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New Year's Eve Dinner Party with lafer and kakashi

kakashi: Hello! We're back. And now, we're getting serious ... lafer? Will you do the honors? Tell us whom you are going to invite!

lafer: Right off the bat, I'd have Song Joong-ki to my left and Ji Sung to my right. Yes, I know, about as surprising as your Park Shi-hoo and Lee Jun-ki. But lest you think I'm shallow enough to be swayed only by adorableness, let me assure you that I've seen various interviews with both these guys so am not giving these seats away lightly.

Yes, lafer. I'm also going for brains rather than looks. This is about a dinner after all, right? And we will talk, right?

Well, I'm not sure exactly how much talking we'll do, because let's face it, there is a slight language barrier. But we can pretend to be listening with rapt attention... while gazing into their eyes......

My hangul is perfect for the occasion. I can say "oppa", "sarangae", "kamsahamnida" and one or two things in addition. I'…

12 Men Follow-up: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? (NOT Lee Min-ho!)

lafer: Kakashi, apparently there are a few people out there that enjoyed looking at Lee Min Ho and the 12 Men of Christmas.

kakashi: Lafer, "a few people" is an understatement. I'm actually a bit jealous: all of my intellectually stimulating and thoroughly thought through posts don't get half as many hits as your 12 Men of Christmas! 

Kakashi, I think it's just because the name Lee Min Ho was in the title! If I could figure out a way to use it in every post, I would!

Well, let's just use his picture first so that it will show up on the entry site (little dirty blogger tricks... Lee Min-ho, kids, and animals -- they work miracles!)
And that is why you're the brains of the operation, kakashi! Maybe we can even use him in the title, like Lee Min Ho, Guess Who's NOT Coming to Dinner?
Done! So, lafer... I may be jealous, but I will admit - your Lee Min-ho post is totally awesome. It must have taken you ages to fit the Santa hats onto their lovely heads, right…

Cheongdamdong Alice ... and Product Placement (Part I)

I am currently rewatching old Cheongdamdong Alice episodes to get over the long wait for the new ones. And when I rewatch things, I tend to pay more attention to details. In this case, the Product Placement (PPL). Not a new topic at all: I wrote about it a while ago, and so have others. Not a new topic at all, but still one worth writing about again and again!
I'm a relative newbie to the KDrama-craze (it's been 2 and a half years only), so I would be interested to hear from the veterans (like latteholic, who has years and years and years of experience): has it become worse? Or just more blatant? Right, I remember that some laws were changed a while ago, which may have opened the PPL floodgates - but there also seems to be a change in how normal rather lengthy sequences of flat-out advertisements have become.

Nice Guy was the last drama whose PPL severely irked people ... but now, Cheongdamdong Alice is quickly becoming the new boo drama. But then again, something big happened…

Who Needs KDrama ...

... when they're in Winterwonderland?! Happy Friday, dear readers!

My Top 5 ... Elevator Scenes

Another Top 5 post, as I wait for new episodes of CDDA and KoD! As always, the same rule applies: The scenes might not be the best and the brightest, but it is the ones I remember most vividly. Truth is, there are quite a lot of elevator scenes in KDrama. I guess it's because walking up stairs is a) unsexy and b) cannot be captured on film quite as well. Or is it because there are so many skyscrapers in Seoul?
Cheongdamdong Alice This scene at the end of episode 7 of Cheongdamdong Alice gets to go first because it gave me the idea for this post. It could have been a good elevator scene (in the sense of it leading to more awesomeness), but unfortunately, it was only a fake-out. Seung-jo is too stricken by the fact that Se-kyung actually likes him and doesn't even notice her (though she's right in front of him, across the hall). Right... Very much how things happen in real life. But who is interested in real life when they have CDDA? I can't believe I have to wait un…

A K-dramaAddict's Guide To Korean Variety Shows [Part 2, Guest Post]

TA-DA! Hi everyone, I'm back with the second part of my post! Put your hands up people! And... your feet too! (and yep you gonna fall. Sorry...). And so, without further ado, let me go straight into the "guide" and continue from where I left off last time..
1 Night 2 Days

1 Night 2 Days follows 5-7 of its cast members as they made various overnight trips throughout Korea, including many offshore islands and was hosted by another famous MC, Kang Ho Dong (which you will hear a lot when you're watching K-variety) and cast members: Lee Seung-gi (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, King 2 Hearts), singer Kim Jong-min, comedian Lee Su-geun, Uhm Tae-woong (Equator Man, Mawang), Eun Ji-won (Answer Me 1997, member of Sech Kies), singer Kim C, and singer MC Mong in its first season. Season 1 just finished its 5 year airing this year, and followed by season 2 almost immediately. In contrast to Family Outing season 2, I think the new cast: singer Sung Shi-kyung, Cha Tae-hyun (My Sas…

My Top 5 ... Female Characters

It's been a while since my last Top 5 post. Yes, I was busy with other stuff! With Lee Jun-ki, for example. But now, it's become quiet in KDramaland - and I will have to wait for new episodes of my two current shows. Time to do some deep thinking about ... things. After trees, permed hair, and snow, I want to tackle something serious for a change: Female Characters.

Me, myself, and I are totally in agreement with this selection. Yes, it was super easy and very harmonious: We knew within 10 seconds who would go on this list. It's quite obvious what all of these characters have in common: they are atypical, independent, strong, sometimes rebellious women that go against the grain of society. If you want to use the term 'feminist' in relation to KDrama, these characters are as feminist as they come. Though they do not openly fight for a bigger feminist cause, they fight their own micro-battles against men, against women, against conventions that want to shackle them, …