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Goddess of Marriage - Episode 36 FINAL (KimJiCap)

kakashi: Alright! That's it. Goddess of Marriage is done and over with. I was ready for anything and I got the worst. Of all possible endings, the writer - who is certainly going for the prize of worst script writer ever - went for the most stupid one possible. Bravo! You didn't disappoint!
JoAnne:  I suppose it shouldn't come as any surprise that when I logged in to Blogger and saw the title for this post I read it first as 'Episode 36 FAIL (KimJiCap)
kakashi: On the bright side, there isn't a lot of Kim Ji-hoon in this episode. That is good, because it means a short KimJiCap. Oh, and another plus: the Goddess of Marriage finally appears!
JoAnne: Unfortunately she's not carrying her bowl of mystical powers and no one dies (Yet, writer-nim. There's still tomorrow. You'll never know when, you'll never know how. Sleep well.)

Kim Ji-hoon Interviews (and Pictures)

Who else is still trying to heal from the Goddess of Marriage WTFuckery? Only one thing could mend my broken heart: the news that Kim Ji-hoon has signed on to a new project. A good one. Hopefully not a movie though. Cause I need a LOT of Kim Ji-hoon. And fast.
Anyway, Kim Ji-hoon has given two interviews recently (here and here, thanks to @AhjussiKimJiHun for the links) plus he is doing other stuff (besides ordering things online), like filming for weird variety shows. Apart from that, he is just being hot.

Heir Impressions - The first 6 episodes

I'm not squeecapping (The Eonnies are doing an awesome job and frankly...i'm not snarky enough *sob sob*) but I thought I'd do an emotional recap of the first 6 episodes.


When whiney mcwhine whine starts talking. (Baby Heir's gf.) I could learn her name but I would mean I care.

Goddess of Marriage - Episode 35 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: JoAnne, we've made it! Almost. Congrats! This is the second to last episode and we haven't gone insane and we haven't pulled out all our hair in frustration. At least I haven't. Oups, are you perchance bald?!
JoAnne:  Nope, not bald. Puffy-eyed and stuffed-nosed after this episode, though.
kakashi: After thinking about possible endings for a while, after consuming as many spoilers as possible, and after silent reflection, I am ready for anything. Let them all die (alone), let them give birth to purple aliens, I don't care. Bring it on. But whom am I fooling ..... this episode is just heartbreaking. Ah my feels :(

The Heirs - Episode 6 (Pull some Heir and Squee(cap)?)

kakashi: Oh man. There is a lot of pent-up rage in this chicka here. Imagine, the bus was late! Like ... really late! Twice! It is so wonderful that I can unleash some of this anger on Heirs now. You must know that 2.5 out of 4 recappers have already fallen for this show. Tsts. Unbelievable. But I will stand strong! I will remain the bastion of Heirlessness! And believe me ... it was really easy. In short? A lousy episode.
JoAnne: Deng! Not so! (Come to me, my tiny fluffy chicks of teenage confusion.)
Episode 6
kakashi: Bean Princess disturbs the eye-loving between our Frenemies (who have made JoAnne lose her panties). Kids, it is dangerous to walk and fondle your smartphones! Seriously. I know someone who knows someone who has died because of it.
JoAnne:  Honestly, I heard this loud boom and when I went upstairs, even the panties in my top dresser drawer had burst into flames.

The Heirs - Episode 5 (A Squee Cap) (Heir of the Dog?)

JoAnne: It's me! It's me back with fresh heirs! I'm so excited! We are in Korea, we are in the same house, (except for my poor pissy Sex Heir, who looks very tired underneath the constant bitch face), and we are going to school!  This is me:
 No but really I am very excited.  Good things are going to happen, I just know it.

Goddess of Marriage - SBS [Midnight TV Entertainment]

Dear friends of Tae-wook (yeah, and you others, too ...) here is the video clip of yesterday's interview by SBS [Midnight TV Entertainment] with the cast of Goddess of Marriage. Unsubbed. But still great. It is an embedded post from Facebook, I hope it works!

