Day 52 (that's with cheating)

Friends, I must admit, I took a little detour. Now I am back, but I am not the same person. I am counting calories now. I eat things like Pumpernickel and Cottage Cheese and haven't had any butter in days. Soon weeks. At Starbucks, I order non-fat Lattes and don't look at the double chocolate muffins and cinnamon rolls and whatnots. On the one hand, it is frightening how much fun this calorie counting is. But I also fear that I now only run at about 50% of my mental capacity (because the brain needs fat, as we all know, the more the better). My brain is dimly aware of a Before (with capital B) and has just enough wit to feel a little bit sorry for no longer performing in the same league. As time progresses, however, I am sure that my brain will forget the Before and be very happy in the Now, so why bother. Happiness is a fatless brain.

Sam and Dean. OMG. I have four episodes left to watch, FOUR! And then, there is just weeks of nothingness. True, Dean eats at least one cheeseburger an episode so that's a little challenging for a calorie counter, but apart from that, this TV shows is one of the bestest ever. Certainly the bestest on TV right now. So, I am not sure whether I should savor the last four episodes or whether I should take the plunge ... yes, thank you, of course I'll watch the final four before the week is over, because I can still re-watch all the hundred something episodes once I finish season five.

And: In an alternate life I want to be a TV show writer.
And: I am grateful for being back from my detour