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Nail Shop Paris Episode 5 (A SongJaeRimJob)

Hola, Squeeglets! I'm back! (I hope...) We all miss Rim on our screens so let's get on this RimJeob while waiting for more casting news, ohkei? *staring daggers at SM C&C* kakashi: *suspicious* What does that stand for?! I hope they did not forget the "&" between the S and the M... seems dodgy. It's his agency. Oppa's agency, ohkei? *eyeing kakashi* JoAnne: Aren't they the ones that people joke keep trainees in the basement?

Fall In Love With Both Of Me - Episode 1 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  Hello again, everyone!  I recently completed my first ever Thai SqueeCap when I joined the AoMike craze, and now I’m ready to tackle another challenge.  To that end, I decided my next project would be Fall In Love With Me, a 2014 Taiwanese drama starring Aaron Yan and Tia Li.
JoAnne: I thought this would be my first Aaron Yan, but turns out he was the cute rich boyfriend of a sidekick in It Started with A Kiss. I very much approved of this OTP about 15 minutes into the first episode, so I'm here too!

Golden Era of Daughters In Law - Episode 15 (KimJiCap)

The wedding preparations continue! We have overcome the hurdle of the Mothers-Who-Object and have started to overcome the honeymoon issue - but the next bigger thing are the weddings gifts. You'll see. Marriage ain't easy - for nobody involved! Let the wedding wars start!

Golden Era of Daughters In Law - Episode 14 (KimJiCap)

It's meet the families time! Yikes, this is when worlds collide ... Of course, Boksu and Mijin get over their tiny little rough patch and are back to loveydoveysweetdeluxe in no time. I could watch them all day. Just looking at them being in love makes me very, very happy.

Cunning Single Lady / Sly and Single Again - Episode 16 FINAL (WookiCap)

I have a tremendously HUGE smile on my face right now! And it's not because I drank prosecco with my mother. No, it's because this drama DID IT! It stayed good until the end, it did NOT mess up the ending, it made SENSE, it had no major character fuck ups (despite the few characters which were plain redundant and/or super annoying!), and it was entertaining from beginning to end. BRAVO, you. BRAVO! And thank you. You gave us Joo Sang-wook in a RomCom and you gave him a character I will never forget. RomCom lives! Long live the RomCom!
JoAnne: This was just a quality piece of work from beginning to end, in every category you can think of. I am so happy right now.

Cunning Single Lady / Sly and Single Again - Episode 15 (WookiCap)

Remember the end of episode 14 and how we suspected noble idiocy was up next? Well ... that. Let's say people TRY to be noble idiots in this episode, quite hard ... but they don't really succeed. Why? Because this drama is not quite like other dramas. This drama rocks. And it does so to its and in its penultimate episode. I want to hug and kiss the writer for this because when was the last time I could happily await the final episode, without the dreadful knowledge that there is no way, NO WAY the writer could wrap this up in a satisfactory way?
JoAnne: I am using this drama to wash the bad taste GG-14D left in my mouth, so if the writer knows what's good for him/her, they will not disappoint me. I want skinship, I want a puppy who stays good, and I want RoboLeg to fall down a few more hills.
kakashi: So be it!

Golden Era of Daughters In Law - Episode 13 (KimJiCap)

We are getting closer to the wedding - but we're not. Well ... you'll see what I mean. This drama actually does a fairly good job in portraying the difficulties of marriage that stem from it forcing often completely different families together. Everybody is growing on me. Apart from the vicious Mother-in-law, of course. And her mopey son.

Golden Era of Daughters In Law - Episode 12 (KimJiCap)

This show is getting cuter and cuter! In this episode, even Boksu's father is nice and funny. Slowly but surely, the mothers' hearts are won over and then, not much more will be in the way of the wedding. That's me being an optimist becuase ... yeah, 54 episodes. We cannot rush things, can we?

