Cheongdamdong Alice ... gif time! (Episode 7)

The End of the World frenzy is over! Rejoice, humanity, we're still aliiiiiiive! Unbelievable how many hits the Gangnam=End of the World post got in the last few days... Hello! People! PSY as one of the Four Horsemen?? Seriously. Look at how cuddly he is! Come on, how can something so round and nice be evil!? The Gangnam-Apocalypse-post almost managed to beat the all-time record holder on this blog: Lee Min-ho's hair. But Lee Min-ho's hair still rules - and that must be s a good thing. Right?

Cheongdamdong Alice also continues to be a good thing. Oh man, it is good... And oh man, are all my comments about this show boring. I can't stop praising it like a no-brain loony-fangirl. Sure, there's stuff they don't get (quite) right, like Yoon-joo's nails, which look exactly the same today and years ago in France (and are incredibly ugly, as is her makeup overall). But then, there is so much they do get right. Like the characters. Almost all of them. I've been resisting for a while, but tonight, I also started to feel sorry for Yoon-joo - and I'm now officially interested in her storyline, too.

And, oh boy, we've got a glimpse of a possible emotional roller-coaster ahead ... after so much funnycraziness and ice-melting smiles, I was once again reminded how well Park Shi-hoo does the Tormented. Awwwww, man! Please! Don't break my heart with your cute shyness ... please! Don't stutter! Don't get so darn nervous when you're in front of her! It's so incredible cute and so incredibly sweet ...  And please, don't have a breakdown or anything like it! It will be alright, I assure you. You'll get the girl. You always get the girl! You're Park Shi-hoo!!! Hwaiting!!!

Back to business. After doing it for six episodes, I feel a sense of obligation to turn the most gif-worthy scenes of today's episode into gifs. Here we go, then. Park Shi-hoo in Cheongdamdong Alice in gifs. Enjoy! 

Foolishly in love ... I
Foolishly in love ... II
Foolishly in love ... III
Foolishly in love ... IV
Foolishly in love (and showing the crazy) ...V
Foolishly in love (and getting ready for action) ...VI
Foolishly in love (and being the sweetest man ever, Han Se-kyung, are you blind?!) ... VII
Foolishly in love ( and trying ... but ... FAIL) ... VIII
Someone else not quite foolishly in love yet, but soon (those two ... haha, too funny) ... 
Foolishly in love (and suffering ... awwwwwww, poor baby!) ... IX
The End! of Episode 7. Another "oh shit"-moment for you, Han Se-kyun? By the way - I feel another Top 5 post coming ... it's going to be called "My Top 5 Elevator scenes". And it's going to be hard! There is soooooo many elevator scenes in KDrama!
 That is it for tonight - see you tomorrow for some more Cheongdamdong Alice love ... and gifs.