Anticipating ... Upcoming Dramas! Who's Excited?!

There's always a slump when dramas like Faith and Arang end (sure, there's Nice Guy, and I've watched the first 6 episodes and loved it ... but I am still very reluctant to be fully enraptured by this drama and its characters, as I know I would be if I continued ... ah, why is this so complicated ... and there is Vampire Prosecutor, which is super awesome, but will end soon, too *sobsamilliontears*), so I have decided to be very excited about two upcoming dramas (I am not excited about I Miss You, which starts airing tomorrow, simply because I can't take all the tears):

No 1: Jeonwoochi

The official plot description reads as follows: "In the fictional idealist nation of Yuldo, established by the righteous bandit hero Hong Gil-dong, Jeon Woo-chi is a dosa, a Taoist wizard, who gained his powers by swallowing a gumiho fox bead. A friend's betrayal causes him to lose his mentor and father-figure Hong Gil-dong, and the love of his life. So in order to avenge their deaths, he travels to Joseon, and is moved by the plight of the people and becomes a reluctant hero to them".  

So far so good. It stars Cha Tae-hyun (whom I didn't particularly love in My Sassy Girl, but I'm ready to give him another chance as I hear that he is funny) as a whimsical, impish wizard who becomes an unlikely hero; and Uee, who was quite good in You're Beautiful, as a princess who falls prey to dark Taoist magic; the sorcery makes her lose her emotions, and she commits a violent murder. Oups, that doesn't sound all too funny. This is supposed to be a comedy, right?

I'm a bit more excited for the supporting cast, which includes Seong Dong-il (always funny, liked him particularly in Fugitive, Plan B), Lee Hee-joon (whom I've only seen and liked in Wild Romance) and Hong Jong-hyeon, who looks so stern in Warrior Baek Dong Soo. And then, there's the teaser ... haha, hilarious. Flying warriors? I'm in.
Jeonwoochi will start airing on November 21.

No 2: Cheongdamdong Alice

Park Shi-hoo!!!!! And that's about the only thing I find exciting about this upcoming weekend drama, which airs sometimes in December. I neither love nor hate Moon Geun-yeong, though I must admit that I find her incredibly childish looks fascinating. I have only seen her in the wacky Mary Stayed Out All Night and I thought she did a pretty decent job.
The description of this drama sounds ... well ... bleh, and his character description sounds, well ... even more bleh! (He plays the the youngest CEO of worldwide brand Artemis. He has everything he needs and is from an affluent family but he loses his love because of this and claims he won't ever meet another woman again but is actually a romantist who wants nothing for the price of love). Oh jeez, please. But Park Shi-hoo always does his magic, right? He just has ... magic drama picking skills, right?? Oh please, do not be a total and utter fail, drama! Because I am looking forward to you.