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The Disguiser 伪装者 - Episode 2 (Recap)

I'm glad to report that nothing in this episode is complicated: the story has begun and it is awesome. Ming Tai begins a new life, but brings his old attitude right along with him. You know those smart people who seem to be able to bend all rules and always get away with it? That's him. His brother learns about his sibling's fate but is quite powerless to do anything while Ming Tai does some massive growing up in a fairly short time. I am hoping that he gets to keep being that carefree for a little longer because I see massive trouble ahead. What happens when the training is over and he is sent to kill somebody he cares for?!
Getting to know Ming Tai is a lot of fun. We're seeing that he is both very bright and a bit of a devil - he likes to mess with people and has that sort of charm you often see in the baby of the family, where indulgence lends itself to a playful take on life. Fortunately, he's not a brat - although Airplane Wang might feel differently about …

We Have Our Winner....

....although we are all winners when we get to gaze at the beautiful dimpled smiles of those fine actors.
This was one of the easier contests, I'll admit, although a few thought Joo Sang Wook was Jang Hyuk and several people were convinced Lee Min Ho was in there somewhere! We did have multiple correct entries, so the winner was picked at random. Congratulations Roia! Your chosen shade of Etude House lip gloss will be on its way shortly (via Switzerland, where Kakashi lives, because life is complicated).

Name That Dimple Contest: The Answers!

The Contest is closed! May the most deserving entry win!!! (We will announce the winner soon:)
Here are the answers, for those of you who just couldn't quite place the dimple(s):

The Disguiser 伪装者 - Episode 1 (Recap)

In a completely unexpected twist - I must say, I'm surprised myself!! - I've decided to recap Episode 1 of The Disguiser instead of starting a Nirvana in Fire recap. The latter may just be a matter of time, but time being as it is (=weird), The Disguiser made it into the front row, almost out of the blue. The Disguiser is set in the Japanese occupation era. In this episode, we meet most of the important characters. Bear with me and the drama. First episodes are always hard, especially in C-Drama's, I think.
I can tell you what won't help: four minutes in, and I'm seeing so much that reminds me of Inspiring Generation/Age of Feeling (which was really cool for a while, admit it!) and even Gaksital... so then I start thinking about them and have to rewind this in case I missed something important!

Rants and Weekly Raves #61 (RAWR)

JoAnne: Oyyyy, it's cold. Colder than cold here in New England. Yes, the colors are lovely. You know what? Who cares! It's frigging COLD. I don't care about color, I care about HEAT. I come home to my cold house because dammit, I will NOT turn the heat on until November 1st, and I wrap up in something, and then I turn on the heating pad (fuck you, it's not cheating) and lean back against it, settle in to watch some dramas and....go to sleep. It's too damn cold!
kakashi: It's been really mild here ... without-coat or even jacket mild. Lovely colors as well. But not very lovely Real Life. I'm just stressed. And I don't even dare look to closely at my agenda....
I know what you mean... don't need to get into it here, but yeah. Things are Stressful. Thank God for distractions!
bcook: You think you're stressed? pft
Nabi: It's lovely weather in California! But yeah...stress here, too. :-(
Jaehyu: Well, it's not particularly cold here in the mid-A…

What The Heck Is Going On? Episodes 3 and 4 (A HyoCap)

Shuk: So we have our Little Girl Gone. Anna is now 15 years younger than Ilwoo, so she has changed from a cougar to a kitten. What will happen now?
Jaehyus: Some inappropriate and weird stuff.

Ep 3

Back to Anna shocked that Granny's tarot card granted her wish to be 15 years younger than Ilwoo. Her friend, the one who was exercising at the shop the day before, and is called Sini, comes in and says, "who are you?" Anna tells her, "it's me, Anna." Sini doesn't believe her, so Anna says tells her things like Sini's real cup size that only Anna would know and the tarot card, the Tower, that Anna picked yesterday. Sini is shocked at first, but then calmly accepts the situation and helps Anna find something to wear.
Since Sini already understand the nature of fate (and Tarot), I can see her coming to that understanding pretty swiftly. So luckily Anna has an adult on her side right from the get-go.
Ah, good point re Sini.

Thoughts on Elders and Twenty Again (by guest writer W. Miguasha)

kakashi: Hi all! Twenty Again is over, but our thoughts linger on ... a reader of this blog has submitted a short entry, which I really liked, so I'm posting it here. It's on "Loss of connection with the stories of the elders". Written by W. Miguasha. Maybe you have your own stories about the elders to share?

