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Kim Ji-hoon on Happy Together

Who is missing Kim Ji-hoon? Me? Yes, I'm about ready to recap the next episode of Golden Era of Daughters in Law. Also, Kim Ji-hoon was on Happy Together(on The Hot Men and Women Special) a few days ago and talks about how he ended up on Jangbori (though he really didn't want to), doesn't get any offers, and why he tries to stay away from Variety Shows.While he heavily crushes on Lee Sung-kyung (the student from It's Okay It's Love). It's totally one-sided. Pooooooooor Ji-hoon :(

Rants and 'Weekly' Raves #22 (RAWR)

I don't know how many of you drop in on OT, but this week was kind of an old home week for us because we did - first time in a long time. It was so much fun to see old friends who aren't on Twitter, and new people just discovering dramas, and the whole thing just felt like a massive party.

DramaBeans is where most of us met and became friends, and spending time on Twitter came about because we wanted to keep our OT conversations going longer. We're going to try to make a point of visiting now and then.  It felt good!

$_)@*$%^_ Witches Romance Ep 16 (A Finally Final Cap)

Shuk: We have finally reached the final episode. Once this is finalized, we can start something else. Kill Me Heal Me? Or wait for Blood? Both seem like they might be crack(d). Anyways, it's time for the tie-ups and final sweetness before we say goodbye to this 2014 noona romance.
JoAnne: I'm still on the fence about KMHM, but I do kinda like it now whereas before I was NOT impressed. Blood just better be a snarkfest, or it's going to be incredibly boring. Both leads have a rather... hmmm... 'low blood pressure' approach to acting.
kakashi: This is catharsis. Finishing something that finished so long ago ... it must feel good, no?
JoAnne:  Meh.
Shuk: [sigh]

Birth of a Beauty - Episode 21 FINAL (A WookiCap)

We made it to the end, my friends, and everything is neatly wrapped up in this last episode. And everybody gets what they deserve. We even get a truckload full of cute.
S@ki6: Such a relief!
Lafer: The champagne is in hand! Actually I should have probably started drinking before I watched.
becca: Oooh, is this pic of them in heaven? Or a fantasy sequence as one of them dies slowly in the other's arms? I thirst for blood!
JoAnne: I would swear that I already commented on this, but after looking through, nope. I'm just stuck in an endless loop of idiocy, I guess? Oh wait! THIS IS THE END!!!!

Birth of a Beauty - Episode 20 (A WookiCap)

We are almost done, which means the show starts cleaning up its mess. Bear with me. It'll be over soon.
JoAnne: I am still here. Still alive! This show will not kill me. (Healer might, though.)
Lafer: I am so proud of myself for actually finishing this drama. One of the truest tests of endurance in my lifetime. (I think this makes me cry)
S@ki6: I almost never finish dramas. I finished this one because of the squeecaps. And because Joo Sangwook is hot. 
becca: I'm not watching the rest of this drama. Life is too short, and I need my brain cells for other things. Becca, you have the right idea.

Rants and "Weekly" Raves #21 (RAWR)

We're a little light this week - people claim to have 'real life events' taking up their time. Riiiiiiiight. You're all off hunting the web looking for THIS guy:

Yoo Na's Street - Episode 21 (A ThugCap)

Oi, what a roller coaster of an episode! From extremely sweet to extremely sad in 30 minutes, I tell you! The best: Lee Hee-Joon showing off his acting chops. Oh my, this guy can act.
Mary: This episode is the best. For crying.
becca: I watched at school (NOT during class! I am a good student!), and I couldn't let out a single tear because there were two guys sitting right across from me. It. Was. Torture.

We Got Married - The RimKim Couple (Episode 17)

More honeymoon, including a wet T-shirt contest. It's not the most exciting episode ever though. And it did make me a bit angry. See why. Also, mary's still not commenting.
JoAnne: You're not one for posturing or for falling back on standard male/female tropes, either. I can see you getting annoyed on this.
becca: More than annoyed, I was kind of bored.

Rants and "Weekly" Raves #20 (RAWR)

JoAnne: Rawwwwwwwwwwwwwr who's ready for 2015? You? Me? No. I'm going back to bed. I'm actually really out of whack right now and need to get situated, drama-wise, because I have no idea what's coming when or how much longer I have for what I'm on, and I keep sticking things in the middle and just watching straight through, or watching movies. That's what vacation for near three weeks will do to you, I guess. But I'm back at work now, and it's time to get serious about the dramas!
Lafer: Oh, is that what it takes to get serious about dramas? Going back to work? Ain't never going to happen, then. And if my boy Ji Sung fails me, well, I can't even ..... the thought is too depressing.....
kakashi: *Sigh* ... I've had a toughish start into 2015 too ... so much work! So little motivation!!! And I'm not doing well, drama-wise. Like... not well AT ALL.
Shuk: [happily watching lakorns without a care in the world]

Yoo Na's Street - Episode 20 (A ThugCap)

This episode brings back a secret favorite of mine (The President!) (Laughing at memories of reclining-chair scene....) and he even comes with a son! Quite to Manbo and Madame's delight, because who would be better for their Da-yeong than a filial son of a stinking rich man? This episode also gives us more pitiful creatures, first among them Thief Girl Han-jeong. It's a sad one ...
Mary: I want Yoo-na to be that girl's Yang-sun.
becca: I do, too.

