Cheongdamdong Alice ... gif Time again! (Episode 5)

I'm melting ... Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 5 is so incredibly sweet; I don't think I've ever seen anybody in a KDrama as foolishly, sincerely and cutely in love as Park Shi-hoo. Either he is an incredibly good actor - or he is really in love. Or both!

As we progress deeper, there is less funny and more sweet - and that impacts the gif-making. It's becoming harder. But I am not complaining. I want to cry tears of joy, that's how good this drama is.
The last scene ... it could melt a glacier.

The first gif is for cawanmerah, who asked for the one when he dances in front of Dong-Wook that stares at him blankly. Episode 3 remains by far the richest source for gifs.
The scene in the restaurant is super cute. Tell her already who you are! This is ridiculous!
Sure. The Chairman does absolutely not want to meet her. This is not weird at all, Cha Seung-jo aka Jean Tierry Cha! 
The measuring scene is cut too quickly, that's why I wasn't able to make a good gif. This is the scene right after. He is about to burst from happiness. In comparison to Arang and the Magistrate's measuring scene, this one was a lot more physical. I expected poor Jean Thierry to faint, in fact.
 The school "break-in" is also hilarious. There is so many little cute scenes. And his smile ...
The hospital disaster. I was expecting more acquaintances to come in - and could have watched him do his hysterical "don't call me Chairman, I'm Secretary Kim"-thing all day.
 Ouf. Close call.
 Oh god, Park Shi-hoo, can I take you home? Will you do that for me all day, too?
 See you tomorrow for more gifs, chingus!