Nice Guy - My Way (Guest Post)

 Now that Nice Guy is over, I have a big, Song Joong Ki shaped whole in my heart.
For ten weeks, I cringed, I cried, I sat on the edge of my seat, all in anticipation of the last episode.  And then -

OK, wait, WHAT?  I have to say this last episode left me kind of embarrassed at my own stupidity. (I later realized I wasn’t alone.) What I thought it was, it wasn’t.  Or so SJK later said in an interview.  I still loved this drama, but my mind needed to fill in the blanks. So who better to give me what I want, then me!  Here are two endings I’d be happier with. 
credits: DramaFeverBlog

Sad but Satisfying – MaRu Dies

Previously the bionic man, having been beat up, jailed, and in tip top shape cardiovascularly from climbing all those stairs to his place all those years, MaRu realizes he will never have the strength to get the love confession to Eun Gi out of his mouth. Desperate to stop himself from running to the police station to rescue Jae Hee in another act of noble idiocy, he decides it’s better to succumb to death now, 5 feet from the hospital and busy intersection where he was surrounded by people a few seconds ago. That way he can get a good rest in eternity while waiting for Eun Gi to join him.

Creepy Lawyer Ahn is in a jail cell next to Jae Hee, where they spend their days tapping out evil plans of revenge in Morse code. And it’s not for 7 years, it’s for 70 years. (I now know if I ever want to off someone, I’m luring them to South Korea first, where it seems that no matter how many people you kill, you only have to serve 7 years.)

Eun Gi and Lawyer Park run Taesan. They kiss. Several times. (Yeah, I am OK with MaRu dying if I get to see a little action between Eun Gi and Lawyer Park. MaRu, you know you’re my man, but I gotta say, Lawyer Park is hot.)

Happy – MaRu Lives

MaRu collapses, but since he’s only 5 feet from the hospital, people actually rush over to him. Post surgery, MaRu opens his eyes and through the mist of the vaporizer finds Eun Gi sitting by his side, holding her Barbie.  Unfortunately, the amnesia bug has bit MaRu this time. (You can never have too much amnesia in a drama!) Eun Gi, undaunted, brings him a Ken doll, and together they role play with their dolls until they actually learn to verbalize their emotions to each other.  MaRu stays blissfully ignorant of the past, so they get a fresh start at a relationship, and live happily ever after by opening a chain of doll hospitals.

Creepy lawyer Ahn and Jae Hee – see above. While I could think of much worse, I personally don’t like to watch any form of torture.

While visiting MaRu in the hospital, Lawyer Park meets a hot young nurse. They kiss. Several times. (Yeah, I’m happy!)


JoAnne said…
I vote for option 2, which had me laughing while eating lunch. Banana in your nose is much more painful than milk. It's on par with soda, I'd say. Except it lasts longer, so in effect, the pain is worse overall.

I, too, have marveled at the short sentences for murder in Korea, in every drama except I Miss You, where, apparently, a man is put to death for two murders he did NOT commit. So that makes sense.
Denise Twum said…
I definitely love the 2nd ending. However, I chickened out on Nice Guy since episode 12 or so, so I have a lot of catching up to do! :)
Qua Trang said…
Yeah!!!! I also want another ending. Not that I don't like the version given to us, just that I don't find it satisfying. So I wrote my own, following your example. If you care to read, here is it:
lafer said…
Qua, thanks for reading! I'm sure there are many of us who would like a better ending. The whole part about him having amnesia but not really having it drove me crazy! Your version makes a lot of sense, too, and that's what the ending really lacked - sense.
lafer said…
And now you know, keep away from the bananas while reading amusing alternate endings!
Rosie said…
I think I also would've liked the Maru dies plot. Oh well, I'll just rewrite it in my head like that too :)
Qua Trang said…
Yes, the amnesia-but-not-really plot puts me in on pin-and-needle. I read some opinions saying he remembers but teasing her the whole 7 years??? THAT I can't digest!

I love happy ending. I love sad ending too. Anything that makes sense. And the ending given has many holes and even if I rack my brain to fill those holes, the dots don't connect. That's why I will stick with my ending, even if it is ordinary. But because the other 19.80 episodes are so good, I am still very happy with Nice Guy
nancysada said…
I make have died laughing, oh God why didn't I find your blog sooner?!