Cheongdamdong Alice ... Abs, Tears, Crazy Dance

Who would have guessed? Cheongdamdong Alice (after writing this for the 100th time, I do no longer misspell it) continues to surprise me in a very positive way. No, my Korean hasn't improved miraculously over night and I only did see it raw - but believe me, raw watching is actually the best test for any drama! If you watch an entire episode raw without fast forwarding - it's good.

Three episodes in, we have seen Park Shi-hoo's formidable abs twice already. Yes, that is twice! This drama gets top marks.
cr: Viki
cr: me, myself, and I
But not only did we get to glimpse his skin - we only got a glimpse of how messed up Jean Thierry Cha actually is ...  I love messed up heros - but he is something else! He seems to have bipolar disorder and in this episode, he has several breakdowns. He probably also has a narcissistic personality disorder (i.e. his excessive need for admiration and affirmation).
Is it ok to laugh about somebody with such problems? Well, show me one person who can stop themselves from laughing non-stop after seeing this! (the choice of music remains spot-on!)
 or this:
(The song he's dancing to is from Duck Sauce)

So far, I'm laughing - a lot, in fact! - but there is something rather tragic to this figure. We've seen glimpses of it today and I am curious to see how this show will balance the hilarious with the serious in the upcoming episodes. I would also like to see Moon Geun-young get some funny parts - in contrast to PSH's, her character is too serious and burdened by everything so far. However: I am very much looking foward to tomorrow!