12 Men Follow-up: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? (NOT Lee Min-ho!)

lafer: Kakashi, apparently there are a few people out there that enjoyed looking at Lee Min Ho and the 12 Men of Christmas.

kakashi: Lafer, "a few people" is an understatement. I'm actually a bit jealous: all of my intellectually stimulating and thoroughly thought through posts don't get half as many hits as your 12 Men of Christmas! 

Kakashi, I think it's just because the name Lee Min Ho was in the title! If I could figure out a way to use it in every post, I would! 

Well, let's just use his picture first so that it will show up on the entry site (little dirty blogger tricks... Lee Min-ho, kids, and animals -- they work miracles!)
And that is why you're the brains of the operation, kakashi! Maybe we can even use him in the title, like Lee Min Ho, Guess Who's NOT Coming to Dinner?

Done! So, lafer... I may be jealous, but I will admit - your Lee Min-ho post is totally awesome. It must have taken you ages to fit the Santa hats onto their lovely heads, right?

Yes, but them letting me measure their sweet little heads made it all worthwhile.......oops....sorry, off in fantasy land again. Anyways, someone even suggested that I may be able to come up with 12 more men to write about. Kakashi, you know I love a challenge - how about you?

I'm the Queen of Challenges! Bring it on! (Will you do a rhyme again?! Please say yes!!! Something like: 'More men, more love, more fun - that will make lafer run')
Guess who is coming to dinner?
No time for rhymes, my dear.......So I'm thinking - how about 12 men we'd most like to sit around the table with on New Year's Eve. With wine. Without hats. I can see it now...pondering visions of 12 guys in Baby New Year's garb.  Maybe we should start researching shower scenes......

About that. I must admit that I have recently discovered that I am, in fact, quite shy. You know these pictures of Park Shi-hoo in swimming trunks and nothing else? I blushed. I even covered my eyes. No shower scenes on this blog!

Hmmm....then why are those pictures plastered all over her computer?
OMG how do you know about that, lafer!! 

Ok, kakashi, we could dress them up as Father Time. Yoo Seung-ho pulled off a similar look in Arang and the Magistrate and it was quite smexy.

Alright! Smexy head librarian! I like that look. It's quite safe!  
Let's just let them wear whatever they want (unless one of us decides to invite Jang Geun-suk. I don't want him showing up in a prettier dress than mine.)
No, lafer. We will be the only ladies there! And we will host it in a top top top secret place. As a precaution against all the other grabby handed noonas.

In fairness to our readers, we should come up with some fresh meat new choices, don't you think? Because I know I missed some favorites last post.

Awwwwww, no, lafer! Please! I want Lee Jun-ki! And I want Park Shi-hoo! Actually, I want Park Shi-hoo AND his brother. I'm thinking: if I can't get the one, I might be able to get the other? (get = to sit at my table, obviously) Am I smart or am I smart?

I say SMART! (Wait, does he even have a brother? Hey, maybe we can all be blood brothers! Like in Coffee Prince! And then we'd get to.....oh, never mind.) Alright, we can each pick a few repeats.  It's OUR party! And my favs were definitely on that list. Hopefully our readers won't mind seeing more than 12.
This is the biggest dinner party I ever hosted, lafer ... If there's no more room at the table, I'll take one or two of them on my lap. They're all so slender! (Except Park Shi-hoo's brother Woo-ho. He used to be a baseball pro and now he's into golf. He is much much heavier than his brother, methinks: See for yourself)

I'm thinking we'll have to rent out a fairly large venue to accommodate all of us (unless having them on your lap was part of your plan!) And with such a large table, we'll need to play musical chairs during dinner just to get enough face time with all of them. Think of how much fun THAT would be - us trying to squeeze into the same chair as our guests! ***clapping hands with glee*** So, kakashi, I think it's time. Let the invitations begin!

... to be continued ...