08 November 2012


Random Thoughts on ... My Favorite Korean Song

Posted by Kakashi Sensei on November 08, 2012

Weird, I just had dinner (spaghetti with two kinds of sauce), but all of a sudden, my favorite Korean song is in my head ... and with it, urges for Ramyun.

Here is the English translation (not my own, so I cannot guarantee that this is correct. Actually, some professional help from some of the awesome subbers out there would be appreciated. This translation somewhat doesn't mention the kissing scene!!!):

hey friends, the ramyun song has started!

boil boil, gogo! into boiling water
boil boil, gogo! put noodles in
boil boil, gogo! also put powdered soup in
boil boil, gogo! waiting 3 mins!

hell yeah! ramyun heaven!

boil boil, gogo! as your favor,
boil boil, gogo! black pepper
boil boil, gogo! green onion
boil boil, gogo! if you have some money,
boil boil, gogo! you can drop an egg into the pot

what's the charming point of ramyun~~
the taste you never forget if you just try once~

the soup feels like it soeaks even into your bones

i do like ramyun~~ I like~

boil boil, gogo! as your tongue~
boil boil, gogo! hot taste~
boil boil, gogo! cool taste~
boil boil, gogo! choose and try~~~
boil boil, gogo! you can drop rice into pot~

ther're so many kinds of ramyun~

bending, soft, rich
noodle's march into throat

i do like ramyun~~ like~

i really like ramyun!
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