New Kim Ji-hoon Twitter pics

Yay! Kim Ji-hoon is tweeting a bit more frequently again! Currently, he is teasing us with this picture ... it's from the 2nd backseat scene! (the light brown one). I really SHIP these two! I wouldn't even mind if they dated in real life!
이번주 방송 많이 기다리시는 분들을 위하여.. 그냥 이혼해 버리기에는 너무나 이쁜커플이죠?^^ 과연 태욱이와 지혜는 이혼을 하게 될까요..? 으악 궁금하다궁금해 ㅋㅋ
(uhm .... here is my "translation", which is more of a guessation: "This is for people eagerly awaiting this week's broadcast ... isn't this just a divorced couple oh-so-pretty? ... did Tae-wook and Ji-hye really divorce? I wonder ...")

Goddess of Marriage - Episode 34 (KimJiCap)

Tae-wook lovers! Are you ready to bawl your eyes out? Tae-wook non-lovers! Are you ready to feel deeply for a character you said mean things about for months upon months?! Apologize to my Tae-wook!
kakashi: Sorry for going picture-crazy. I couldn't help it.
JoAnne: He deserves it. You go, girl.

Goddess of Marriage - Episode 33 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: Too much teen-drama over at Heirs for you? Come join us for the insanity that is Goddess of Marriage! Here, we follow the mature lives of abnormal people and their terrible partnerships. Too sad it's almost over. Can't believe I'm still here.
JoAnne: Can't believe you described these people as 'mature.'
kakashi: Oh well. ..

Episode 33

kakashi: Ji-hye is rushed to the hospital. Good. Cause that means she isn't dead yet. Seriously, you never know with this writer ... she does all kinds of weird things if you don't watch her carefully. A very worried Tae-wook jogs sexily next to the stretcher and implores Ji-hye to wake up (doesn't look too sexy in the gif though, sorry)
JoAnne: No, indeed. He looks like a passenger on an amusement park ride that has gone horribly wrong.

The Heirs - Episode 4 (A SqueeCap) (A Heir-Breadth Away?)

cherkell:  Hi gang!  My turn to take on "War and Peace: The Teenage Years"... *looks at script*  Oh sorry.  It's actually entitled 'The Heirs: Let's Tack On An Undescribeable Tagline And Call It A Day."  As a recent Golden State transplant, I must apologize for the lame description of my fellow Californians because we're not all like that.  Well, some are.  But not most.  I digress... on with the show!
JoAnne:  I feel like that Kristin Wiig character in SNL who really likes parties.  Oh - my - gawwwwwwwwwwwwd, this is so EXCITING. Not the show, no. That's not particularly exciting, yet. But I get to comment!

cherkell:  We return to the scene of the clinch… erm, I mean crime at the LAX departure lobby.  Tempermental Heir decides the Los Angeles summers are too cold and snuggles up to Cool Heir for some body heat, as Bean Princess looks on that happy tableau and Cool Heir looks up to catch Bean Princess looking at them. Lots of looking here.

Goddess of Marriage - Low Hopes for a Happy Ending?

Greetings, Tae-wook shippers! And non-shippers. We are getting to the end of Goddess of Marriage (4 Episodes left!) ... but how will it end? I must admit, I am getting curious. This is a first for me: seldom have I been that invested into an (overall) crappy drama. Blame it on this guy.
In a recent interview, Kim Ji-hoon shared his views about Ji-hye's and Tae-wook's future. The following is roughly what he told the reporters (translation provided by Stacey Lee, Admin of the Goddess of Marriage Facebook Page (and edited by kakashi) - the pretty pictures are from

The Heirs - Episode 3 (A SqueeCap? A Heir-raising Experience?)

Shuk: Hi everyone! It’s my turn to recap. I don’t have the turns of phrase that my intrepid chingu-a have, but I will do my best to be entertaining. BTW, the movie theater is the Gaslamp Reading Cinema in San Diego. When they step out and see the Hollywood sign, they are on the corner of North Beachwood Drive and Glen Tower Rd in Los Angeles. That’s 127 miles, but hey! It’s Hollywood! Also, the car is a 2014 Maserati GranCabrio MC in Rosso Trionfale red. And you can lease one for $ 1600/month. Or buy for $ 135,000, your choice. (thanks to Shel for the info!)
kakashi: I have no idea what intrepid means (can one eat it?) but I do know that I would very much like this car. Without the passengers, mind you. I’m Anti-Nose, Pro-Car. Also, this drama is disturbing. I’ll tell you why in a bit... And it is not because of the incredible wormhole travelling abilities of our OTP. Though if this drama turns out to be about aliens, I’ll bet he first to love it to bits.

