King of OST: MC Sniper (MC 스나이퍼)

The first time I ever fell hard for a KDrama OST was in the case of Chuno back in my early KDrama days. That was 2010. What really did me in was MC Sniper's 민초의 난-track. iTunes informs me that I have listened to it 1374 times since.

And then, I watch my all-time favorite drama Arang and the Magistrate a few weeks ago. The prettiest Magistrate of all times starts to fight the most awesome fight of all times against a group of thugs ... and on comes MC Sniper!! The track is called 'Mask Dance' (탈춤) and I have since listened to it 259 times. And counting.

And then, I watch another favorite drama of mine, Vampire Prosecutor, and who, guess who wrote the title track? Yes! MC Sniper! Ah! It's another awesome track (and the MV below is also rather nice) and I also have it on repeat.
And then - yes! still not finished! - I watch another current drama, which is not necessarily my favorite, as you might have noticed if you've read some of my earlier blog entries. However ... There's MC Sniper again! Well, he's just featured (and that's why this track is slightly less awesome than the others), but still. Still! MC Sniper is all over OSTs these days, and that's good.
MC 스나이퍼, this blog entry is to honor you. Please continue writing the bestest OST tracks in the future. I appreciate it. A lot.  (And I don't even listen to rap, normally)


Nabi said…
Kakashi, I love that you wrote about this!! I have the exact same four MC Sniper tracks (and the entire Chuno soundtrack) in my iTunes, although Bad Guy (from Faith) is actually my favorite of the bunch. I also found them in exactly the opposite order that you did, and admit that I was pretty proud of myself when I recognized 민초의 난 as an MC Sniper track while I was watching Chuno.

More recently I fell for "Run" by Nell from the Two Weeks OST and "Hurt" by Kim Yong-Jin from the Cruel City OST, but I haven't heard anything from MC Sniper in a while. Have you?