20, 21, 22

day 20: thankful for words such as oxymoron, soliloquy, mischievous, sobriety. I just like them. when I think them, something resonates within me. I must have often spoken these words in an earlier life, I think. And I am eagerly awaiting the Oxymoron's diary, which makes me like 'oxymoron' doubly.

day 21: thankful for sun, fun, and nothing to do. Only you my Schatz on the Luftmatratz (at least in my mind). I had a look at where I am going to spend many a weekend this summer. There is a 50m pool there. Not saying anything more, or you'll all want to come. Can't have that.

day 22: is that today? you know something is wrong with your life if you can't keep count of your days. I think Internet connections should be much much faster. So fast that if we wanted to download a movie it would only take 10' max. And I want Facebook to be as exciting again as it was when I first started using it 2.5 years ago. And I want a burger from Zic Zac, now! Because I cannot decide which one, I will just have all of them at once.

Damn hard to be grateful for anything today, really. But let's be grateful for people with humor. Every person I know who possesses even a trace of humor shall be honored.