Park Shi-hoo and ... his Hair

By far the most popular post on this blog is ...

It gets an average of 40 hits per day. Recently, I started wondering whether the cause for its popularity is Lee Min-hoT (as you would expect, right?) - or whether it's simply the topic: hair and hairstyles. A strong indicator for the latter: the post with the second most hits is My Top 5 ... Permed Hair.

Well, let's find out. The next obvious candidate for a hair-post is not Lee Jun-ki (since he has had the floor for several days straight, all by himself), but Park Shi-hoo, whose upcoming drama I somewhat dread-anticipate, because there is nothing so far that convinces me it is going to be good. Apart from the fact that Park Shi-hoo is in it, which makes it good by definition, no?
It is a weird thing with Park Shi-hoo. At first sight, he isn't very attractive or photogenic. His mouth is too large (frog-like, even), his nose is rather big, his face is round, his eyes are unspectacular, in interviews, he is super awkward and shy, and he does come across as somewhat arrogant or stuck-up in the few variety show appearances he has had (poor baby ... why so insecure?). Ha! But see how quickly you change that view after actually seeing him on screen! *swooooon*

Let's spend the next few minutes on his hair in various dramas he's been in. 

Delightful Girl Choon Hyang (KBS2, 2005) - cameo

Park Shi-hoo's hair in Delightful Girl Choon Hyang rating: 1/10

I hated Delightful Girl Choon Hyang with a vengeance. Seriously, I couldn't watch it, it vexed me so. Ever since, both Jae Hee Han Chae-young are damaged goods. I just can't like them - even though I try. It can't be the hairstyles or the fashion, because it was Full House that got me started into KDrama. Full House 1 = bad fashion and terribly bad, floppy hair; Full House 2 = bad fashion and terribly, permed hair. There's the connection between the two dramas for you!

Park Shi-hoo has a very small role in DGCH, he cameos as Jaa Hee's love interest's boyfriend in episodes 1 and 2. He dumps her and she throws wine into his face - and unto his terrible hair. It's the era, so he is forgiven.


How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor (SBS, 2007) as Yoo Joon-suk

Park Shi-hoo's hair in How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor rating: 9/10

This is a drama I would never have watched if it didn't have PSH in it. I don't remember much about it, to be honest. Park Shi-hoo isn't first lead, though, cause that would be Kim Seung-woo ... But he gets the girl (Bae Doo-na, who has a very special face; I liked her!). It also made me discover Son Hyun-joo

Park Shi-hoo plays a chaebol heir - not for the last time. His hair is short and artfully tousled. His smile is ... o_O ... and his facial hair (the little there is) also doesn't look bad. I have nothing to complain, but will keep top marks for later.
Oh no! poor baby ... don't cry! You will get her and be happy!


 Iljimae (SBS, 2008) as Shi Hoo / Ja Dol 

Park Shi-hoo's hair in Iljimae rating: n/a

Noooooo! Iljimae = Lee Jun-ki = broken heart! And poor Park Shi-hoo plays such a sad character (called Shi-hoo, haha) ... Hair wise, there's saeguk-hidden hair, which cannot be rated, really, cause it's like non-hair. 
And then, there's this ... I posted this solely because of the hair, or course! See the variation? Above: with hat. Below: without hat. And without ... clothes.
Hmm... very seaguk-able, this one!


Family's Honor (SBS, 2008) as Lee Kang-suk

Park Shi-hoo's hair in Family's Honor rating: 9/10

Family's Honor is long. Park Shi-hoo's hair is short. And kinda exactly the same as in How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor, at least in the second half.
In the first half, it is less up but more flattened. Still looks very good on him.
I'm so glad you always get your girls in the end, Park Shi-hoo! Wait ... well, almost always. Forget Iljimae ...


Prosecutor Princess (SBS, 2010) as Seo In-woo 

Park Shi-hoo's hair in Prosecutor Princess rating: 9/10

My first Park Shi-hoo drama! Oh man, I loved it!! There's several different hairstyles throughout the drama. Well, variations, more like. I like black hair on Korean men better than the reddish tint, that's why I need to deduct a point - but he gains one for the cheeky fringe-thing. Is it just me, or is his hair very similar in every single drama?
Oh! Wrist-grab-swirl! They were a great couple. Park Shi-hoo, isn't it time to think about marriage?


Queen of Reversals (MBC, 2010) as Goo Yong-shik 

Park Shi-hoo's hair in Queen of Reversals rating: 2/10

I remember reading a rave critique about Queen of Reversals on Dramabeans before tackling this one - I don't regret it. Kim Nam-joo and Park Shi-hoo must be among my Top 5 KDrama couples.  
Hair-wise, however, this drama is a flop. The flattened thing: terrible. The color! A crime. The motorcycle-picture (and the hair in it) means one additional point.
A drama I will watch again one of these days!


The Princess' Man (KBS, 2011) as Kim Seung-yu 

Park Shi-hoo's hair in Princess' Man rating: 10/10

Ah, I still miss this drama. It was SO.GOOD! Park Shi-hoo has two type of hair: The nobleman non-hair and ... the mane of glory! It's his real hair (10 points just for that) and he looks gorgeous, whatever the hair (10 more points). 
10 more points for this shot. Ah. I'm dying ... 
HUH? What's that? Tarzan? If this was a post about abs, he'd get 1000 points, but the hair ... not so good. Need to deduct a few.
 KDramaland, would you please stop producing good dramas for a while? I need some time to watch this again!!


Cheongdamdong Alice (SBS, 2012) as Seung Jo

Park Shi-hoo's hair in Cheongdamdong Alice rating: tbd

Oh man, I tell you, I'm in a Park Shi-hoo mood after watching all of these (and many more clips) now!! How wonderful is it that he's back on TV soon, this very Saturday in fact?! I'll watch Cheongdamdong Alice from beginning to end and don't care at all whether it's be biggest BS ever. I want Park Shi-hoo - I want him NOW.