Goddess of Marriage - Episode 32 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: Let's just say I do not like that the writer(s) of GoM have suddenly learned how to write cliffhangers!!!! And I do not like that there are only about 5 minutes of Tae-wook in this episode. The rest I like.
JoAnne:  FOR REAL. I'd almost think they switched writers.

Episode 32
kakashi: It is on! Rival-alert! Will we see blood? Fist-fights? Cursing, hissing, dissing?
JoAnne:  I don't even know what I want. I'm so confused. No, I know what I want but there's no way they'd give it to me.

Goddess of Marriage - Episode 31 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: I have been looking forward to the next episode of GoM all week! Too much immature Heirs, not enough Men! Yeah, I have missed Tae-wook. Alright, maybe not Tae-wook, but my Schnuggiputzi Kim Ji-hoon. With all the Heiraballoo going on, my dearest baby might be feeling a bit neglected?! Especially since Kim Ji-hoon's mighty fine nose has been a topic on this blog AGES before Lee Min-ho's schnozzer ever was? (Yes, schnozzer is my new favorite word, thanks to JoAnne)
JoAnne: And mine is Schnuggieputzi!
kakashi: Oh yes. A very usueful German word!
kakashi: This show? Picking up speed again this week, though (or because) we are not focusing on the strives of unhappily married people. So --- I do wonder why it took 30 episodes, but hey! I'm not complaining. Today, I'm constantly rubbing my hands in glee: They evil bitches and bitcherichs are going down! So down! JoAnne:  Do I detect a wee bit of rum tea in your speech, dear?
kakashi: I'll need that for Episode 32 …

The Heirs - Episode 2 (A SqueeCap? A SnarkCap?)

kakashi: Hello chingus, I am so glad it is my turn now! We have a crazily complicated roster for SqueeCapping this baby called Heirs and I could barely hold still yesterday. I mean ... seriously! I. Did. Not. Like. The. First. Episode. Like NOT AT ALL. Like: hate with a vengeance not at all like.
JoAnne:  She's always this way about everything at first, though.  Remember WAML?
kakashi: Uhm ... why? Don't tell me I ended up liking that show?! Is that on record anywhere?!
kakashi: But everybody familiar with me knows: I am a very kind, very understanding person. And that is why I am giving this drama a second chance. This is its chance. Do good, episode 2!!! The big questions for me are: Will we finally leave cliché-deluxe-territory? Will we see Lee Min-ho naked? Will I bother to learn any of the names? Will someone cry? Will the English language be butchered more? Will we see more perfect bosoms? Etc.
JoAnne: Uh-huh. Sure. Yes! Nope. Bet not. Never. Definitely. Oh my GOD yes. …

9 Things I Loved About Gu Family Book

Hi Everybody, I'm Nabi!  I enjoyed guest-posting so much (my cathartic review of Faith is here) that Kakashi kindly agreed to let me try posting under my own screen name.  This is my first solo post, which I hope you enjoy, and with luck perhaps it will not be my last!

(Warning: this post contains Spoilers!!)
So why Gu Family Book, which ended weeks ago?  Because a few months back I decided to try starting my kDramas only after they had already finished airing -- the agony of weekly viewing was wearing me down!  And so, while the rest of you may have moved on, I'm still basking in the glow of the my most recent kDrama obsession.

Gu Family Book was by no means perfect (the ending was pretty lame, in particular), but on balance I would say it was more good than bad, and it was the first kDrama to crack my Top 20 list in months, coming in at #11.  In honor of the nine tails that we never saw, here are nine things I loved about it:

The Heirs - Episode 1 (A SqueeCap? A Heir Cut?)

