shots that show his ... tight behind.
JoAnne: Have you ever walked up the stairs really close behind someone you are involved with and just kind of patted their butt at each step? No? Had it done to you? Try it. It's fun. Don't let him sing opera at the same time though.
kakashi: Absolutely. I do it very often.

Goddess of Marriage - Episode 17 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: It occurred to me that this is not a drama for the below 30 generation. And maybe it isn't one for the over 60 either, which would explain SOME people's reactions to it. For me, who is in the above 30, below 60 age-class, the drama does manage to hit some of the right buttons, though not very often, unfortunately.
JoAnne: Excellent point - and I think even further where this will resonate is with women (of course) because let's face it, we're the ones who mostly have to juggle the demands of family and work, our desire to be our own person vs. our wish to take care of others, and then of course there's all the shade thrown at every single choice a woman can make these days... and FINALLY our own desire for someone to take a little care of US for a change without it having to mean we're not equal persons. I know, guys have some of these issues too, but this drama ain't about the Gods of Marriage. Although I'd like to see this same story told tha…

Who Are You - Episode 7 (A SqueeCap)

So her memories are back...or are they?  Is her shock knowing he's an officer that died?  Or knowing he is her lover that was murdered?
bcook: Don't think she remembers that he's her lover. But she probably senses the connection.
Also watching the show is more fun with viki comments on.  FYI
Shuk: pfui.

Goddess of Marriage - Episode 16 (KimJiCap)

Not my favorite episode so far. Not at all. I might even say I hated it. There aren't even many beautiful Kim Ji-hoon pictures to be had and he only half-smiles once. That is why I invited uri lovely JoAnne again to help me giggle.
JoAnne: *cracks knuckles and then wonders if it should rather be the funny bone*
kakashi: We are back in the restaurant, where steaks are vigorously attacked (I will have to show Kim Ji-hoon how to lovingly and gently cut a piece of meat once he is my man). While our married couple enjoys their dinner (NOT), the Snore rumbles in, sees them, and freezes. And stares. He does stare really well, this one. He sees how the caring Tae-wook puts tasty things on his wife's plate. Thankfully, that Terrible Girl spots him and waves him over ... just as Sourpuss looks up and almost sees him.
JoAnne: A man should really know how to handle his meat. Also, re BoringUnfortunatelyNotDead:  
oh my GOD her voice. Can I punch her? I didn't hate her in Baksa's Bad …

Who Are You - Episode 6 (A SqueeCap)

So the interlude with his father has made a believer out of Detective Cha Gun-woo, the Scully to Team Leader Yang Shi-on.   Yeah yeah, she can see ghosts and solve crimes and stuff.  Can she figure out if her late fiancé can remove that blue shirt? bcook: *singing* "Then I saw her face! Now i'm a believer!" I don't think he'll ever become visible let along undressed. *sigh*
bcook: I like the voice over thing in the beginning. It probably goes something like "I was in a coma for 6 years. When I woke up, I had no memory of what happened...but now I have a strange power. I see dead people. In my new job in the lost and found center, I'm using my skill to find justice for the dead. Maybe one day I can find justice for myself" *filled with self-admiration and pride* wah. bcook. daebak!

Who Are You - Episode 5 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  We finally get another peek at our ghostly fiance, but the focus was more on the living in this episode.  And we finally get a tiny bit of understanding between our couple.

Goddess of Marriage - Episode 15 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: Let us all welcome the wonderful JoAnne who is joining me today with her incredible snarkpower to rant about GoM "a little"! But no ranting about Kim Ji-hoon, hear me?!
JoAnne: Hi! Notice me not making any promises.
kakashi: I will have to do some gifs of the Big Boring Snore Bore, out of fairness. He does bare his chest mighty well in this episode and I was unable to ignore it (even though he puts me to sleep almost immediately in all his other scenes). I hope Kim Ji-hoon will not get too angry with me? Oh, you ARE angry?! Sorry, baby. Just make sure you get some extended shower or bed scene next, okay?
JoAnne: I think he mentioned handcuffs?
kakashi: Oh. Handcuffs. Me. Him. hmmm .................

Master's Sun --- a squee-nsite

New Love                                                                                    Forever Love

A couple of people have asked me why aren't I capping Master's sun since I was so excited about coming out. Well it's because Dramabeans is doing it! They do recapping so much better that I don't think I would be a good enough competition so instead what I am going to do is give you my thoughts on the episodes that have aired so far. If you're interested in the TL:Dr just scrooll down, look at the pictures and check out the bottom.

Goddess of Marriage - Episodes 13&14 (KimJiCap)

Our main KimJiCap-couple gets less screen time in these two episodes (which equals a far more boring drama in my opinion). Instead, the focus is on the troubles of Sourpuss to adjust to her new role as Royal Daughter-in-Law. Not that anyone sane would blame her. My goodness and bless you, child. I really need to ask a proper Korean whether there are families like that? Are we to believe that the benefits of marrying into it (= money, money, money and I guess status, status, status) would really make up for being a Houseslave? Hm. I’m not convinced, personally. On the upside, we get to see a new Kim Ji-hoon face. I'll call it the "I am so sorry I want candy but can't get it" face. And it's just as adorable as all the other faces he can do.