Let's Eat with Kim Ji-hoon - Episode 5

Kim Ji-hoon is completely AWOL, even from social media. What gives, oppa? Luckily for me, I still have two episodes of Let's Eat With Friends to recap. He looks so yummy in this, which is appropriate for a program about all kinds of yummy things.

Calling all Name That Dimple Contestants!

Now that you are awash in the sea of dimples, it's time to get those entries in! The contest: will officially close Wednesday, October 28 at midnight EST.

Lee Sang-yoon on Saturday

Oh the horrors, no daily Lee Sang-yoon post yesterday!!! This morning, however, more pictures have appeared to lessen the sadness of "NO TWENTY AGAIN" this weekend. There's the fun ones, labled "Party in Phuket" - and then there's a few more after-production shoot ones. The backgrounds are starting to look very familiar, haha.

What The Heck Is Going On? Episodes 1 and 2 (A HyoCap)

Jaehyus attempting her first attempt at a squeecap! It's a web drama, and it has my K-Ent Love Of My Life, Jaehyo, as the star. Fortunately for me, the story looks pretty good, if weird, which means no conflicts between love and hate. In addition, there are no subs at the time of writing this, but kindly shared their translations with us - which saved me making stuff up.
Shuk: I will be watching and commenting along with this as well! This will be my second mini-episode webdrama after my current SqueeCapping project, Noble, My Love.
Yay for Shukkie! And since web dramas are the way of the world for South Korea these days, we'll probably be seeing - and recapping - more of them.

Lee Sang-Yoon on Thursday (in Thailand)

This Wednesday evening, 11.15pm local time, LSY arrived in Phuket, Thailand, together with his Twenty Again co-stars and part of the crew. I like that tradition of going away together after the ordeals of the shoot! And they sure look SWEET. I always assumed Choi Ji-Woo was married ... Not that I ship them together in real life. I don't do that! But it makes it all even sweeter. Have fun, y'all! (Haha, Lee Sang-yoon is wearing a Woocheon University T-shirt!!!)

Lee Sang-yoon on Wednesday Morning

OMG there is more!!!! These are the pictures that Wednesday gave to me this morning (which you get to see much later cause I had to post the Dimple Contest first). Now my heart is racing ... Lee Sang-yoon, you sexy beast, what have you done to me ??! (Wait ... or is it the cups of ultra-strong coffee that I just drank ?)

Name That Dimple Contest - our 1000th Post!

Lafer: Well, Kakashi, you've made it to 1,000 posts!
kakashi: OH MY GOOOOOOOOD! How is that even possible .... well, definitely not without a little help from my friends. Thank you all so much, Squeecappers! 

And yet all that's really on your mind is Dimples, as in Mr. Dimples himself, Lee Sang Yoon. (I miss him so..... TT_____TT) Whom, I admit, I also have an extreme fondness for (Shooooo, go away!). As a matter of fact, dimples play a large part in almost ALL of the actors I'm attracted to. What more fitting way to celebrate your 1000th post than with a Name That Dimple contest?
Mr. Dimples APPROVES! 

Rants and Weekly Raves #60 (RAWR)

Kakashi: Hu Ge makes this week's RAWR's headlines. I'm sorry, non-NiF watchers. Mainly because you're not watching this AWESOME drama, muahahahaaaaa. But isn't he beautiful?
Jaehyus: Yes, yes he is. And this is the best drama for sheer beauty that I've ever seen.  
So that contest we talked about the other week? It is going to happen! Our 1000th post will be a contest-post, by the famous PotUP contest maker lafer/KLnoona! Be sure to participate!
JoAnne: I looked! This will stretch our Squeeglet talents, but I know they can do it!

Lee Sang-yoon on Tuesday Morning

Not all is lost, people. It is now Tuesday (Twenty Again over plus two or so days) and a new batch of Lee Sang-yoon pictures have emerged on my Twitter feed - all recent after Twenty Again pictures. I have a clear favorite, which one is yours?

