Cheongdamdong Alice ... gif Time!

Deeper into the rabbit hole we go! Episode 4 started off a little slowly (for at least 15 minutes! The only character I don't like in this drama is Seo Yoon-joo; and it's not because she's the baddie), but every single scene with Park Shi-hoo is like biblical manna. I want more! (Btw: did they learn from King of Dramas? Both episode 3 and 4 for 70 minutes long ...)

(but ... where are the subs for Episode 3? Aaaaahhhhh! I'm dying!!)

Tonight, our characters got more and more entangled (I have always wondered how actors handle being in two shows simultaneously ... and both the fathers, Han Jin-hee and Jeong In-gi, do it!) and the show is being pretty clever about it. As mentioned before, it uses all the standard tricks and tropes - but just a little differently and with a sly sense of humor. And that makes it hugely entertaining. Moon Geun-young continues to be a bit mopey for my taste (give the poor girl a break already! We know she can cry like a champion, enough's enough!), so I do hope that she finds happiness with the Mad Hatter soon. And shows more of her cute side (when she receives the invitation to Tommy Hong's party ... woah, I almost melted!!).
What is it about this drama that makes me want to create gifs? Well, Park Shi-hoo, of course! To be precise: Park Shi-hoo as Jean Thierry Cha! You inspire me! Today, when walking through the snow-covered city, glancing at this and that, I constantly muttered "that would be a great gif" to myself. Yes, thanks to you, PSH, I now even see the world in gifs!

Here are some more gifs, to celebrate ...

... the thing he does with his lamp - back... 
 and forth ...
 The thing he does with his head
Him as serial texter, waiting for her reply (that scene had me in stitches)
Him crying for the first time in ages
Him strutting hotly
"감사? 감사?" 
 Him just being so incredibly cute
to be continued!