So Why Do You Watch This Stuff..... (Guest Post)

a.k.a. 3 Things to Tell Your Family and Friends When They Cant Understand Your Love For Kdrama

Anyeohaseyeo! Jeu neun bcook imnida. Hi! I'm bcook, a friend of Kakashi and she invited me to guest post here. Kamsahmnida Kakashi!

I've been a kdrama fan for a long time. I started out with Full House (which was showing on my country's national broadcasting station) but really got into it in college when my friend introduced me to Jewel in the Palace. 26 CDs and many sleepless nights later, I went home for xmas and they were showing it on TV! I saw it as a sign and haven't looked back.

My family and friends still don't understand why I'm such a fan so I get the why question quite a bit.

So why watch a show that's not in your language?

1. The Escape.
Kdrama's are Nigerian movies without (much) overly over exaggerated facial and body expressions, Telenovelas without the over the top emotions and passionate , and American Soap Operas without the random and awkward sex scenes. What do they all have in common? They invite you to put your troubles aside and immerse yourself in a world where the male lead always gets the girl, where people dress and look fabulous and good always (almost always) wins over evil.

2. The Eye Messages / Eye Loving.
I'm a big big fan of korean actors' ability to say 'I'm sorry', 'I love you', "I hate you', 'Oops!" with their eyes. It's a truly amazing skill. My theory* is that because alot of  things have to be said in a roundabout manner in Korea** you have to get good at spotting minor body movements and eye messages. So they get very good at saying one thing with their mouth and another with their eyes.

3. This Guy

How can you not want to look at Lee Min HoT for 16 episodes? Or in the case of Faith, 24 episodes. For which we thank the writers, the PD, His Hawtness's agent, his mother.... (he looks like he listens to his mother's advice on which dramas to star in)

* These are my random views and wild speculations and I know they're most likely wrong but if you held a gun to my head and said "Explain the eye loving!!" this probably what you'd get.

**At least that's what the Economist, Business Week, my Doing Business in Asia professor and my Negotiations professor said.