Golden Era of Daughters In Law - Episode 17 (KimJiCap)

What is going on, you ask? Well, it's quite obvious! I miss my Kim Ji-hoon. Plus, this is the wedding episode!!!!! And the world really needs some cute these days. This drama is so damn funny. How could I not have watched on? Thank you, drama slump!

We Got Married - The RimKim Couple (Episode 16)

Honeymoon Part II! I love all the food and this is a great PR campaign for Turkey, too ... I want to go even more now. 
JoAnne: I really liked this episode - it's more of Turkey than I've ever seen, and RimKim were adorable.
becca: It really does look amazing. Maybe I'll go there when I'm a millionaire. (I have no idea how I'll become a millionaire, but hey! it's important to have goals!)
I'm very sad though, cause mary doesn't want to comment :(

Birth of a Beauty - Episode 19 (A WookiCap)

More moping. More incredible boredom. And then, noble idiocy is finally exposed and killed. Grow up already, you stupid characters! Be over, show! Shoooooo!
S@ki: Omo, I'm really having trouble getting through this episode. 
I almost died recapping it. I was questioning life's meaning, too.
Lafer:  Remember when we all loved these characters? No, of course not, our brains have been washed away.
?????: Who am I? Why am I here? *horrified screams* What IS this horrible show??

Birth of a Beauty - Episode 18 (A WookiCap)

I'm having a terrible After The Holidays And Its Monday And Beautifully Sunny Outside But I'm At The Office-Blues. So I decided to start the next recap of Birth of a Rice Ball. Let's see whether that's a good idea.
Lafer: Let's call this episode: The Miracle of the Rice Balls, or how one person with a bag of ingredients no bigger than a tablet can make rice balls for hundreds of taste testers!
JoAnne: Well, rice does swell in water. Maybe this rice just really retains a lot.
S@ki6: KangJoon got slapped. Not hard enough, but still satisfying. Also, I watched this episode drugged out on pain meds. It made me think people who get drunk before have the right idea. 

Yoo Na's Street - Episode 19 (A GettingThereCap)

Some things are settled in this episode but other things start turning bad ... people we thought we hated suddenly seem very pitiful. Not a dull moment with this one.
becca: This episode reminded me once again that nothing and no one is black and white in this world. This certainly isn't a crack drama for me, but it satisfies my heart and my mind because these characters and their problems are shown in a very realistic and thoughtful manner. The characters seem and act like real people, for better or for worse. Why can't more dramas do that?

$_)@*$%^_ Witch's Romance Ep 15 (A GottaComplete Cap)

What's this? :< Did someone say something bad? *taking out pitchfork*
kakashi: It's JoAnne deciding she wants to finish what was once started ... hey, I can help!
I just have to rewatch the episodes and most of the time I really hate going back to something I've already seen.  Surprising, right?  I don't do a lot of tv show rewatching, though. 
JoAnne, we have a problem!!! All the torrent links for Witch 15 are dead ... I might have to do episode 16 only screencaps and gifs.
That's fine by me. I might be able to grab some sub-less screen shots from 15, too.
Shuk: I have AWR downloaded, I think. So gifs can be made if needed. I'll add a bunch of gifs that you guys can take out and photoshop as you want. :)
I love you, you are awesome, you deserve cookies and a puppy.

Yoo Na's Street - Episode 18 (A ThugCap)

On we go! At this rate, we'll finish recapping this show by 2025. Better late than never applies to this case though! In Episode 17, Yoo-na and Yun-ji robbed the robbers, Chang-man almost kissed Yoo-na (or so she thought) and Nam-su has hit rock bottom. In this episode, the robbed robbers get much too close to our girls for me to be comfortable. Begone! Also, Gye-pal gets some love. Who would have thought...
becca: This was an especially good episode. I almost cried a few times.
Mary: Hey! Maybe there'll be a third remake of Moon of Seoul/Yoona's Street by then! I'm excited that you're excited about the next couple of eps though. Because I loved them to bits!

Birth of a Beauty - Episode 17 (A WookiCap)

Noble idiocy Part II! What a boring struggle this one was.
S@ki6: I could hardly keep awake. 
Look, even what's his face is asleep. Crying in his sleep. What a wuss.
becca: It's okay, Wookie - I cry when I have to sit through this show, too.
Lafer:  Yikes!  I'm sure no one will mind if I sit this one out, right? IT is New Year's Eve, after all.