SO behind ... omg (Days 33 - 37)

I have an excuse for not writing: a) over the weekend, the sun fried my brain and made me dumb and happy. b) since, I have been in meetings starting at 8 in the morning, ending at 8 at night.

Over the weekend, I was grateful for the sky, the flowers, the rivers and forests, the birds and the bees and throwing a boomerang (without any success, but it was fun anyway). Could we learn something from the boomerang? I am sure we could. Depending on the wind, it flies this way or that way, depending on the angle it is thrown, it returns or crashes to the ground. Totally fascinating. They are also easy to loose, especially when thrown in a field with high grass or whatever grows on fields. You think you know exactly where it landed, but once there, it is nowhere to be found. It may have hidden stealth qualities!

Since the weekend I have been less grateful generally and the more my brain came back to life, the less grateful I became. Oh well, it is a process. Processes are there to make our lives interesting. This current process may be called 'how-many-meetings-can-I-survive-until-I-die' and I am curious about the outcome. Will keep you posted.

Did I have time for escapism? Of course I did! Dean has sold his soul for his brother and has one year to live in exchange for Sam's life. I really wish soul selling existed in real life. Imagine the possibilities!!