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Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 47 (KimJiCap)

Dear Readers, I'm sorry for the delay. Subs @viki were not accessible for me (and still are not) but I'm trying other ways. Like subbing with incomplete subs. Oh well. I bet the only bits that aren't subbed are not my Kim Ji-hoon's bits so I don't care. Can he sign on to a drama in which he has more scenes and one which is not more than 16 episodes? Thank you.
JoAnne: Life is hard for a Kim Ji-hoon recapper. You work very hard for your guy. I just stare at My Beloveable and croon at the screen about his pretty face and his soothing voice and his adorable butt. 
kakashi: There was so little of the adorable butt of my guy in soon 50 episodes :( By the way, people - Episode 49 of Jang Bori was preempted due to - I think? - basketball. Baseball? Some kind of ball.

Yoo Na's Street - Episode 12 (A THugCap)

As Gye-pal packs his things and goes to the detention center to get the money for his fine, nerves are blank at the Manbo House. The Curlies struggles with their own financial difficulties, the Manbos have no peace, and Mi-sun can't stop pining after her Gigolo. Yoo-na feels the weight of her life and briefly loses her cool. And who is there for all of them? Chang-man, of course.
Mary: Because every lost soul reminds Chang-man of his pet bird. And he wants to redeem all of them.
becca: He's built a little birdhouse in his soul.

What is it about the Eiffel Tower??

"I ought to be jealous of the tower. She is more famous than I am."
- Gustave Eiffel

Everywhere you look, the Eiffel Tower pops up in Asian dramas.

Yoo Na's Street - Episode 11 (A THugCap)

Hello! Becca, here, stepping in for a turn! And I couldn't be happier with the episode I got. There's a lot going on, as people are faced with choices and consequences. Things may be about to change, and I'm both very excited and very worried, especially as our heroine is flirting with the dark side. Somebody hold me! Preferably Chang-man.
kakashi: Hm. Chang-man. He is beginning to annoy me just a tiiiiiiny little bit, you know, a microbe-sized bit. By the way, I had to get a different version to gif from, unfortunately, with subs. This feels a bit like WTFParis days, but this time, the subs are English and not German at least.
Mary: Pfffft. She's flirting with the dark side, and I've a tiny little crush on Song Jae-rim. Also, hurrah for gifs and hurrah for becca and kahuna helping to recap YNS. *pushes Chang-man away to hug you both*

Rants and Weekly Raves #13 (RAWR)

Gorblimey! We're all so swamped, eh?
Hehehe. Yes. So how is Rain? I fear there's a drama slump ahead of me.
Shinichi begs to differ.
Shinichi says 'slump on THIS.'
*walks in... wants to know where her picture of Dr big nose, now hunky psychopath is.* 

Fall In Love With (Both Of) Me Episode 19 (A Get-On-With-It Cap)

Shuk: Two. More. Episodes.  [reaching for the makgeolli]
JoAnne:  I had a Mai Tai last night.  May it fortify me now.

Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 46 (KimJiCap)

거짓말, 거짓말, 거짓말!Min-jung, DIIIIIIE! Also, I'm bored. This drama isn't what it once was. Or maybe I'm not what I once was? This drama has changed me. Forever.
JoAnne: Everyone's tired, let's clean up and go home. That face is not acting. That face is mugging. Let's wrap it up.

Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 45 (KimJiCap)

Many things are changing in my life (i.e, new semester, new home), but some things just stay the same ... We're at The END minus 6 episodes and Min-jung is going as strong as ever - if not even stronger. I did think I would be sad once this is over but now I think I'm going to be quite glad. Cause it means my life will finally be free of that Witch.
JoAnne: It's just that there's SO MUCH going on these days! We won't have time to miss anyone here because we'll be head over heels with Bad Guys. And before I even get into THAT I've got My Beloved back again starting tonight! Plus, yes, a dozen other shows. (I am most excited for pictures of the new house, though.)

Yoo Na's Street - Episode 10 (A THugCap)

Faithful readers of our Yoo-na's Street recaps, I apologize for taking so long to do this next recap! My excuse? Well, real life. But now I'm back and you shall be rewarded because I'm taking EXTRA care to write a nice recap today. And what an episode this is! Shit is hitting the fan, big time. And things just get so much better (but very sorry, no gifs today - the YNS files are not giffable, for whatever crooked reason). 
Mary: *crying in corner for Nam-su*
becca: *passes tissue*

Rants and Weekly Raves #12 (RAWR)

It's a new week, full of new adventures! 
On Hot Abs-Nose aka Jo Dong-hyuk kakashi: For example, how has A Yaksha (or Yaksha or Ya Cha or Demon, 야차 (夜叉)) been able to escape my notice?! It's a 2010 OCN drama and it stars ... my Shinichi! I'm all over this right now! It's very much 19+ rated and trying very hard to be as gory and lusty as an HBO show (it's not) and ... well. There's Shinichi. Or whatever his real name is.
Mary: *giggling* *still thinking about Eel Tail Technique*
JoAnne: I need to watch this, but I haven't seen anything this week. Not one thing.
kakashi: It's horrible when this happens. (But I have my baby girl here, so I'm ok with it.)

Surplus Princess - Episode 4 (A SongJaeRimJob)

Pervy Mermy gets a couple more allies in her quest to be close to Rim! But is it enough? It seems to me that in this universe, EVERYONE is looking for a jeob. Err... job. JoAnne: I prefer to think of it as Second getting a jeob. Job. Because I'm all positive like that. No other meaning. None at all. kakashi: Please give everybody a joeb-Job. Joeb-less people are so sad. becca: I just want food. Sheppu-nim! Please feed us! Anyway, I'm just glad she's still pervy as ever. It just makes jeobbing so much easier. becca: This show literally jeobs itself!

Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 44 (KimJiCap)

"Hello! My name is Little Dirty Secret and I really want out! Let me out! Ouuuuuuut!". Yup, it's about time, I'd say. But once again, we're not quite there. But almost. In this episode, Min-jung finds a new enemy, which is BaDIL and the two women do all kinds of threatening and counter-threatening, with a little help from various friends.
JoAnne: I'm laughing because I immediately thought of 'Little Dirty Secret' as though it were Little Kei. It wants out it wants out it wants ouuuuuut let it out!
kakashi: Help! She's now joebbing KimJiCaps, too!

Fall In Love With (Both of) Me Episode 18 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  We are on the downside to this series, and boy, am I ready for something to happen that’s not PsychoBride or SexyAdGuy sadface. Or LeoThink.  Wouldn't be a nice change for something else, anything?  Maybe a drinking game, where you take a shot every time Whiny starts screaming.
JoAnne: Better play that game IN the emergency room, because you WILL get alcohol poisoning.

Shuk:  With the hope of escaping via The Taoyuan Airport solution, Sexy has renewed determination. TaoParents exact a promise from him to always put their daughter first, no matter where they end up. He fervently nods and heads out to make plans.

Shuk:  TaoMom grabs her daughter and starts throwing things into a suitcase. Chalky is confused, until TaoMom explains the plan to haul ass to the country of AnywhereThatsNotTaiwan. Chalky worries about OZ, but Mom points out that her happiness trumps any- and everything else. Chalky finally gets it, and the two share a tearful hug. Kitty promises to take ca…