I just re-read my old blog entries and I am amazed at how funny I once was (if it really was me who posted them, cause I have no recollection of those times). Was it the being grateful at least once a day? Or was it the not-yet-watching of Korean shows??

Yes, I realize now that there was a time before KDrama. When I watched Supernatural and Vampire Diaries and True Blood. These days, I just watch KDrama.

And Supernatural and Vampire Diaries and True Blood.

Ha! I bet that came as a surprise! So let me say this, in passing: True Blood is the dumbest show ever! It really, really sucked last season!

Anyways, writing about Korean shows is not something funny. It's very serious business - and people take it very seriously. There's fangirls that get so vicious when you say something potentially bad about their object of admiration (Lee Min-ho has many, by the way) that you just want to go hide under the table.

So, don't expect this stuff on here to be funny.