Episode 13
Ji-hye runs, runs, runs (I would advise her to set her alarm clock a bit earlier. Unless she wants to run? Because of the exercise?) and leaves her sexy husband in bed alone. He is half asleep as his arms reaches f…

Who Are You - Episode 4 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk: So we have a runaway bride-ghost; a taciturn almost-husband prosecutor; a body missing a couple of pieces; fun bickering employees; a Team Leader by turns calm and freaked out; and a young Detective with a big heart and even bigger ears. WHERE’S MY SEXY DEAD GUY?! Just asking….
bcook: I wanna see him too! But I'm also a little scared. What if it's bad? Then it'll affect my memory of him from Coffee Prince. T_T
Shuk:  That man could stand there and just breathe and it will be good.  No worries.

Who Are You - Episode 3 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  Our second ghost arc begins with a whisper of ice instead of a bang, but as long as it serves to bring our couple closer, and nearer to when Kim Jae-wook ghost-oppa shows up, I’m down with it.
bcook: No couple togetherness! andwei!

Who Are You - Episode 2 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  Hello, everyone!  I've decided to punish myself with another currently-running show recap.  (I'm also doing an ancient show, but that's for another day and another blog).  Following in my usual tradition of not reinventing the wheel, my recaps will start with episode 2. After all, since our lovely Javabeans recapped the first episode, who am I to tamper with perfection?  And we have a fellow Squeer joining the fun!
bcook:  Annyeong! Don't mind me...I'm just observing Shukie's skills.

The link for the first episode is here.

Goddess of Marriage - Episodes 11&12 (KimJiCap)

Hot damn. I am the woman who thought Tae-wook was hot when he was angry. But Tae-wook when he is happy?! Hot damn/damn hot, I am not sure HOW MUCH I can take of this. This double-episode KimJiCap is rather brief (i.e. without any description of what anybody else does), but better brief than ultra late! I'm still on holidays, but who would have thought there's ultrafast WiFi in all the B&Bs in Scotland?!

Episode 11
The newlyweds arrive somewhere in the province for their honeymoon, where that Dragon Mother secretary is stationed now. Don't remember the name of the place nor the name of the woman, but WHO CARES anyway because .... Tae-wook. Kim Ji-hoon. He is beaming from ear to ear and is so happy ... and I die. It's not the last time in this episode, that's for sure!!!
They go to their honeymoon suite and it definitely pays off to marry into a super rich family that owns hotels cause they are all alone on the resort. Tae-wook is smiling like he's on drugs …

Heartless City (Moojung Doshi) - Episode 20 FINAL (A SobCap)

Shuk: Okay time to gird my loins, grab a tissue box, keep a bottle of soju nearby, and begin the end. I intend no pics of Asshat Min or Psycho Jo, besides a memorial.

Episode 20 (Final)

Shuk: Jin-sook slowly caresses the gold silk of Safari's urn as Team Safari waits with her. She then meets Baksa at the Bak Cave, and they comfort each other with a few words, and a touch.
kakashi: Hello everyone. In expectation of what is to come, I got very drunk. It numbs the pain. *hicks*
JoAnne: I don't even want to do this. Can we just not?
kakashi: Suck it up, JoAnne unni! Be like Jin-sook! Brave! 

Seeing Dead People

Ghosts in Kdramaland!! I’m convinced that Korean drama script writers are members of a cabal. They meet every season over some samgyeopsal and soju, and decide what the next theme is going to be.

How else do you explain the wave of sageuks last year? Or the fact that there are THREE!!!* dramas coming up with ghost seeing themes?

Writers-nim (or is it writer-nims?) Wae? Ghost-spotting seems to be a pretty common phenomenon in kdramaland this year. So I’ve come up with a little guide for fans who want to get in on the action too …..

Goddess of Marriage - Episode 10 (KimJiCap)

People! Stop harrassing me for not hating Tae-wook! Yes, I mean you and you. You know who your are :D It is in fact quite funny, if not hilarious, that I have become the one woman to publicly (=here and on Twitter) defend Tae-wook, who really is nothing but a character in a show. Yes, people: We are insane. Face it. You and you ... and you, too.
On another note, this KimJiCap is the last one before my holidays. Which means: no KimJiCaps for three weeks! Yes, I am sorry, but how should I have known Goddess of Marriage would keep me up at night when I booked them? I'll try to catch up as quickly as possible once I am back of course and will shower you all with incredibly beautiful Kim Ji-hoon pictures. I promise.
 *** Sourpuss gets home after the shout-out and shake-up with Tae-wook and gets the next scolding by her sister. No break for the cheating. Her father and she waited at the restaurant, but neither Tae-wook nor Ji-hye ever showed up. Her sister demands an explanation, but…