Golden Era of Daughters In Law - Episode 11 (KimJiCap)

It's a winner! This episode brings us lots of cute between our OTP and takes us huge steps forward with regards to them getting married. It's wonderful to see two people really happy and in love ... well, but then there's the mothers. They're not happy. Not at all.

Golden Era of Daughters In Law - Episode 10 (KimJiCap)

It's been a long time since I last recapped one of the GEoDiL episodes ... too much else going on in KDramaland right now! And even though our Kim Ji-hoon has a new drama, we have to wait at least two more episodes for his appearance there! This little project here was always meant to fill the Kim Ji-hoon void ... so I'll continue filling it a bit more.

Bride Of The Century Episode 16 Final (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:   It’s final tie up time!  There’s still so much we don’t know about the curse, Grandma’s part in with the red shoe,  whether everyone gets (and deserves) a happy ending, our secondary couple hookups, and whether we should do The Time Warp again-n-n-n.
JoAnne:  Odd, this is my second Rocky Horror reference in as many days.  Perhaps I need to rewatch this weekend.
Shuk: To coin your phrase, this was a great show with a careless ending. So Mouse and Cookie win the spotlight.

Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 4 (KimJiCap)

Onward we go with Hanbok Makers in and from Hell, Episode 4. Just to let you know, I'm taking a whole new approach to this "thing" now (apart from dragging recapping-duties out as long as possible): I'm not even EXPECTING to see Kim Ji-hoon anymore. You know how pleasant a surprise it will be when he finally does appear, totally unexpected???!
JoAnne: All I'm saying is if he's gonna cry he better show his abs, too. That's only fair.

Witch's Romance - Episode 2 (A Proper SqueeCap)

YAY for cable dramas, Korea! How can we not like a drama that ends episode 1 with a not-so-chaste kiss and ends episode 2 in a bed?? The drama is not perfect, but the main characters are intriguing enough to keep me hooked for the moment. And there is sexy time.  
JoAnne: Is it just me or is there serious chemistry there?
Shuk: [getting out a fire extinguisher just in case of spontaneous ovarian combustion] I'm just gonna do a bit of Squee-bombing on this one, 'kay?

Bride Of The Century Episode 15 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  The anger and angst of two rich families and a bunch of cityfolk get dumped on the shoulders of one abalone diver. Can she handle the pressure? And will our Kitten Prince be able to do anything as his world falls apart? JoAnne:  It's Ep 15, Jo.  You know the drill. Just a little more dumbass before we return to the cute. Deep breathing, Self. We've been here before. We know what to do.  Shuk:  This is JoAnne as a cat flipping a table. You have been warned.

Witch's Romance - Episode 1 (A Let's See Whether it's SqueeAbleCap)

At this moment in time, I'm not over the end of Age of Feeling, which was imperfect to the extreme but a SqueeCapper's dream, and I'm somewhat reluctant to start on that episode 4 from Hanbokkers Hell, which isn't a SqueeCapper's dream. So: I want to recap but I don't, if you get what I mean (probably not).
Anyway, JoAnne tweets this today: 
That's mary liking the tweet by the way. She likes most things JoAnne says, until she fully understands what they mean, at which point she is often shocked. But that's not the point here ... the point is, I could go to bed, but I'm not going - I'm recapping this.
JoAnne: I will celebrate my return to health with my profound admiration of this puppy and his kisses and dry hump technique.

SqueeCapping: A History (On the One-Year Anniversary)

A SqueeCap History
Some readers may not know that SqueeCapping started just a year ago. On Twitter and DramaBeans, there was discussion about a new drama series starring Song Seung-heon, affectionately known in our circles as Hand Towel. After the WTFkery of “Dr Jin”, no one wanted to recap this series, so JoAnne suggested we do it ourselves.

Shuk: I had done some mild recapping of older shows on my own blog, and several guest posts on kakashi’s (mostly Korean snack food and alcohol), but the idea of doing a live-airing show sounded like a challenge.

