Day 10b

Today, I thought about joining the Pirate Party. Only for a brief moment, though, because my friend and colleague ANONYMOUS asked where that party was going to take place and whether she could come too.

The discussion then moved on to remote controlled cars, helicopters (with miniature missiles), drones and US military type insects that are not insects but surveillance technology-thingies. We all unanimously agreed that we need them in our new office building (moving there end of August) which has a very broad corridor and is very spacious in general. It also has a roof with benches and umbrellas on it. The question is: will we be able to get beer on tap up there? or - more precisely - how will we get beer on tap up there?

Secretly, I am dreaming of an infinity pool, too, but I do recognize the bigger importance of beer on tap.
(me in infinity pool on roof of new office building)
and you might have guessed: today, I am thankful for alcohol!!!