JoAnne: It's heir, it's heir, it's really, really heir! Ok...I couldn't resist that. As you well know, I haven't passed up the opportunity for a single pun, good or bad, in the last 48 hours to get myself ready for this. Because I was waiting for THEM, people. The heirs. Will they let me down and break my heart in the time-honored chaebol way? I certainly hope so. You can't really be funny from a happy place, after all. Shall we get to it? Let the heart aches, bad puns, and nicknames begin!
Episode 1
JoAnne: Someone who is not Lee Min Ho but will magically turn into him during close-ups is surfing in sunny California. It's comforting to see that even IN the US, a KDrama production company will select the absolute worst Western actors possible. I do like consistency. I also wonder if the girl that Lee Min Ho kisses realizes how many fan girls just signed her death warrant?
cherkell: BAYWATCH FLASHBACKS! First off, the Coast Guard would bust you for surfing th…

Goddess of Marriage - Episode 30 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: I'm officially over hating this drama! I really liked this episode! That's two in a row ... I think the bad spell is broken.  JoAnne: We'll see. We've been jerked around by these nappeun namjas too many times already.

Episode 30

kakashi: Oups. Tae-wook meets the evil Prosecutor, who really isn't having a good day. The look he gives him? It kills.
JoAnne: Now here is where I legitimately feel sorry for TaeWook. He's a lot of things, our TaeWookie, but a criminal isn't one of them. So far. There's still 4,862 episodes to go.

Goddess of Marriage - Episode 29 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: This episode brings us truth-telling-time between Ji-hye and Tae-wook - and I'm feeling disappointment that this drama wasn't always strong like this. But I also remember, though vaguely, that there were other such dialogue gold nuggets in the mud. Better some gold than only mud. Yes. 
JoAnne: Some good stuff happened this time. Yes.
kakashi: Also, the long-awaited confrontation between Tae-wook and the MILDragon finally happens. Only ... it really doesn't end all too well for poor Tae-wook. Will you stop bashing him for a while now, Tae-wook haters? Do you acknowledge that it, maybe, isn't all that easy to change things at the Kang Hell House?
JoAnne: Awww, did da widdle baby get yelled at by his mama?

A Cathartic Review of Faith - Guest Post

Dear Readers, today, I present you with a special kind of Guest Post ... Not long ago, I was contacted on this blog's Facebook page by a person without a blog, lets call her Nabi (as in 나비), who is still suffering from the after-effects of Faith. And because Nabi wanted to have closure, Nabi wrote a long and detailed review. But what good is a review if nobody but the reviewers gets to see it, right?! I immediately agreed to help Nabi to get over the agony that some KDramas can inflict on us by posting the review on this blog. It's a total win-win situation for everyone. Enjoy.
Faith, how did you disappoint me?Let me count the ways...
I'm not savvy enough to pinpoint exactly where this series went awry -- whether it was the writing, the directing, the editing, the acting, or some lethal combination of the above – but it was, without a doubt, a series that I should have loved, but didn't.
So here is my effort to reconcile the potential I thought I saw in the begin…

Who Are You - Episode 16 Final (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  We have finally reached the end of the show. Almost everything was completed last episode, with the exception of bringing our canon couple together: the bad guys are incarcerated, and our beautiful Oppa is now a glitter angel.  The final drinking game: a shot for every time a plot point or dialogue is recycled from a previous episode. Let’s get faced and see how it all finally pans out!
bcook: *Just downs the soju bottle* It's the end! It's the end? Right? No surprise extensions right?

Goddess of Marriage - Episode 28 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: People, I think I'm at the right level of inebriation to power through this ... Goddess of Marriage, ftw!
JoAnne: I think 'FTW' now must mean something that starts with bad language and ends with Tae Wook. Or starts with fine and ends with Tae Wook. Or it could be a rallying cry: Free Tae Wook! Take your pick.
kakashi: In fact, it means "Forever Tae-wook". I'm a romantic. Sometimes....
Kim Ji-hoon, may I call you "oppa"?
kakashi: This episode made me cry! Because ... the quality of the subs was so terrible (In truth, I cried because everyone was so sad. But I don't like to admit that).
JoAnne: I was going to say that you cried because you were drinking but you were drinking when you wrote this, not when you watched this. Well, maybe not when you watched this. When did you watch this? Was Lafer involved? You guys had so much fun...did it make up for the sadness of Tae Wook?
kakashi: Oh yes, I was drinking when I wrote this, becau…