Shuk: So I proposed what is now the standard SqCp setup: a recapper, at least one commenter, and lots of gifs. And the rest is history! Below is each show, in order of his debut SqueeCap. For this, I do not make a distinction between a KimJiCap, WookieCap, or WTFCap. I did, however, limit it to non-English dramas. Sorry, Nikita!

Age of Feeling / Inspiring Generation - Episode 24 (FINAL SqueeCap)

kakashi: Dear squeeglets, you have waited long and have been overly-overall patient, but poor JoAnne has not been feeling well for many days and still isn't her true snarky self, so I am taking over the task of delivering the final (and real) squeecap to you so she doesn't have to carry that burden in addition to all the other burdens. Get well unni!!!!!!! It's an order!!!!! And let's get closure on this one.
I quickly need to check what happened in episode 23, because that damn FAKEcap is messing with my head - I can't remember what really happened in the drama and what was mary's crazy version. Oh wait ... they were kinda similar, were they not?! So Ok-ryeon is (finally!) dead, Princess Seul is batshit crazy (but still alive), Jae-hwa is back (why did he leave again? Does it matter? No? Good), Aoki, the hot piece of a$$, is out of prison (why was he in there again? Does it matter? No? Good), and MoSo is not happening (which I consider NOT good). Also: everybo…

Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 3 (KimJiCap)

I went ahead and watched the preview for episode 5 and I can tell you ... it indeed looks as if the accident we saw at the very beginning of this drama happens in episode 5 - and from then on, it can only be a short while until the time jump and KIM JI-HOON, right? I summon You, Kim Ji-hoon! Appear! (well informed sources say it's 7 or so kid-episodes :( ) But I'm getting ahead of myself ... first, there's two more episodes to recap in which Kim Ji-hoon is little, not a terribly good actor, and cries All.The.Time. *Sigh* ... here we go. Hanbok Makers from Hell, Take 3.

Cunning Single Lady / Sly and Single Again - Episode 14 (WookiCap)

We turn dark in this episode, as expected, and the Gooks go completely insane, collectively. Maybe they're all cyborgs - and somebody activated the Looney-switch? Overall, there's a lot of annoying stuff in this episode ... but also some very, very good scene between our OTP. I'm quite okay with the annoying stuff as well, since we're swiftly moving towards the end: There cannot be too much idiocy anymore.
JoAnne: I think the kids will regain their footing before they do major damage. I hope so anyway.

Bride Of The Century Episode 14 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  Lots of cute and lots of WTFkry going on in this episode.

Cunning Single Lady / Sly and Single Again - Episode 13 (WookiCap)

Fuzzy, fuzzy, fuzzy, warm, warm, warm feeeeeeeeels. Goodness, Cha Jung-woo as puppy in love is more adorable than anything I've seen in a long, long time. Where is the backlash though?! It's coming, right? *steels herself* Yeah, there's traces of it already, so brace yourselves!
JoAnne: His stupid big head self is so adorable. But my puppy.

Bride Of The Century Episode 13 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  We are  coming down to the end, but the writers are still delivering surprises along with the cute and the angst.  Our Kitten Prince finally gets his head on straight, but will our Evil Women Brigade get what they deserve?

Samsoon Down the Rabbit Hole: Why Do We Watch Korean Dramas? (a Reblog)


Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 2 (KimJiCap)

Such a sad KimJiCap without any Kim Ji-hoon :(( I'll try to be a bit briefer in this post (since there still is no Kim Ji-hoon (PS: I failed to be brief)), which should be easy, now that we've got to meet all the characters and JoAnne explained how they are all related so well.
JoAnne: Most of this episode is me marveling at how sincerely people who behave terribly believe that THEY are the ones who have been wronged.
In case you're new to this, here's a summary of episode 1: we learned about the upcoming succession-competition. The winner becomes a quasi-royal seamstress. There are two daughters-in-law fighting over the crown and while one of them is extremely nice and boring, the other is corrupted, greedy and quite insane. That's the future heroine's mother. But there's a switcheroo coming up in a few episodes, and we got a taste of that at the very beginning of episode 1. The switcheroo will swap the nice kid from the rich family with the bitch-kid from …

