Day 31

There are days where I seriously consider deleting all my friends on Facebook. Ok, maybe not all of them. I would keep some. But only a selected, few; the most precious, most loved. There are so many out there that annoy the living hell out of me! And I am pretty sure I have the exact same effect on them. Sure, sure, you can hide these people. But that's just not the same. Blocking them? no, sorry, that's too radical. I believe in second chances. If they absolutely want to be friends with me even though we annoy the living hell out of each other --- fine. Just ask me nicely and I'll think about it. But it's like with anything else: the more you get of something for free, the less value it has (ummm, ok, that might not be true for money you get for free... ).

So, how pathetic is it that this thinking about deleting people makes me feel ... good? That it feels like punishing without reason, which equals feeling powerful? Must I go see a shrink because this is some sad little form of virtual sadism or because this thinking about such an act reveals the ocean of repressed rage that slummers within me?

Today, on the 31st day of the problematic of the unproblematic, I have to admit that I am grateful for nothing.