Cheongdamdong Alice ... gif Time! (Episode 8)

Half time! Misunderstandings time! More Moon Geun-young crying time (she cries really, really well - is there an award for that?)! Running around in circles time! Cellphonestealing time (I really hate you, Tommy Hong!) Agony and heartache time! Park Shi-hoo breaks my heart when he's tormented time (I'm so going to marathon Princess' Man over the Xmas break for the 3rd time)! Friends help lovers in need time! Bromance time! Hiding in the sauna time! Show down on roof of a multistorey car park time! 
Aigoooo - we did all that?
This was not the best episode of them all ... well, admittely, it was the worst episode so far ... but I forgive you, Cheongdamdong Alice. There is more that makes you good then there is that makes you bad (is that even a proper English sentence?). Han Se-kyung's actions make kinda sense to me - she has really decided to change and she makes herself believe that she has changed. She is crying because this 'necessity' pains her - she knows she is going to lie to and deceive a man she actually loves. Nonetheless, she is determined to go all the way, because she most certainly does not believe that this rich person could love her just as she is. She does no longer (want to?) believe in love. Having both love and money? Cannot be, says teacher Yoon-joo. 

By the way: There's no Cheongdamdong Alice's next week. Booooooooo! The next episode will air on January 5th because of the SBS awards. Gosh, am I glad I made so many gifs! They will help me through the void.
Take a deeeeeeeep breath ... it's gonna be alright!
Well, the written preview for Episode 8 said "Seung Jo is so happy he doesn’t know what to do with himself upon hearing from Secretary Moon that Se Kyung likes him". You don't say... Once again, Jean Thierry Cha aka Cha Seung-jo aka Park Shi-hoo goes delightfully insane as he is giddy and full of dread almost at the same time. His doc-friend Dong-wook was particularly wonderful in this episode - and since I know that many women out there have a not-so-secret crush on him, there's some Doc-gifs included this time. 
I wonder whether that was scripted? :-) I think this is the first time I see a Korean man hit another Korean man on the butt. I think I like it! Once again, Park Shi-hoo does really, really well in the bromance department!
Stop doing that, Seung-jo! It cannot be good for the brain!!!! Calm down, man, get a grip on yourself. Get stable first, and then, go for the girl. Just saying.
What a drama queen! Once again: Calm down, man, get a grip on yourself. Get stable first, and then, go for the girl. Just saying.
Girl: you should stop drinking. You're seeing Park Shi-hoo in your glass!
In this gif, I particularly like the guy who is bowing to his utterly mad President as if nothing was out of the ordinary
Voilà - my Dong-wook Fanservice! You're awesome Doc! Are you still taking on patients?
Tormented Park Shi-hoo, patting a rabbit. I'm glad there's some little funny left, cause I'm fearing the heartache ahead. 
***The Finger(s)***
Dong-Wook and the Finger I
Dong-Wook and the Finger II. One of the funnier scenes, btw - how he walks out of there with 7 different glasses. Smart sister! And do I sense another romantic pairing here?