Jang Bori Is Here! - Episode 1 (KimJiCap)

kakashi: Ah, the torture begins. But who knows, maybe it will not be? There's always a chance that something we expect to be terrible is in fact, well .... not as terrible (I'm a very optimistic person!)
JoAnne: That's not going to happen here.
kakashi: Thanks *crushed*...
kakashi: You must know the following things about me before I continue: I don't watch weekend dramas (or hardly ever). I usually don't like dramas that are longer than 20 episodes (unless they're several seasons long and well thought-through). I absolutely hate makjang. No exception. I even hate melos, hardly any exception. But .... here it comes .... I absolutely adore Kim Ji-hoon. I cannot NOT watch what he is in. Well, so that brings us to this thing here, which is a recap of his latest project.
JoAnne: All you need to know about me is that I am doing this because she asked me to, and I have no idea what this drama is about. And I was maybe a little bit delirious when I watched this.

Nail Shop Paris Episode 4 (A SongJaeRimJob)

Hola Squeeglets! Sorry for the delay... (yeah, we all know what you have been doing in the meantime ....) Last week marked the end of Age of Feeling and I got caught up in my grief, mourning the loss of new My Il Hwa pics every week. But I'm back now! Partly because this will be our only source of Rim in the foreseeable future. *cries* Oh, and a big thanks to the lovely enablers RimBuggers who commented on Jeob Ep3 and gave us the license to squee endlessly. You are awesome. Song Jae Rim approves! kakashi: Yeah, where's that casting news?! Aoki has already secured his next project. Just saying, Rimmie, hurry up! JoAnne: Now, wait...I'm all for getting Song Jae Rim back on my screen but you can't exactly rush a Rimjeob.

Age of Feeling / Inspiring Generation - Episode 23 (The REAL SQUEECAP)

By now, you have probably all seen our 'April Fool's' version of the ending of this series. Here's what you don't know: We've recently been collaborating with (we thought) a young woman named Mary. (You may have noticed the proliferation of posts which focus on Song Jae Rim. She's a bit (that's "a bit") obsessed, our Mary.) This young friend had described herself as a shy (and small), protective older sister, living a reclusive life on a densely populated tropical island.

She 'made up' the joke Final Cap, which we declared genius and posted as quickly as possible, never thinking for one moment that our beloved show would be anything like it in anyway. We all patted ourselves on the back for a good joke, but little known to us, SOME were patting a bit harder, laughing a bit louder. If you've seen Episode 23, well, you know: there are some startling similarities between what we posted and what was actually aired. What you may not kno…

Cunning Single Lady / Sly and Single Again - Episode 12 (WookiCap)

In this episode, a doctor diagnoses lovesickness and that's what was needed to make Jung-woo realize what's quite wrong with him these days. Good! Finally! It can no longer be ignored!
JoAnne: Someone connect the dots between plastic flower and lovesickness for me, please.
kakashi: I'm willing to bet it's an awesome sub-fail, haha. 

Mary & Song Jae-rim (It's serious)

Heya Squeeglets!
Have you been eagerly waiting for the next RimJeob?
Well, you might have to wait for a bit longer, because uri Mary is currently a bit preoccupied with this. Enjoy.

(Mary: Warning, do not watch this unless you're in an area where it's safe to squee, drool, or faint. And a big thanks to AnKa over at the FB page for posting the link to this video! :D)

This post has become the go-to post when googling "Song Jae-rim's girlfriend". Welcome! Song Jae-rim's girlfriend is mary! Or at least will be one day!