Lee Sang-yoon on Monday Morning

There is no written content here, people. Just the pictures Monday morning gave me. The concept of this shoot seems to have been: "Put this man into a nice sweater and make sure the ahjummas get to see his forehead and eyebrows... but not too much dimple! We don't want to kill them". At this point in time it seems that Liar Game 2 and something tentantively called Thirty Again is happening some time next year, but can that "time" be earlier rather than late?! And can we get confirmation Lee Sang Swoon is actually in BOTH? 

Noble, My Love - Episodes 5 to 6 (A SqueeCap)

So there's an offer on the table. If you were Dr Cha, would you automatically agree?
Trotwood: (*pulling up in my moving van*) Did you ask a question? Oh yeah, right. You were asking if I were Dr. Cha, not me. Okay (driving the truck away) maybe not.
Jaehyus: no, I wouldn't agree, because the whole thing is psycho.
Quirkstine: I wouldn’t agree either. Sung Hoon is a major hottie but his methods are batshit crazy.
JoAnne:  WHY do you insist on introducing reality?  We all know that such beautiful men do not exist in real life, ergo, this behavior cannot, either.  Gooooooooo with it.  Gooooooo with it.
Urgh, now I'm sad such beautiful men don't exist in reality.

Rants and Weekly Raves #59 (RAWR)

kakashi: SqueeCappers, we are nearing our 1000th post! Is it time for another competition on here, maybe?
Jaehyus: Cool, okay to a competition. Sigh, it's been a busy week, and I can't remember my dramas.  I've been trying to keep track of the characters in Nirvana in Fire, and that's so hard!
JoAnne: You can't just Wiki it? That's what I do when I'm watching something new with a large cast.
I didn't think of that.  Oops.  

Noble, My Love - Episodes 3 to 4 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk: In the first 30 minutes, we have established our tropes our leads. Now we can get down to the business of having them tangled in each other's lives. Trotwood: Dear Santa, please let me have a secretary that pops up like this whenever I need him/her.

Noble, My Love - Episodes 1 to 2 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk: [cracking knuckles] Okay, it's been a long time since I've SqueeCapped anything, although I still sometimes wake up sobbing when I think about the time I spent on Blood. But recently my Twitterbean chingus have been all a-flutter regarding this short webdrama. I managed to marathon it over several days and found myself smiling through most of that weekend, despite the (usual) dismal DramaFlu subtitles.

Given that each episode is only 15 minutes long, I thought  that the easiest way to recap would be in multi-episode increments, to allow maximum squee-age.
Quirkstine: Hello! I’m usually only lurking on PotUp but for this squeecap project, I’ll be squeeing and snarking along with the PotUp crew. Thanks for letting me join in the fun!

Episode One "A Doomed Fate, Fated Doom" Our Voiceover Guy explains the beginnings of our intrepid hero, Lee Kang Hoon (Sung Hoon), in glowing terms reminiscent of the Emperor's New Groove: cute, smart baby, growing up to hot, sma…

Thoughts on Falling in Love and Twenty Again

Who remembers what it feels like to fall in love? I do - cause I often fall in love again, with my husband and my daughter, but also with certain actors (*wink, wink*). And while I would of course NEVER compare those loves, falling in love of any kind is a wonderful, wonderful thing … unless your love is tragic, cannot be, or is unrequited. Love can also make you suffer like hell, but that's a topic for another time. Today, we're talking about falling in love.
I remember it. Vaguely, like a prehistoric memory lodged in my pea-sized dinosaur brain...
I remember falling in love with Jaehyo. Does that count?

Rants and Weekly Raves #58 (RAWR)

kakashi: Lots of new shows starting this week! Jaehyus: A few too many for me.  It'd be nice if they were spread out more.I'm so glad both Hwajung and Yong Pal have ended, even though I dropped them. I hate when shows start off strong and then suck. My brain starts feeling like a thought is incomplete.  JoAnne: Holy cow, I have watched NOTHING this week beyond an episode of Moon River and 24 episodes of New Tales of Gisaeng. Um, okay, so I've watched a LOT, but of only one thing. And my baby girl is home! We've been to a wedding and a big party and been out to eat lots (sometimes, she even treated!) and just in general are having a nice time. She spends a few hours with me and then runs off to see friends, then comes back, rinse, repeat. How's NTofG going? Is it actually any good?
YES. She makes that boy WORK for it.
Shuk: Just because of Sung Hoon, I started watching "Birth Of A Family" from episode 64 on.  Jury is still out.
Sassy Go GoI certainly plan to…