Cunning Single Lady / Sly and Single Again - Episode 11 (WookiCap)

Man child Jung-woo is going more insane in this episode. Man, he is suffering! The show still manages to hit the right weird mixture between absolutely hilarious and occasionally serious for me. And it's about time feelings are clarified. We are making progress, at least in some quarters.
JoAnne: This show was a bit of an underdog for me, so it's interesting to realize how solidly paced and acted it actually has been. I'm glad I watched! And not just for the pretty men, or even Lee Min Jung who is one of my favs.
kakashi: Oh, but the men ....... so pretty. Hmmmmm....

Age of Feeling / Inspiring Generation - Episode 24 (A PRE-Cap)

Again, a warning that this probably won't make sense if you haven't seen the episode.

Episode 24

What IS it with arming people with axes?  You don't carry an axe unless you're chopping wood or a serial murderer. It's not exactly the weapon of choice, you HwangBangers!

Cars go BOOM

These people are clearly OVER IT.  We watch the cars blow up, we watch Baek San march into Seul's room, we watch as Seul says 'What? Shin Jung Tae blew up the cars?', and then we watch as Baek San helpfully replies, 'Yes, that is what happened.'  Meanwhile Do Ggoo is in the background grimacing in pain. Me too, DogNose. Me too.

Fuck you princess - it's all fun and games unless it's YOUR family involved, huh?

Bride Of The Century Episode 12 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk: Everybody knows the curse isn’t real. And almost everyone knows the bride isn’t either. Eottoke?
JoAnne:  Is it just me or is this round of dramas full of secrets that aren't secret?

Panda and Hedgehog Ep. 2&3 - A ComboCap

bcook: I'm baaaack! It's been a while yeorobun and in that time JoAnne and Shuk and Kakashi have been churning out the caps. Eish! They're true sunbaes.

I'm going to try and do a combocap this time so we can catch up a little quicker.

*cough, cough* where were we?
JoAnne:  Someplace cute?

AH Yes ...

Age of Feeling / Inspiring Generation - Episode 23 (A PRE-Cap)

****Or do, whatever.  You're all grown ups.****
Rather than bombard twitter with my unvarnished thoughts as I watched the penultimate episode of my dearly loved rag-tag group of good-hearted gangsters, I just started jotting notes in here. I thought it might help me bang out a faster recap because I want that sucker OUT THERE.  Then this morning I read my notes and started laughing.  Maybe you will, too.

Bride Of The Century Episode 11 (A SqueeCap)

Shuk:  Oh snap, the switcheroo is done, and all we've got left is the fallout.  Can our hero make things right? He has to figure out what's wrong first.
JoAnne: Much like Kang Ju, when I was commenting on 12 earlier, I felt like something wasn't quite right.  Now I know it was this, which didn't happen in my world.  I have backed up and started over, though, so the earth continues to turn as expected.

Cunning Single Lady / Sly and Single Again - Episode 10 (WookiCap)

More entanglement, more feels. More Joo Sang-woo at his best. I like this drama, I really do.
JoAnne:  Me too!  I feel bad for all the people who read the premise and decide against it.  But then again, when does a premise EVER match what the drama actually does?  So they just get what they deserve, I guess, if they miss out on this.

Age of Feeling / Inspiring Generation - Episode 23 and 24 FINAL (A SqueeCap)

Mary: We finally get an explanation for this show's title, and it is NOT what you expected (DAMN!). Be prepared for a load of WTFery as Age of Feeling scrambles to give everyone in its mammoth cast *snerk* a send-off. Whether that send-off is actually fitting, I'll leave for you to decide. Will your favorites survive in the final week's carnage?
kakashi: Hell yeah - the carnage episode is here!!!! Die, evil people, die! Live, good people, live! (the evil people are the ugly ones, by the way)
JoAnne: I just want My Aka to get his happy ending (Yes, Mary, that's exactly what I meant) (Now when you say that I'm not sure if you want me to read plain English or JoAnne English.)